C89 – Loong Xiaoyi Really Liked Teacher Ann

“Hey! It was Big Brother Huangpu’s car just now, right?”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s face turned dark when she saw Huangfu Shao’s car drive by from the window.

Where’s the deal to go shopping? What do you mean, one or two of you go with a man?

At this moment, Mu Xiaoxiao no longer had the strength to retort. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that she didn’t have the energy to do so.

“Since they’re all gone, I have no reason to help them carry the stuff.” Xiao Ming said.

These words seemed to say that it was impossible for him to go shopping with Mu Xiaoxiao.

Mu Xiaoxiao glanced at him, “Do you really hate being alone with me? You clearly said that you wanted to marry me as your wife when you were young, how unexpected!”

He was plain and plain, even having a touch of laziness in his brows.

However, when she heard what Xiao Ming said, she was so shocked that she almost spat out the powder that had just entered her mouth. He stared and asked anxiously, “What are you talking about when you were young?” He looked angry, but it was embarrassing to overdo it.

“Isn’t it true? You used to come in here when you were a kid? You can’t see me and you cry a lot.”

It was still the same indifferent look, completely ignoring Xiao Ming’s inner feelings.

“Mu Xiaoxiao.” He gritted his teeth and flew into a rage because he was too embarrassed.

“Alright, alright, don’t be angry! It’s fine if I don’t say it!”

After angering others, she would apologize again with a face full of lack of sincerity.

It wasn’t that she didn’t respect Xiao Ming, but that she didn’t feel there was anything to say. After all, it was their childhood memories.

However, in Xiao Ming’s case, the dark history of his childhood was more appropriate!

“I don’t have the time to waste with you. You two can go wherever you want. Just don’t get involved with me.”

Loong Xiaoyi, who had already eaten his fill, stood up and left coldly. Loong Xiaoyi, who had already eaten his fill, stood up and left coldly.

Xiao Ming also knew his temper, so he didn’t force him to stay behind to deal with Mu Xiaoxiao and watched him leave.

“I don’t have the time to play with you either. Go find someone else to kill time for you.”

Having recovered his composure, he no longer allowed Mu Xiaoxiao to lead him by the nose and stood up as soon as he finished speaking.

“Wait for me, I’ll go pack some food for Xiaojie, then we’ll go home together.”

Ye Zichen grabbed Xiao Ming and stopped him.

Xiao Ming was annoyed, but since there were so many people here, he couldn’t just shake off Mu Xiaoxiao’s hand.

“So annoying. Why don’t you hurry up?”

“Good, good, good.” Ye Zichen smiled brightly towards Xiao Ming. He wasn’t angry because of Xiao Ming’s impatience.

Two minutes later, Mu Xiaoxiao packed Shang Xiaojie’s breakfast and walked out of the breakfast shop with Xiao Ming. Along the way, Mu Xiaoxiao jabbered on and on. Xiao Ming may seem noisy on the surface, but he was actually happy on the inside.

“Eh? Isn’t that Loong Xiaoyi? Didn’t he go home? Why is it in the coffee shop? Can it be a job?”

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly stopped talking and pointed at Loong Xiaoyi inside the coffee shop. In the end, she stuck her head in through the window out of curiosity, almost scaring the young couple inside to death.

Xiao Ming quickly pulled her back and apologized to her, but Mu Xiaoxiao gave him a face of indifference. It was probably because she often scared people like this.

“Too strange, isn’t that Mr Ann? How do you drink coffee with Big Brother Xie Jia? Know him? Wow, Loong Xiaoyi’s expression is so scary! It’s like we’re going to eat Big Brother Xie Jia to death. He really likes Mr Ann, right?”

Upon hearing Mr Ann, Xiao Ming’s interest was immediately piqued. He also stuck his head in. The couple was once again frightened. After paying the bill and leaving, they even scolded, “Two lunatics.” However, the two of them simply ignored him.

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