C88 – Don’t Bully Me

“This is… Octagonal?” Tang Yue picked up an octagonal object from the ground.

He sniffed it and licked it with his tongue. He was full of joy.

He had asked the sparrow, but it could not name it. It only knew that it couldn’t be eaten. Clearly, it had seen it before.

Tang Yue called someone over to collect it. He raised his head to look at the towering trees. For the first time, he knew that the octagonal tree was growing on a large tree. He had always thought that it was a short tree like the chili.

As expected, it had grown knowledge!

“Young master, what’s the use of picking this? Is it medicine? Forgive me for being ignorant, but I have never seen this kind of medicine before.”

Tang Yue was in a good mood. He joked, “There must be more than one kind of medicine that you have never seen before. This octagonal herb can also be considered a kind of medicine. It has the function of removing wind, qi, and stomach. But his greatest use is not this, but to adjust the taste!”


Hey, you’ll understand after you eat the food that this young master makes in the afternoon. It was finally time to make the fragrant braised flavor. That was the must-have snack for family travel!

In just half a day’s time, Tang Yue had already returned with a full load. He did not pick too many herbs in one go. Some herbs would easily deteriorate if they were not dried or baked in time.

Zhao Sanlang and Pingshun had also gained quite a lot. They were holding a string of wild animals in their hands to claim credit. Tang Yue suspected that the guards had hunted them to fill their doors.

Wait a minute. When Tang Yue saw the guards behind him holding a deer and a wild boar in their hands and pulling a goat, he could basically maintain his composure.

However, he could not stop his saliva from flowing. His eyes were glowing green.

“Go back…” Tang Yue roared and led the troops back.

However, Zhao Sanlang and Ping Shun had been running crazily on the mountain for half a day and were tired. They had asked the guards to carry them back. Fortunately, Tang Yue didn’t see the princess carry them. Otherwise, they would really be moved by the guards of this era.

When they returned to the camp, everyone was shocked by the scene in front of them. The camp that was perfectly empty when they left was now full of people. All of them were dressed in rags and carried luggage.

What was going on? Could it be that their large camp looked like a refugee camp?

The soldiers who stayed behind saw them coming back and rushed over. Their faces were all red and purple. Tang Yue held the chin of one of the soldiers and lifted his head. He found that it was not red and purple, but had been beaten until his hair was blue and purple.

“What’s going on?” He frowned. His good mood was instantly pulled to a low point.

Wang Zizhao had specially left two hundred guards for him when he left. Tang Yue saw that they had worked hard and specially asked them to relax yesterday. He could not bear to let them go up the mountain this morning. Why were you beaten up when you were guarding the base camp?

This didn’t make sense! Although there were a lot of refugees gathered here, they thought that these were regular soldiers who could kill without batting an eye. How could they be beaten by unarmed refugees?

“Young Master, not long after you left with your people this morning, people came one after another. They said that the villagers were sent to Yu Xin City by us, and they wanted to go as well!”

What the heck is this?

“Why did they want to go to Yu Xin City?” Although Tang Yue sympathized with these civilians, he would not agree to any unreasonable requests.

Moreover, the one who made the decision was not here.

“They heard that someone was sent to Yu Xin City to live and was settled. They also wanted to go. They said that the nearby mountains were all burned down. They could not survive without the mountains.”

“All of them?” Tang Yue glanced at the mountain in the distance, which had been burnt to a barren land. He thought to himself, “Could it be that so many of you live on the same mountain? “Don’t bully me because I don’t have any common sense!

“Then these wounds on your faces are…?”

The soldier shyly lowered his head and groaned for a while before replying, “This lowly one only said a few more words to that lady. Which one of them thought that this lowly one was going to commit evil and… just…”

They beat you up until you turned into a pig’s head? You should be beaten up!

“Are you sure you didn’t do anything obscene?”

“This…” The soldier hid his hand behind his back. He did not dare to say that he had touched the face of the young lady. Although the feeling was not good, it was still better than nothing.

Tang Yue patted his chest fiercely. “Good fellow, are you crazy about women?”

You are a wolf that has been hungry for so long. If you go and seduce her little red hat, it would be strange if you weren’t called a pervert.

If this was his daughter, if a soldier big brother dared to come over and talk to her, he would definitely beat her up until she didn’t even know his father and mother.

“Continue, then what? Didn’t you tell them that our decision maker isn’t here?”

“Yes, but they said that they could wait.” The soldier looked at Tang Yue.

Tang Yue had a headache. He ran into such a group of people and chased them away. No, he didn’t take her in, and he didn’t know what to do.

“Go and invite those who can talk to them. I’ll ask them myself.”

“Yes.” The soldier smiled and ran away with ease.

Tang Yue turned around and asked everyone to put the things away. Then he took Zhao Sanlang and the two nobles to his tent.

“Young Master, they are here.” The soldier shouted from outside.

“Come in.” Tang Yue made a pot of fresh chrysanthemum tea. The chrysanthemums were picked on the way up the hill.

The curtain was lifted. Five yellow-skinned, black, and skinny old men walked in. Each of them was in their forties. They were probably the chief of the village.

“Everyone, please have a seat. Let’s drink some water first.”

The old men didn’t dare to lift their heads when they came in. They all knelt down in unison and begged. “Master, please give us a way out.”

Tang Yue’s head was full of black lines. Master, you don’t mean that, do you? We spent a lot of effort and effort to help you eliminate the bandits. We have suffered heavy casualties. There are still those who are seriously injured and have yet to wake up.


Tang Yue blocked his words and said with a sad face, “We have been rushing all the way, living in the wind and sleeping in the wilderness. As soon as we arrived here, we will start fighting. Do you think it is easy to eliminate the bandits? The fire did not only burn the mountain that you relied on to survive, but also the lives of the soldiers!”

Tang Yue said so that he almost shed tears. Thinking of the few lives that had disappeared, he felt sad.

“Puchi…” Zhao Sanlang, who was at the side, could not help but cover his mouth and laugh.

He didn’t expect Tang Xiaolang to have the ability to speak. He really couldn’t tell.

Although the fire was strong that night, no one was burned to death. There were a few who were burned, but Tang Yue had prepped it with burn cream. It looked pretty good, so his words were obviously exaggerated.

Ping Shun’s admiration for Tang Yue increased by another level. He looked at him with sparkling eyes.

From the moment he saw Tang Yue saving people in Prince Zhao’s Mansion, He hated and respected Tang Yue. How nice would it be if this man didn’t work hard to torture him?

Tang Yue rolled his eyes at the two idiots and continued, “I know you guys have a hard life. Destroying a mountain really does have a big impact. Do you think this will do? We can make appropriate compensation. Each family will pay compensation or food.”

This was already the biggest decision Tang Yue could make. He believed that Wang Zizhao wouldn’t object to this decision. It was just that he didn’t have the final say in the amount of compensation.

The boss’s eyes lit up. He raised his head and stole a glance at Tang Yue. He was shocked by Tang Yue’s age. He could tell that Tang Yue was young just by listening to his voice, but he did not expect him to be so young.

“Young master is kind and righteous…” The old man on the left was about to thank Tang Yue when he heard his companion beside him say, “Young master is kind. We should thank him, but food or gold and silver can only be used in emergencies. In the years to come, the grass people will not be able to do anything.”

When the other four heard what he said, their expressions changed, and they looked sad and sad again.

Tang Yue could see that these people were determined to enter the city.

“Sir, may I ask, what do you plan to do for a living after you go to Yu Xin City? There are mountains and fields here. As long as the heavens open their eyes, they won’t starve to death.” Tang Yue ignored their sudden change in expression and continued, “Even if I give you a piece of land in the city, you still have to build your own houses. You also have to face the high expenditure in the city. Even entering the city, you have to pay a human head tax. What do you have to live on?”

“No…” An old man raised his head and glared at Tang Yue.

Before he could say anything, Tang Yue stopped him. “No!”

He knew what these people were thinking. They wanted to imitate the villagers just because they saw how lucky the villagers were.

However, luck was not something that could be found easily. There was no lack of timing, geography, and people.

Therefore, this group of people was destined not to be treated like that.

Tang Yue could not bear to see them suddenly lose their minds, so he suggested, “I have a livelihood. I wonder if you guys are willing to do it?”

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