C94 – I Cannot Reject

Guo Fan didn’t know Song Ru. After all, the map of Obsidian Tribes was very wide, and the number of NPCs in the faction was huge. The characters that did not participate in the main storyline were even more numerous.

Ever since the establishment of Soaring Wisdom Sect, they had been ranked according to the seniority of “Liu He as if he was born.” This seniority also had a very cold joke. Because in the background introduction of Soaring Wisdom Sect, the ancestor’s eldest disciple, Dao name Liu Yi, as well as the beautiful appearance of Yu Xu, attracted many players. The quality of the people in the Soaring Wisdom Sect had also dropped drastically, so sometimes, the Soaring Wisdom Sect would also be called kindergarten.

However, this was a matter of the players. Speaking of which, among the NPCs, there were many disciples of the current generation of Named As Songs. Song Na was Eldest Senior Sister, and the rest of the people of the Ling generation were her junior brothers and sisters.

It was impossible for Guo Fan to know all of them, but he had heard of the role of Song Ru.

Song Ru was the fifth disciple that Song Na’s master, Eyun, had taken in. She was the type of person who had been out adventuring. Her whereabouts were unknown, and it was very rare to see her in the sect.

To put it bluntly, this character could only appear in the mouths of other nameless NPCs that passed by. It was a character that suddenly popped up in a conversation.

It was as if “Our Jade Void Pill Green Hall has a total of five true disciples, Eldest Senior Sister Song Na, it was like, Our Jade Void Pill Green Hall has a total of five true disciples, Eldest Senior Sister Song Na. Second Senior Brother Spirit Lamp… Fifth Junior Sister Song Ru,” “Senior Sister Song Ru hasn’t been back for a long time and I haven’t seen her recently. Sigh.” Then, there was no more writing.


However, Guo Fan never thought he would meet Song Ru in the Secret Jewel Inn of Night’s Fall Sword City after he transmigrated.

Tan Ling introduced the few people in the room and left. But before she left, she winked at Guo Fan and drew the word “three” on his palm.

Guo Fan quietly closed his palm. The fox demon’s warm fingertips touched his palm and there were still some traces of tickling, and there were even traces of fragrance. It was quite tempting.

This fox demon even planned to learn from Patriarch Subhuti and meet at midnight?

What a joke. This kind of filthy thing that seemed like it was going to break through pure friendship, he, Guo Fan, had nothing to do with it…

He couldn’t refuse it.

Guo Fan shifted his gaze away from Tan Ling’s swaying and graceful back and sighed in his heart, “Alright, alright. Even if there is something else, it is not possible now. Sun Fen was still chasing after him, and judging from Luo Shun’s words, it seemed like they had already arrived at Night’s Fall Sword City. At this time, it was better not to seek death… But Tan Ling’s actions were definitely not baseless. She probably really had something important to discuss with me. I still have to go to Kang Kang.”

Gu Chao, who was watching from the side, was very confused. Was this Mistress? How many Masteress do I have?

Guo Fan turned around and pulled Gu Chao in, putting on a cute smile that he was best at. He cupped his hands towards the five people in the room and said, “I am Xia Shui, a sectless cultivator without a sect or sect. I am very fond of the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference. Those who brought my sister to Night’s Fall Sword City to gain knowledge and experience are weak. I hope everyone will take care of me.”

“You’re welcome. It’s fate that we met by chance. We still have to live together these days. Of course, we have to understand each other.” The first to respond was a tall young man in a tight suit, with a broad heavy sword on his back. He had an imposing appearance, a masculine appearance, and a pair of thick black sword-shaped eyebrows that looked very spirited.

He raised his hand and touched his shiny bald head. He showed a friendly smile to Guo Fan and said, “My name is Xia Cai. I’m from the Star Fox Sect.”

Guo Fan stood up and replied with a smile, “Ling has introduced a few of you to me just now.”

The girl in green who had been standing by the window and looking into the distance was Liang Xiulan from the Poison Desert Sect. She was tall and slender. She had a beautiful face, but when she pursed her lips and looked serious, she gave people a cold feeling. It did not seem to match the feeling of the Poison Desert Sect.

The one sitting on the wooden bed with his eyes closed was Meng Jin from the Mount Gargantuan. He looked like he was only fifteen or sixteen years old. He had a delicate and pretty face, but there was a trace of pride on his face. He gave Guo Fan the impression that he was the Cao Dong who had been killed by him not long after he transmigrated.

The person drinking tea was a beautiful man, or perhaps according to Guo Fan’s current thoughts, a false woman. His features were delicate, and he looked only slightly worse than Su Feng. This person’s name was also quite feminine, and she was called Yuan Jiang.

Guo Fan also had an impression of this NPC. It was a character that belonged to the adventure in Secret Jewel Inn. It was also an existence that was ranked second in terms of looks by a large number of players who knew about men.

The first was Cui Hu, and the third was Su Feng.

Under normal circumstances, Su Feng’s dreamlike beauty could definitely be ranked second. However, this character was male, so she was instantly provoked.

However, this character had never appeared in the plot before, and the adventure character was also not within the scope of strategy.

There was also Song Ru from the Soaring Wisdom Sect. A woman wearing a Daoist robe was sitting on a chair. She had previously lowered her head and wiped her sword with her eyes. After Guo Fan came in, he stopped and looked at him curiously.

Their cultivation levels were all around the seventh or eighth level of Foundation Establishment, while Song Ru had already reached Core Formation.

“Oh, oh… That’s great.” Xia Cai looked around and pointed at the two beds inside. “You and your sister, uh, and your cat can rest there. This inn was supervised by the guards of Night’s Fall Sword City. There was no need to worry about anything happening during cultivation.”

Of course, Guo Fan knew that the Night’s Fall Sword City was an exaggeration. It was almost like a five-step sentry post, a ten-step sentry post. Especially since it was still the Sword Pavilion’s general meeting. Many disciples of Sword Pavilion had come to help maintain order, causing the crime rate to drop drastically.

He thanked Gu Chao and walked over with him.

Song Ru suddenly said, “You know the Lady Boss?”

Guo Fan had just put the hammer on the bed and was stunned. He turned around and nodded. “Yes, she and I are friends.”

“Chi.” Meng Jin, who was meditating with his eyes closed, suddenly opened one of his eyes and revealed a mocking smile. “The Lady Boss of Secret Jewel Inn is a Nascent Soul fox demon. You are only a Foundation Establishing Stage…”

Song Ru glanced at him and said, “Just now, the Lady Boss pulled his hand.”

Her senses were more than a level higher than the others, so it was not strange for her to know this.

Meng Jin’s mocking stopped, his face stiffened, and his eyes flashed with anger. But when he thought of Song Ru’s identity and cultivation, he could only hold it in for a moment. He coldly harrumphed and closed his eyes, pretending nothing had happened. He thought to himself that the person who was held by the vixen might not be a friend. It might even be a cultivation cauldron.

The others were very surprised, and they gave Guo Fan a high look. Even though it was just a sectless cultivator, and he was friends with a Nascent Infant Stage Demon Lord, no matter what, it wasn’t a simple matter.

However, that was all there was to it.

There were quite a few Nascent Infant Stage in their sect, and they were all proud sons of heaven. A Nascent Infant Stage senior needed to be respected, but they wouldn’t fear him.

Guo Fan picked up the hammer and put it on his leg. He smiled and said, “Daoist Priest Song Ru asked me this question. Is there something you want to talk to the Lady Boss about?”

Song Ru nodded, and her eyes stopped on the white and soft hair of the hammer, as well as the cute expression on her face when she narrowed her eyes. She answered absent-mindedly and hesitated for a moment. She did her best not to stare and said, “It’s nothing big. You should rest first.”

This Song Ru… couldn’t be a plush control, right?

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