C43 – VS Level 4 Evolver


Chen Tianming and Mo Fann were both shocked. At this moment, the old man opened his eyes.

At this moment, there was another person in the room besides the three of them.

Chen Tianming looked at the person who appeared out of thin air and subconsciously moved his body backwards, as if he was facing a great enemy.

“Loong Chen, how could it be you?”

Chen Tianming’s face was filled with shock and disbelief.

“Didn’t you all want to see me? Now that I’m here, all of you should be happy.”

Loong Chen sneered.

“Loong Chen, let’s settle the old and new grudges today!”

“Young Master Chen, what are you waiting for? Since he has appeared, we will kill him immediately.”

Mo Fann looked at Loong Chen with eyes full of anger and killing intent.

He could have enjoyed all the wealth and glory, but all of these were destroyed because of Loong Chen.

He had become a cripple, and his family had been destroyed. He could only hide these past few days.

Because he had offended a lot of people in Jinling City before this.

Without the protection of his family, his enemies had come looking for him.

“Mo Fann, I didn’t kill you back then, but you didn’t know how to cherish your life. How dare you provoke me! You are really tired of living.”

Loong Chen gave Mo Fann a cold look. After killing Mo Qitian, he didn’t pay any attention to the rest of the people from the Mo family.

Because of this, Mo Fann was able to escape death.

To be honest, the destruction of the Mo family couldn’t all be blamed on Loong Chen.

The Mo family had once offended many major powers in the Jinling City. Due to the strength of the Mo family, those major powers could only swallow their anger.

However, after the experts of the Mo family were killed by Loong Chen, those major powers naturally couldn’t bear it any longer.

They attacked together and annihilated the Mo family.

Therefore, the main culprit behind the destruction of the Mo family was itself.

“The one who is tired of living is you. Initially, I didn’t know how to take revenge, but I didn’t expect you to offend Young Master Chen.”

“You have offended Young Master Chen, you will die for sure!”

Mo Fann burst into laughter.

Chen Tianming finally reacted when he heard what Mo Fann said.

He had already planned to make a move in the near future. Since Loong Chen had taken the initiative to come, he would make a move in advance.

“That’s right. Loong Chen, how dare you throw me out in front of so many people? I will never forgive you!”

“I originally wanted to let you live for a few more days, but you came here to seek death. I will kindly grant your wish.”

Chen Tianming said coldly.

It was only because Loong Chen had slapped his face that he wanted to kill Loong Chen. He was truly ruthless.

“Do you think you can kill me with just the few of you?”

Loong Chen revealed a disdainful smile.

“You are so arrogant! Don’t think that you are invincible just because you defeated a Level 3 Evolver. You have to know that there is always someone stronger than you.”

“Elder Hei, I’ll leave it to you.”

The old man walked towards Loong Chen after hearing what he said.

When he was still a few meters away from Loong Chen, he stopped.

He looked at Loong Chen with a hint of fear in his eyes.

Because when Loong Chen appeared just now, he didn’t feel anything at all.

This showed that his ability to conceal himself was very powerful.

“I have seen your video. You have killed Mo Qitian, which means that your strength has at least reached the Level 3 High Rank.”

The old man said. Strangely, his voice didn’t sound old at all.

It clearly didn’t match his appearance.

“Why are you courting death when you know about this?”

Loong Chen smiled coldly.

“You are indeed arrogant. You are indeed a genius, but unfortunately, those arrogant geniuses won’t live long.”

The old man laughed, but his smile immediately turned cold.

“If you join the Green Cloud Temple, perhaps we can become friends. Unfortunately, you have joined the Dragon God Temple. Killing a genius of the Dragon God Temple is not a bad thing.”

The super forces were on the same side when facing zombies, but they were also fighting in secret.

The Green Cloud Temple was ranked in the top ten, and they had the right to compete with the Dragon God Temple for first place.

It was advantageous to the Green Cloud Temple to reduce the number of geniuses in the Dragon God Temple.

As soon as the old man finished speaking, he immediately rushed towards Loong Chen.

This speed was many times faster than Mo Qitian’s.

“Is he a Level 4 Evolver?”

Loong Chen squinted his eyes.

Mo Qitian’s strength was only comparable to a Level 3 High Rank.

And this old man’s aura was much stronger than Mo Qitian’s.

A Level 4 and a Level 3 High Rank seemed to be about the same, but the difference in their overall combat strength was really huge.

“It just so happens that I can use this opportunity to test how much my strength has improved.”

The old man instantly arrived in front of Loong Chen, then he threw a punch at Loong Chen’s chest.

Loong Chen didn’t dodge or evade, he just let the punch land on his body.

Loong Chen’s body instantly retreated.

“He is indeed worthy of being called a Level 4 Evolver. He is so much stronger than a Level 3 Evolver. The power of this punch is over fifty thousand kilograms.”

Loong Chen thought to himself.

This punch could kill an elephant.

Loong Chen had no doubt that if he wasn’t wearing the Doomsday Armor, he wouldn’t have been able to withstand this punch.

The Doomsday Armor was enough to defend against the full power attack of a Level 4 High Rank Evolver.

And this old man’s strength hadn’t reached that level yet.

“You are indeed strong, but it’s a pity that you can’t defeat me.”

Loong Chen said calmly.

When the old man saw that Loong Chen was unharmed, his eyes were filled with shock.

He knew that Loong Chen was very strong, but it was impossible for Loong Chen not to be injured.

“Could it be that you are also a Level 4 Evolver?”

The old man was shocked.

“No, I’m just a Level 2 Evolver.”

Loong Chen shook his head.

He wasn’t lying. According to his attributes, he was really just a Level 2 Evolver.

However, the old man wouldn’t believe him.

No Level 2 Evolver could kill a Level 3 Evolver so easily!

Furthermore, he could even block a punch from a Level 4 Evolver without suffering any injuries!

“I don’t care if you are a Level 3 or a Level 4 Evolver. Today, you must die here!”

“Rushing Thunder Fist!”

The old man shouted out loudly and threw out a punch.

Countless lightning bolts flashed on his fist, and a series of thunderous sounds could be heard in the air.

This old man was actually an Awakened. Moreover, he had awakened the Lightning Superpower.

Just as the old man’s fist was about to touch Loong Chen, his figure suddenly disappeared.

The old man’s fist missed, but with his many years of combat experience, he quickly reacted and turned around.

He saw Loong Chen appear behind him. Loong Chen was holding the Tyrannical Saber and slashing at him.

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