C33 – Farming

Inside the bank, President Chen took a moment to relax in his chair.

The secretary gently pushed the door open.

She cautiously laid a document before President Chen.

“I have a desire for farming!”

“This territory belongs to me!”


As the secretary was on the verge of departing, President Chen unexpectedly began murmuring in his dreams.

His voice was startling, making the secretary jump.

Suddenly, President Chen came to.

He was breathing heavily and drenched in perspiration.

“Mr. Chen, are you okay?”

Swiftly, the secretary fetched a glass of water, offering it to President Chen.

President Chen appeared bewildered.

His dream had transported him to his youth, where he worked the fields alongside his parents.

In his dream, his parents earnestly told him, “My dear, farming could be your future livelihood.”

He surmised that perhaps his parents were suggesting he consistently collaborate with Mr. Su.

With urgency, President Chen commanded, “Summon the chauffeur!”


Without delay, the secretary began making arrangements.

Within moments, an antsy President Chen entered the vehicle.

With great fervor, he instructed, “Head to the city center! Find Mr. Su!”

The driver was taken aback.

President Chen, after all, headed a major bank.

He was a renowned figure in town, always exuding composure.

Typically, he would recline and rest during drives.

But his demeanor shifted recently.

His calm exterior didn’t signify an absence of passion; he simply hadn’t met someone who truly invigorated him until now.


Prioritizing urgency, the driver pushed the accelerator to the limit.

A distance of three kilometers was quickly covered.

In a mere ten minutes, they reached the city’s heart.

The driver deftly parked. After adjusting his attire, President Chen disembarked and promptly made his way to the farm.

Spotting Su Ming attending to his vehicle, President Chen approached eagerly, offering, “Mr. Su, allow me to assist with the car wash.”

Without hesitation, he took the hose and cloth, diving into the task.

His enthusiasm surpassed even Su Ming’s.

Su Ming responded with a subtle smile, “I appreciate your help.”

“It’s no bother at all.”

President Chen continued, “After a full day’s work yesterday, I had a sound sleep. People my age need to remain active. Not everyone gets this opportunity, and I’m grateful to you for providing it.”

“Were you just passing through, President Chen?”

Lighting a cigarette, Su Ming inquired.

As he cleaned the vehicle, President Chen replied, “I was traveling for work earlier and chanced upon this place. The sight of the land compelled me to stop. I hope you don’t mind my intrusion.”

“Not in the slightest.”

Su Ming replied with a warm smile.

Su Ming felt at a loss for words.

He struggled to describe President Chen adequately.

Chen was incredibly adept at ingratiating himself.

His competence coupled with his charm made him a favorite among leaders.

After some time and conversation, the farm vehicles gleamed. However, President Chen’s freshly laundered shirt was now sullied.

“You’ve been hard at work. Hungry?”

Approaching with food, Su Ming said, “I only have simple fast food from nearby. I hope it’s okay, President Chen.”

“I’ve enjoyed grand feasts over the years, but nothing compares to humble, home-cooked meals.”

President Chen’s spirits were lifted.

Dining out with influential figures was routine.

Yet sharing an intimate meal at home with someone of stature symbolized genuine acknowledgment and respect.

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