C88 – Treasures Fill the Home

Su Rong sat down on the contestant seat with a serious expression.

A few Participant s of the Royal College all looked at Su Rong in shock.

“Su Rong, have you advanced yet? You’re so awesome, I thought you wouldn’t be able to come today.” Nangong Qianxue said as she blinked.

Su Rongman said nervously: “After a fierce battle, I was lucky enough to break through. I got lucky from disaster, I got lucky from disaster.”

Lou Feng looked at Su Rong with an ugly expression. First, Mo Yi had advanced to level 4 in public, and now Su Rong had already advanced to level 4. What was going on with Lou Yu!? There were actually people leveling up one after another.

Could it be because of the Cultivation Array Plate? Thinking of the Cultivation Array Plate, Lou Feng was filled with anger. The Cultivation Array Plate that Lou Yu sold were all sold to big figures, and they were all sold in secret. Those who bought the Cultivation Array Plate, mostly hid it very tightly, and even after much effort, he only bought three.

Thinking about the soldiers on the Marshal Ji’s side, as long as they had enough merit points and paid a sum of Star Coin, they would be able to go train with six Cultivation Array Plate and he would only have three Cultivation Array Plate, making Lou Feng angry.

“Su Rong, you look really nervous!” Nangong Qianxue tilted her head and said to Su Rong.

“How can I not be nervous? He’s going to fight with a great beauty in a while, so he’s feeling a lot of pressure.” Mo Yi said with a faint smile.

Su Rong laughed dryly, he had won, the Third Prince was 1 to 30, his income was almost 150 billion, the Prince Mo Fei was 1 to 12 billion, and also Mo Yi’s 10 billion, he had over 180 billion on him, there were so many Star Coin, just thinking about it made his hair stand on end!

Su Rong looked up speechlessly at the sky. Heavens, he was just an ordinary person. Why would these people place so much courage on him?

“Student, it’s your turn.” A student walked over and said.

Su Rong stood up and said in shock: “Is it my turn?” Is it my turn? Is it my turn so soon?”

Mo Yi stood up and snappily said, “Don’t be too nervous, it’s your turn. It’s my turn now.”

Su Rong let out a breath and said, “Really? That’s good, that’s good.”

Nangong Qianxue looked at Su Rong and said, “Su Rong, with your attitude, you’ve already lost before you even get on the stage.”

Su Rong shook his head and muttered, “I can’t lose! “If I lose, I’ll be crushed to death. I’ll die miserably, I’m still young, so I don’t want to die young. I want to live well.” At the end, Su Rong couldn’t help but cry, looking somewhat pitiful.

Nangong Qianxue looked at Su Rong and said in a speechless manner, “Su Rong, don’t be like this. Victory and defeat are commonplace in war and war. You don’t have to be so nervous. Ming Feiya is very powerful.”

Su Rong had a bitter face as he said, “If only Third Prince’s Concubine thinks this way. Even if she doesn’t think this way, it would be good too!”

Nangong Qianxue looked at Su Rong in confusion: “Su Rong, why do I have to hear from your tone? It seems that fear of the Third Prince’s Concubine is stronger than fear of the Third Prince! Is His Highness Mo Fei that terrifying?”

Su Rong’s brows jumped as he tried his best to remain calm: “Of course, offending Third Prince is equivalent to offending a single person, and that is equivalent to offending the’s Consort. Of course, offending the Third Prince’s Concubine is more serious.”

Nangong Qianxue held her chin and said, “Is that so? From the looks of it, the relationship between Third Prince and his wife is very good!”

“That’s only natural. They’re husband and wife, the husband follows suit. How could they not have a good relationship?” Su Rong answered in a natural manner.

Lin Feiyu, who was sitting next to Lou Feng, couldn’t help but glance at Su Rong when he heard Su Rong’s words.

Seeing Lin Feiyu, Su Rong was stunned, “Why is Student Lin here?”

Nangong Qianxue shrugged her shoulders and said, “He came to visit First Prince.”

Su Rong nodded and said, “Really?” To visit the First Prince, or to renew the destiny with the Third Prince! Fortunately, the Third Prince had escaped somewhere.

“Su Rong, congratulations on reaching level 4.” Lin Feiyu smiled at Su Rong.

Su Rong nodded with a stiff expression and said, “Thank you.”

Lin Feiyu wanted to say something, but seeing Su Rong’s distant expression, he didn’t say anything.

He went to find Lou Yu a few days ago, but in the end, Lou Yu said that he was too busy and did not see him. It was said that men have new love and forget old love, Lin Feiyu never knew that, so Lou Yu was the same.

Lin Feiyu pursed his lips. He came to the contestant seating area hoping to meet Lou Yu, but he didn’t know if Lou Yu was intentionally avoiding him.

Lin Feiyu himself yearned for Cultivation Array Plate. The Lin family behind Lin Feiyu was the same, they originally thought it would be easy for Lin Feiyu to get a few Cultivation Array Plate from Lin Feiyu due to the relationship between Lin Feiyu and Lou Yu. However, from the looks of the current situation, Lou Yu did not have this intention.

“Su Rong, it’s your turn.” Nangong Qianxue reminded him.

Su Rong nodded and stood up as if he didn’t care about death.

Su Rong was nervous for a long time. When the matter was about to come to an end, he got over it and decided to risk his life to do his best.

Seeing Su Rong enter the stage, Ming Feiya smiled and said, “Student Su, I’ve heard a lot about you. You must show mercy!”

Ming Feiya wore a blue dress and looked gorgeous. However, Su Rong wasn’t in the mood to appreciate it. He said with an embarrassed and twisted expression, “My apologies, Miss Ming. I really don’t dare to show mercy!”

Hearing Su Rong’s words, Ming Feiya revealed an expression of surprise. She then smiled.

The first strike was the best, while the second strike was the worst. As soon as the referee announced the start of the fight, both of them attacked at the same time.

Five water snakes pounced towards Su Rong. Su Rong controlled the wind to face them head-on.

The water snake’s attack was deflected by the wind. Before Ming Feiya could react, the wind blades had already arrived.

Ming Feiya only managed to dodge Su Rong’s attack after changing her footwork several times. Even then, her arm still had a bloody wound.

Lou Feng teased, “Su Rong is so ruthless! I never would have thought that he would be so cruel to beautiful women!”

Nangong Qianxue nodded her head and said, “Senior Su Rong, you seem to be determined to win this match.”

“I never thought senior Su Rong would be able to match up against Ming Feiya as soon as he reached the fourth level.” Lin Feiyu was surprised.

Mo Yi said faintly: “Under pressure, people will always have great potential.”

Strong gales raged atop the Battlestage, water splashed everywhere.

The more she fought, the more uncertain she became. Ming Feiya was confident that her strength was higher than Su Rong’s, but Su Rong seemed to be able to estimate what move she would take next. Once he made a move, Su Rong would always find a loophole in his moves.

Ming Feiya frowned. Su Rong knew her very well, but she had heard that Su Rong was the Third Star Division so she didn’t pay much attention to him.

He was usually fighting against Mo Yi, and Mo Yi was much more ruthless than Ming Feiya. Now, Ming Feiya and Mo Yi’s moves were similar, but their power was much smaller. Furthermore, Su Rong had been specially trained by Lou Yu, so knowing how to break it, his confidence was immediately boosted.

In the stands.

Yan Chen wanted to put his hand into the snack bag, but found his hand was tightly held by Mo Fei.

“Mo Fei, let go of your hand!” I can’t eat anymore.” Yan Chen muttered softly.

Mo Fei glared fiercely at Yan Chen, “Eat, eat, eat. You only know how to eat. You can’t afford to eat at this time.”

Yan Chen looked at Mo Fei with a wronged expression, “I’m not the only one eating! A lot of people are eating, why are you so nervous! It’s not like you were fighting on the stage.”

Mo Fei gritted his teeth and said, “What do you know!? Su Rong’s match is of great importance, it directly relates to the happiness of the latter half of my body.”

Liu Steel scratched his head, “What does Su Rong’s fight have to do with your lower half of the body? Mo Fei, you aren’t putting on a green hat for Third Prince, are you?”

Mo Fei glared fiercely at Yan Chen and said, “Don’t speak nonsense.”

Lou Yu stood at the top and looked at Mo Fei’s nervous appearance. He felt Mo Fei was exceptionally cute and the corner of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

The battle between Su Rong and Ming Feiya was nearing its end. Su Rong had defeated Ming Feiya with the posture of not giving up until the end of the fight.

When Ming Feiya lost, the entire arena burst into an uproar.

Mo Fei stood up excitedly and spun around on the spot.

Lou Yu looked at Mo Fei’s expression and found it funny. Thinking that Mo Fei was so happy because of Su Rong, Lou Yu couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.

Mo Fei was so excited that he jumped up and down and threw himself onto Yan Chen. Lou Yu’s face darkened when he saw this scene.

“Third Prince, so you are here! It’s your turn.” A student walked over and said.

Lou Yu nodded and said, “I got it.”

Lou Yu’s opponent was a Third Star Division. Lou Yu did not spend much effort to finish him off. Hearing the cheers from below, Lou Yu couldn’t help but look towards where Mo Fei was, only to find that Mo Fei was already gone.

When Lou Yu realized that Mo Fei had disappeared, he could not help but feel sad. Mo Fei did not care about him at all.

Amongst the Star Car, Mo Fei was holding onto the Star Card, laughing merrily, “20 billion, and I suddenly earned 20 billion. Oh, what a genius.”

Mo Yi nodded and said, “Young Master, you are definitely a genius.”

In the contestant waiting area, Lou Feng’s face was gloomy. Someone had just sent a message to him that the gambling stake in the Tianfeng Casino was close to 1 billion. They were going to lose around 30 billion and lose all of the gambling profits that the casino earned in the past three years.

Lou Feng narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth in hatred. Lou Yu, it must be Lou Yu, Lou Yu did it on purpose. This guy must have known that Su Rong had recovered and also knew that Su Rong had leveled up.

Lou Yu looked at the information on the comm and smiled faintly. This time, he bet five billion on Su Rong, and the harvest was around 160 billion.

Lou Yu smiled coldly. He had invested close to a billion in the Tianfeng Casino. Lou Feng was going to pay a huge sum of money this time.

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