C88 – Was Seen by Someone

After a long while, Huangfu Shao finally let go of Huangfu Qiao and stared at him with cold eyes.

Huangfu Qiao smiled awkwardly, “Hur Hur, have you calmed down?”

If you still haven’t calmed down, then I can’t do anything about it! He couldn’t possibly be doing anything here!

Huangfu Qiao muttered in his heart. His brother’s jealousy was too strong, so he couldn’t resist it.

Huangfu Shao still didn’t say anything. With a cold expression, he suddenly grabbed the back of Huangfu Qiao’s head.

Huangfu Qiao quickly pushed Huangfu Shao away as if to say that he couldn’t continue the fight and let him go.

“What is it? You want to rebel against me? Its wings became hard?” Her voice was cold, and the way she looked at Huangfu Qiao was also true.

“I didn’t! But you can’t force me, can you?” Huangfu Qiao lowered his head and whispered. Then, he sneakily glanced at Huangfu Shao, afraid that he would get angry again.

How could Huangfu Shao force Huangfu Qiao? I just don’t like him not listening to me.

“I really know I was wrong, so why don’t you forgive me? Sure!” He started to grind the words softly and looked pitifully into Huangfu Shao’s eyes.

Huangfu Shao wanted to say something, but two men suddenly walked over from nearby. Huangfu Qiao was shocked and hurriedly pushed Huangfu Shao away, telling him to put him down.

Huangfu Shao said with a cold expression, unwilling to do so.

“Someone’s coming.” Huangfu Qiao pounded Huangfu Shao’s chest a few times, telling him to let go of him quickly.

At the beginning, Huangfu Shao was unhappy, but he also didn’t have the habit of being watched by others. He pressed Huangfu Qiao’s head into his chest to prevent others from seeing his face, but he didn’t mind being seen at all.

Naturally, the two men outside also saw this scene and stared straight into the car. However, in the next second, they quickly retracted their gaze in fright, because Huangfu Shao had a horrifying expression on his face, as if he wanted to eat them up.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Two men in the car.”

One of the men suddenly asked in a low voice after they had walked a few steps.

“I don’t know, but no matter what, doing this kind of thing in the parking lot is too disgraceful! People come and go, and that posture is enough to make one’s imagination run wild.”

The man replied, but it was clear that he didn’t discriminate against gay.

“Are you serious? Still dreaming?” He was being looked down upon by his friend.

The two of them chatted as they walked further and further away, slowly drowning in the crowd of people on the other side of the street.

After making sure that they were all gone and that there was no one around, Huangfu Shao let go of Huangfu Qiao’s head and let him come out to breathe.

“Did you think you would be suffocated to death?”

Freed, Huangfu Qiao let out a long breath and softly lay in Huangfu Shao’s arms.

Huangfu Shao finally smiled and helped him stroke his hair as he looked at him lovingly.

Seeing that his brother’s mood had returned, Huangfu Qiao was obviously happy too. He chuckled, “Are you not angry anymore?”

“It is true that you are not angry, but that is only right now. In any case, someone like you will definitely make a mistake if you continue to be stubborn.”

He pointed to the copilot, told him to get back in, and started the car.

Huangfu Qiao was a little unhappy, “What!? When you want me, just let me sit down. If you don’t want me, then let me go. This is too much!” Ye Zichen pouted.

“Do you want to continue?” He looked at Huangfu Qiao calmly, then said, “Alright! I don’t mind teaching you.”

Huangfu Qiao must have wanted to learn something. He quickly climbed onto the front passenger seat and sat down obediently. “Let’s go home!”

At this moment, he could only laugh. Out of the corner of his eyes, he was wary of Huangfu Shao, as if he was afraid that Huangfu Shao would suddenly rush over.

It was too dangerous, he had almost gotten eaten by his big brother.

No way, I have to think twice before I speak in the future. Otherwise, I really would be eaten in seconds.

Huangfu Qiao was very self-aware.

Huangfu Shao wasn’t one to make a ruckus outside. He gave a helpless smile before driving away.

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