C84 – Joy of Being Beaten

When Xu Yangyi awoke, the clock had already struck 4 in the afternoon. He groggily opened his eyes, scanning his surroundings before turning over and letting out a cute, lazy yawn.

As expected, he found himself in this wretched place again. It was truly exasperating.

Xu Yangyi thought to himself, then settled back into bed, shutting his eyes in an attempt to prolong his stay.

Spotting this, Hee Jingyan, who had been perusing documents at his nearby desk, couldn’t help but smile. He closed the documents and made his way over to the spacious bed.

Hearing the approaching footsteps, Xu Yangyi immediately furrowed his brow. He knew it was Hee Jingyan, but he didn’t bother to open his eyes. Instead, he sleepily cautioned, “I don’t have the energy to play with you right now, so buzz off.”

Of course, ‘playing with you’ in this context didn’t refer to anything else but a light slap on the face. It was as if Xu Yangyi was saying to Hee Jingyan, “I don’t have the enthusiasm to give you a playful slap right now, so don’t come near me.”

Hee Jingyan seemed to grasp the meaning behind Xu Yangyi’s words. He grinned and suggested, “I won’t disturb you. Get up, brush your teeth, wash your face, and have some lunch. You haven’t eaten anything yet.” With that, Hee Jingyan bent over the bed and scooped up Xu Yangyi, who was still half-asleep. Finally, he pinched Xu Yangyi’s cheek and wore an affectionate smile.

However, Xu Yangyi, with his cheek pinched, felt irritated. He swiftly swatted Hee Jingyan’s hand away, saying, “Am I a child? Don’t bloody pinch my cheek.”

Damn it! If this guy isn’t spanking me, he’s pinching my cheek. And to make it worse, he occasionally gets handsy in that area. He’s a real weirdo!

Recalling the ‘incident,’ Xu Yangyi still felt a mix of embarrassment and anger.

Though Hee Jingyan wasn’t privy to Xu Yangyi’s current thoughts, the doubt and displeasure in his eyes were evident, signifying that Xu Yangyi’s thoughts were far from positive.

“What’s wrong, my dear? Have I vexed you again?” Hee Jingyan eventually teased, but Xu Yangyi swiftly retaliated with a slap. “You keep taking liberties with me every day. Wouldn’t I greet you with a smile if I weren’t annoyed?” You’ve got to be kidding me! Jerk, it’s not like I’m some damsel in distress.

Hee Jingyan anticipated that if he tried to sneak a kiss from Xu Yangyi, he’d likely receive a playful slap, so he didn’t bother dodging. He allowed Xu Yangyi’s palm to land on his face and casually instructed Ji Guangming, who stood nearby, “Go fetch some food.”

Ji Guangming instinctively saluted but then hesitated, voicing his uncertainty, “But it’s not mealtime yet, Colonel. Where should we get food now?”

The military strictly adhered to meal schedules. Normally, the kitchen wouldn’t prepare food outside the designated times. Even Colonel Hee Jingyan upheld this practice as an example.

“I’ve already arranged it with them,” Hee Jingyan replied as he carried Xu Yangyi toward the bathroom.

Ji Guangming was left dumbfounded upon hearing this. Not even he would dare to exercise such a privilege, yet here it was, being used for Xu Yangyi.

“Why are you just standing there?” Hee Jingyan, oblivious to Ji Guangming’s internal thoughts, glanced back at him.

Startled, Ji Guangming quickly responded before making a hasty retreat.

“Can you put me down? Why are you carrying me like this?” Xu Yangyi, annoyed by Hee Jingyan’s behavior, shot him a fierce glare and struggled to be set free. However, Hee Jingyan had no intention of letting him go. Instead, he carried him into the bathroom and retrieved a fresh diaper. “My darling is still young, so I must pamper them!”

Young? Xu Yangyi’s lips twitched. “Who’s young? I’m a high school student.” Did he come across as a grade schooler or something?

“When I say young, I mean young, like a little sibling to my darling.”

A sharp “slap” echoed through the air before the final sentence could be spoken. Without question, someone had just been playfully smacked by their significant other, continuing the odd yet affectionate exchange.

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