C87 – A Kiss

“Are you still upset? I’ve apologized, and I admit my mistake.” Ye Zichen gazed at Huangfu Shao with a pleading look.

Huangfu Qiao had a short memory span. He might assure Huangfu Shao today, but by tomorrow, he’d likely forget his words. Expecting him to remember was wishful thinking.

“I promise, I’ll remember this tomorrow when I wake up, honestly.” He theatrically pledged to the skies, followed by a laugh.

“I no longer trust you,” he said, his brows furrowed, gazing intently at the endearing face close to him.

Even if Huangfu Qiao typically kept his word, he’d often venture out at night guarded by his bodyguards, leaving Huangfu Shao searching the city for him, often in vain.

Regardless of the number of bodyguards Huangfu Shao assigned, Huangfu Qiao always found ways to mislead them. In essence, he’d do anything to ensure his freedom.

Yet, Huangfu Shao didn’t try to control Huangfu Qiao forcefully. He just wished to indulge in leisure and play.

“How can I be the elder brother you desire? I did hear they were coming here, but I wasn’t late,” he voiced, sounding somewhat aggrieved.

“I just wish you’d come home with me and not be swayed by irrational men.”

“Wait, Xiao Ming is just a classmate, and you’re familiar with his brother. Why the constant anger? Isn’t there a boundary to jealousy? It’s not like I’m going anywhere.”

“If you intended to leave, you would’ve done so when you admitted your feelings. Why wait?”

“Even thinking of leaving?” His eyes flashed threateningly.

“I never mentioned leaving!” exclaimed Huangfu Qiao. “Did you plan on leaving? Why bring it up now?”

Whenever jealousy struck, it was relentless. What was he to do? It wasn’t feasible to remain in his elder brother’s embrace forever, especially if someone witnessed it.

“I need to leave. This place is too crowded.”

Before exiting, Huangfu Qiao bid him farewell. In that moment, Huangfu Qiao seemed somewhat endearing.

“Dare to leave?” he threatened, “You’ll see how I handle you.”

Huangfu Shao rarely joked, so upon hearing this, Huangfu Qiao promptly sat down, chuckling nervously, “The weather’s lovely today, right?”

The weather chat was likely a distraction, an attempt to ease his own nerves.

This was tricky. If he remained, the embarrassment would be unbearable, especially in such a public setting.

“Elder brother, I realize my mistake. If you can’t let it go, let’s discuss it at home. It’s mortifying out here, what if someone familiar spots us?”

This implied he’d be more comfortable addressing the issue privately.

Indeed, Huangfu Qiao was more open when it came to personal matters.

“So, elder brother, can we move past this?”

While Huangfu Qiao fluctuated between being assertive and submissive, he often displayed a childlike behavior.

Huangfu Shao remained silent, causing Huangfu Qiao’s nerves to tingle. As Huangfu Qiao was about to concede, Huangfu Shao suddenly whispered, “Open up.”

Huangfu Qiao instinctively knew what Huangfu Shao wanted. He wrapped his arms around his neck, lips meeting in an anticipated kiss.

Such moments had become customary for them, leaving no room for Huangfu Qiao to feel shy.

A mere kiss wasn’t enough to quell Huangfu Shao’s frustration. The intensity left Huangfu Qiao breathless and flushed.

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