C32 – Why Did You Come Again?

Su Ming gathered the bags and tossed them into the box without much thought.

The slightly aged wooden box was already filled to the brim.

A frown creased Su Ming’s brow.

There was no space left for his garments.

Once everything was stowed, Su Ming proceeded to the yard to tackle the weeds.

The System collected the dried vine, awarding him 10 experience points.

By the time he finished organizing, night had settled in.

Although Su Ming contemplated planting, the darkness and his fatigue held him back.

He retreated to his thatched home and indulged in a few games.

He pondered the idea of hiring some hands in the upcoming days.

His primary objective was to erect a protective wall around the farm.

Following that, he aspired to replace the current thatch dwelling with a larger home and storage area.

The System displayed humanoid traits. Beyond the grassland, it had vacant space, ample for a house and storage construction.

Only a couple of days had passed, and the wooden box was overflowing. He anticipated an accumulation of items soon.

The subsequent morning saw Su Ming waking up naturally, stretching and freshening up with a bath.

He stepped outside after opening the door.

Glancing at the clock, it displayed seven in the morning.

During the rush hour, the urban center buzzed with activity, particularly near the adjacent Guoxing Building.

Prestigious companies operated here, most of them publicly traded.

Even the janitors here earned a monthly wage surpassing ten thousand yuan.

White-collar professionals, with expressions of concern, hurried into the edifice.

A few were scouting for parking spots in their vehicles.

Previously, Su Ming would have looked on with deep admiration; those who operated here were elite.

But now, those feelings of envy were gone. He felt content with his laid-back life, sprinkled with occasional delights.

With enthusiasm, Su Ming ventured to where he had sown cucumbers and tomatoes the previous day.

He organized the area.

He rid the plot of emerging weeds.

Once settled, he embedded some beans into the ground.

“Beans successfully sown! Time until harvest: 48 hours!”

He approached the ground where he had previously planted potatoes and added chili seeds.

“Chili successfully sown! Time until harvest: 30 hours!”

He nourished and treated the plants, aiming to accelerate maturation and enhance their bounty.

In no time, midday arrived.

Sticking to routine, he opted for a bowl of noodles from the neighboring eatery.

As he ate, Su Ming reflected deeply.

His recent farming endeavors made it clear that his crops were one-time yields.

He remained uncertain if different crops yielded identical produce.

Su Ming maintained his patience, deciding to experiment with various crops first.

Post lunch, Su Ming resumed his chores, tidying up his tools and giving the farm vehicle a rinse.

The sound of approaching steps caught his attention.

Whirling around, he noticed it was President Chen.

What brought him here again?

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