C41 – What I Do Is for Your Own Good

At the same time, on the other side, Jiang Hao was already on his way home!

He had never thought about how others would repay him, and he had never taken this matter to heart!

Just like this, two days passed in a flash. After two days of hard work, the joint third level exam of the four big universities in Tianhee City ended, and the results of the exam were out!

May 12th, morning!

Before the first lesson, a teacher changed the column in front of the school building and posted the list of the third-year exams!

In an instant, countless third-year students were like sharks that smelled blood. In the blink of an eye, they surrounded the place!

“Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze, let me see!”

“Sha Sha, why is it that I only have over 400 points?”

“Sigh! Me too, I only got a little bit. I feel the questions this time are a little difficult. I have a lot of questions that I haven’t finished yet!”


The students looked at the ranking of the exam and discussed animatedly!

Jiang Hao heard that there was a result and was prepared to join in the fun!

But who knew the moment he walked out of the classroom, he would meet a smiling tiger like a gentleman. Student Beast!

Beside him, Soong Wan walked with a very reluctant expression. Around her, there were also some classmates who were with them!

Bird. When the beast student saw Jiang Hao, he immediately rushed forward and said with a smile.

“Classmate Jiang, are you going to see the ranking of the exam results? It just so happens that I’m going too. Why don’t we go together and make sure who wins and who loses!”

When Jiang Hao heard this, he looked at Soong Wan, who was unwilling to go, and the students behind Qin Shou. He instantly understood Qin Shou’s intentions.

Jiang Hao helplessly smiled and said kindly.

“You really want to see? Why don’t we just forget about it?”

Jiang Hao was very confident in himself. He was afraid that he would hurt Qin Shou too much!

Unexpectedly, Qin Shou didn’t appreciate it. In fact, he even thought that Jiang Hao was afraid. Instantly, he felt extremely pleased in his heart. In this way, he wouldn’t let Jiang Hao go just like that!

“How can this be? A man never goes back on his word!

Could it be that Jiang Hao is afraid now?”

Qin Shou hurriedly opened his mouth and even used a simple goading technique!

At this time, even Soong Wan by the side thought that Jiang Hao was going to admit defeat.

At this moment, on one hand, she felt somewhat disappointed that Jiang Hao admitted defeat, but on the other hand, she somewhat agreed that Jiang Hao admitted defeat in advance!

However, Qin Shou obviously would not let go of such a good opportunity!

When the lackeys behind Qin Shou saw this, they also spoke out to assist him!

“How can we let it go? Could it be that Student Jiang Hao is really afraid?”

“Eh, so it’s a coward!”

“Sha Sha, I thought he was a man. It’s just a meal!”


When Qin Shou heard this, the smile on his face became even wider.

When Jiang Hao heard the discussions around him, he also smiled helplessly. He understood that these people had misunderstood his meaning!

Seeing this, Jiang Hao could only open his mouth to speak again.

“Everyone, stop quarreling. You misunderstood my meaning. I’m just afraid of birds. When Student Beast sees my results, he will receive a very deep blow!

However, since it’s Orange-Beast… If Beast and everyone else wants to see it, then let’s go and take a look. However, at that time, we just hope that everyone doesn’t get hit by it!”

After Jiang Hao finished speaking, he clearly heard the reason why Jiang Hao wasn’t willing to bet. The originally proud Qin Shou’s face suddenly stiffened!

However, he quickly reacted. He put on a fake smile and spoke in a strange tone.

“Aiyo, Jiang Hao really knows how to make jokes. I think Jiang Hao is a little too confident!”

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