C92 – Half a Man

Tang Yue slowly began to regain his composure after walking a considerable distance. His mind remained in disarray, rendering him incapable of coherent thought.

He pinched his own cheek to confirm he wasn’t trapped in another dream. Turning his gaze toward Wang Zizhao’s tent, he was startled to spot someone standing by the entrance. This sight sent him scurrying forward a few steps in alarm.

“Wait, why am I running? It was him who made the confession… No, wait, he didn’t confess; he proposed outright. Ancient people don’t seem to dabble in modern dating, do they?”

Tang Yue remained rooted in place, muttering to himself, “Could this guy genuinely have feelings for me? Has he been struck by a love spell or something?”

While he didn’t perceive himself as undesirable, he couldn’t help but feel like he inhabited a different world compared to Wang Zizhao. It was akin to Cinderella falling in love with a prince— a heartwarming tale, but a challenging reality.

Most importantly, he possessed an exceedingly ordinary appearance!

In an era that prioritized looks and aesthetics, one couldn’t even hope to secure an official position without an appealing visage, let alone aspire to be a prince’s consort.

“Are you absolutely serious about this? Although that lad is quite earnest and his demeanor is resolute, his eyes… his eyes are even more unwavering. He’s not the type to jest, usually, but perhaps he’s suddenly gone off the deep end?”

After a brief contemplation, Tang Yue recognized that having such a partner could considerably enhance his social standing. Despite the other’s somewhat masculine nature, they were willing to consider differing viewpoints and were flexible in their approach to most matters.

Yet, after mulling it over, he resolved to cease indulging in such fantasies. A person of his standing wouldn’t have the autonomy to dictate their own marriage, let alone trust the words of a person with such a lofty status.

Furthermore, he had consistently upheld his principles when it came to Wang Zizhao. What if the other party felt displeased? Did he intend to compromise his principles?

“This doesn’t feel right. Why should I face this alone? Can’t I simply confront him directly?”

The more Tang Yue contemplated it, the more he felt compelled to act. He turned around and hurriedly sought out Wang Zizhao once more.

“You’ve reached a decision so swiftly?” Wang Zizhao appeared taken aback, assuming that Tang Yue had agreed to the proposition.

He had never anticipated resistance from Tang Yue. If Tang Yue truly had inclinations towards men, he would undoubtedly be the top choice. He possessed youth, potential, and a promising future, far surpassing Zhao Sanlang and the Heir of State Duke Heng.

Furthermore, he had intentions of formalizing the marriage, which was a stark departure from those without arranged unions.

“Let’s sit down and have a calm conversation,” Tang Yue proposed as he settled across from Wang Zizhao, adopting a negotiation-like demeanor.

At work, he seldom displayed such seriousness. Those familiar with him recognized his good-natured and gentle disposition, finding him easy to interact with.

“This King has consistently engaged in cordial conversations with you.”

“Yes, it’s my heart that isn’t quite at ease. Just now… those words you mentioned, were they true?”

“This King never jokes.” Wang Zizhao gave an affirmative answer.

“Then why do you think so?”

Wang Zizhao thought about it and replied, “I want to marry a virtuous wife.”

“But I am a man.”

“Gender is inconsequential to me. I don’t concern myself with such matters,” the people of South Jin were broad-minded, where being virtuous held no shame. Even in the imperial harem, male relationships flourished, and many men cohabited with one another.

Life was harsh, and numerous individuals couldn’t afford marriage, even if they wished to. Starving was a more dreadful prospect than seeking companionship with someone of the same sex who shared mutual affection. As long as they didn’t encounter natural disasters, they could sustain themselves.

“But where did you get the notion that I’m virtuous?” In his previous life, people often made such jests, claiming he was virtuous and any woman who married him would be blessed.

“In the kitchen, do you not consider yourself virtuous? You possess extraordinary medical skills and can prepare the delicacies This King fancies. You excel both inside and outside the home. What woman can compare?”

“So, that’s your reason for wanting to marry me?” Tang Yue struggled to describe his emotions. It appeared that Wang Zizhao was interested in his talents, not him personally.

In essence, Wang Zizhao hadn’t proposed to him out of affection or a genuine liking for him. This emotionless marriage was something Tang Yue rejected.

Wang Zizhao furrowed his brow, questioning with doubt, “Aren’t these reasons sufficient?”

Tang Yue chuckled, reaching out to caress his face. Suddenly, he stood and encircled his arm around Wang Zizhao’s neck, leaning in for a kiss on Wang Zizhao’s lips. He took a few deep breaths.

As he was about to take things further, Wang Zizhao forcefully pushed him away, his eyes flashing with intensity.

“How do you feel?” Tang Yue playfully wiped the saliva from his lips.

He intended to convey to Wang Zizhao that a marriage between two men, based solely on profit, would not last long. He had no interest in finding a temporary partner.

Once the entire South Jin learned of his marriage to Wang Zizhao, how could he embark on another romantic relationship?

Wang Zizhao’s initial reaction had been a reflex. After hearing Tang Yue’s question, he thought it over seriously. “It’s too soon to tell. I haven’t fully experienced it. Shall we try again?”

Hence, to Tang Yue’s surprise, Wang Zizhao lunged forward, pressing him forcefully onto the table, and passionately kissed him.

It was a genuine kiss, and Tang Yue even tasted a metallic tang. He emitted two “wuwu” sounds, but his refusal seemed futile, so he allowed Wang Zizhao to proceed.

Tang Yue couldn’t help but ponder, “I hope Wang Zizhao doesn’t end up feeling queasy and vomit this back up.” He then remembered to keep his distance.

Wang Zizhao bit him again. He complained, “You are not focused.”

Tang Yue was speechless. He just wanted to see if he could accept a man. Why should he be so focused?

Should you extinguish the flame of lust later or you extinguish it?

“Mmm… is that enough?” Tang Yue saw that he wanted to stick his tongue in too, so he quickly pushed him away.

Wang Zizhao reluctantly let go of Tang Yue and asked, “Why didn’t you continue? Didn’t you just want to do that?”

“Then didn’t you push me away?” What did it mean to treat everyone equally? What did it mean to treat them fairly? This was it! Since you don’t accept my kiss, why should I accept yours?

“It was just that Wuyin lost it just now. Didn’t we agree to continue?”

“Then tell me how you feel first? Disgusting? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Wang Zizhao licked his lips. “It’s not disgusting. It’s very comfortable. Let’s do it again.”

He didn’t care if Tang Yue agreed or not. He pulled him and kissed him again. This time, he forcefully pried open Tang Yue’s teeth and squeezed his tongue in.

Tang Yue’s eyes widened. He was so tired after being harassed by the other party. One hand pressed on the back of his head and the other held his chin, gradually deepening the kiss.

After two simple demonstrations, Wang Zizhao resisted again. He held Tang Yue’s life door and turned his chin to the side, seizing the initiative.

It only took a few minutes for his kiss to go from unskilled to skilled. Even Tang Yue had to admit it. This man’s comprehension is extraordinary.

“Enough…” Tang Yue said breathlessly.

“Not enough.” The prince, who had just tasted the allure of kissing, wasn’t ready to let it end so swiftly.

Wang Zizhao had recently entered puberty. His knowledge of intimacy was limited to the crude jokes he’d heard in the military camp. He had never had any personal experiences.

Nevertheless, he had been exposed to the intrigues of the harem since a young age. What he lacked was practical familiarity.

Wait a moment. Just as Tang Yue was on the brink of being overwhelmed by the kiss, he realized that the difference between him and Wang Zizhao wasn’t just in their status but also their physical prowess.

What had this troublesome youngster been eating to grow so robust? Perhaps there was no need to arrange special meals for him to regain his vigor. If he continued at this rate, he’d cease to resemble an Earthling altogether.

Wang Zizhao gently pushed away Tang Yue’s numb tongue, withdrawing it from his mouth. Long silvery threads of saliva lingered, lending him a particularly seductive air.

Both of them were breathing heavily, with Tang Yue especially so. He clutched his chest and inhaled the fresh air greedily, his face turning a shade of purple.

For one more second, he’d have suspected he was on the brink of suffocation.

“It’s settled then.” Wang Zizhao stood up and glanced at Tang Yue’s lower body, his eyes dark and intense.

Tang Yue instinctively tightened his legs. While it was normal for a typical man to react to a passionate kiss, he felt uneasy when Wang Zizhao gazed at him.

Logically, they were all men, so there was no need for such awkwardness. Being together naked and chatting was normal, and while touching each other was a bit daring, it wasn’t entirely inappropriate. Why was he feeling so self-conscious today?

“Do you require assistance?” Wang Zizhao inquired with a smile.

Tang Yue’s face turned even redder. He rose and straightened his legs, hastily donning his clothes and pants. He curled his lips and teased, “You’re still as smooth as a baby. This sort of thing between adults doesn’t concern you.”

“This king has grown up. Weren’t you aware?”

Tang Yue and Wang Zizhao had spent considerable time together. They’d witnessed things they shouldn’t have in the past, especially with the morning’s occurrence. Additionally, he had undergone voice changes, and as a physician, he knew precisely which stage of puberty he had reached.

A child of his age could be considered half an adult, with the capability of marrying and having children. It was just that the quality might not be ideal.

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