C86 – Openly Flirting

“This is known as artificial respiration,” Tang Yue explained the concept of artificial respiration simply. He didn’t require Wang Zizhao to fully grasp it; he just needed to know it was a legitimate technique.

“Is it really necessary for it to be mouth-to-mouth?” Wang Zizhao struggled to accept such an intimate method of assistance.

“Human…breathing, not specifically mouth-to-mouth. Tell me, what other option do we have?” Tang Yue grabbed a dry towel, wiping away the massage cream from Wang Zizhao’s leg. After washing his hands, he asked earnestly, “How about…you give it a try?”

“How can I attempt it?” Wang Zizhao stood up and took a few steps, feeling that his legs were considerably lighter, no longer weighed down.

Upon turning around, he found Tang Yue standing behind him, eyes shining. With a mischievous smile, Tang Yue said, “I just wanted to experience mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.”

Wang Zizhao raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes. “Are you trying to take liberties with me in public?”

“This is called live demonstration. It’s the most effective way to learn,” Tang Yue explained righteously.

Wang Zizhao drew nearer. They were of similar height, their eyes meeting, mouths aligned, and their breath mingling.

Tang Yue’s heart pounded. His eyes threatened to widen as he gazed at Wang Zizhao’s lips, suddenly feeling a dryness in his own mouth.

“Are you planning to kiss me?…Maybe you should consider the logistics. I don’t think I’ve brushed my teeth yet, and I had garlic barbecue tonight. Might it make me queasy?” A string of inexplicable thoughts flitted through Tang Yue’s mind. He felt like he was on the brink of exploding.

“It’s coming… it’s coming…” Tang Yue subconsciously closed his eyes, waiting for the moment when his four lips were pressed together.

Wang Zizhao must still be a virgin. When he was at a loss, he would counterattack and let him witness his superb kissing technique. He might immediately kneel down under his crotch pants.

No, if he was too experienced, wouldn’t he expose his impure truth? What if he misunderstood the chaos in his private life?

God knows that he had countless boyfriends in his two lifetimes. Moreover, he was always dumped by others. He was definitely a loyal and good man!

Tang Yue was conflicted. After a while, he came back to his senses. “Where’s the kiss?”

He suddenly opened his eyes. Wang Zizhao had already retreated to the side and was looking at him curiously with a teacup in his hand.

“…” What about the artificial respiration? Tang Yue’s face turned red. “This… that…” He didn’t know how to turn the awkward situation around.

“Are you tired? Why did you close your eyes?” Wang Zizhao asked with a blank face. Tang Yue was so embarrassed by this simple sentence. He was 100% sure that he had been played by Wang Zizhao.

And he asked so honestly! Tang Yue coughed and blinked his eyes. “I just felt sand in my eyes. I don’t feel good.”

“Do you want me to blow it for you?”

“No thanks!” Tang Yue had no desire to subject himself to further embarrassment. Who knew what other traps he might have set for himself?

“In that case, it’s getting late. Let’s head back and get some rest.”

Go rest… rest… Tang Yue couldn’t help but shake his head at his own thoughts. Fortunately, he hadn’t been too conceited earlier; otherwise, he might have been too ashamed to even acknowledge his own name.

“Haha… Then, have a good night’s sleep,” Tang Yue managed to maintain a facade of composure as he exited the tent. The moment he stepped out, he hurriedly made his escape, not daring to stop.

Inside the tent, Wang Zizhao watched him depart, a faint smile playing on his lips. He mused, “So, what Hu Jinpeng mentioned was true. The young master of the Tang family is indeed quite a man.”

But this is also good…

Tang Yue sprinted a considerable distance before pausing to catch his breath. He cast a glance back at the tent where that enigmatic figure resided. Inwardly, he sighed, “Beauty can be treacherous. I should keep my distance from him. Crossing paths with someone like that could spell disaster if I let my guard down.”

“But today, I must admit, I got a bit carried away on a whim. Typically, his resistance to handsome men isn’t this strong!”

Recollecting the soup he had consumed that morning, Tang Yue facepalmed with a wry smile. It appeared that the issue lay not with him but in what he had eaten. Thankfully, all was well!

He had indeed said so; why did his blood suddenly rush like this? It seemed he would need a cold shower upon returning home.

“Tang Xiaolang, were you searching for us?” A booming voice suddenly emanated from the side, startling Tang Yue.

He turned his head and found Zhao Sanlang and the Heir to the State Duke Heng gazing at him with wide eyes, appraising him from head to toe.

Tang Yue sensed that they might have caught onto something regarding his emotions. “What’s with the scrutiny? Why are you two wandering around at this hour instead of sleeping?”

Zhao Sanlang let out an approving click of his tongue. “Impressive, Tang Xiaolang. I underestimated you.”

Tang Yue raised an eyebrow, puzzled. “What’s that supposed to mean? Tang Yue?” He inquired.

“Wang Zizhao shakes his leg, and you rush to court him. Yet, you show no concern for me when I’m injured?”

“You’re injured? Where?” Tang Yue rolled his eyes. Had this rascal forgotten the reason for his humiliation?

Speaking of which, why did everything take a wrong turn today? Why did he keep getting himself into situations that damaged his reputation? Could it be that this piece of land was haunted by restless spirits and an excess of Yin energy?

“Regardless of the location, I’ve ultimately seen through it. You’re no different from those cunning politicians.”

“They have two eyes, one nose, and one mouth. What sets them apart?”

“Let’s not argue about that. You know what I mean. Are you trying to align yourself with Wang Zizhao?”

Tang Yue patted his chest and smirked. “Young Master Xian, are you that naive? If I, Tang Yue, were aiming to win him over, I’d simply reciprocate his kindness. What’s the relevance of being a military doctor?”

Did he truly believe that being a military doctor constituted a promising career?

Zhao Sanlang grabbed his wrist and placed a hand on his shoulder. “I was just teasing you. Don’t take it so seriously. I noticed you coming out of Wang Zizhao’s room and was simply curious about you.”

“Your way of showing curiosity is quite unique.” However, after his interruption, his previous thoughts had slipped away.

Nevertheless, what did it mean to pique someone’s curiosity? Could it be that he lacked the right words to express himself?

Tang Yue pushed his hand aside and glanced at Ping Shun. “Noble Heir, please continue. How did you achieve invincibility last night?”

Ping Shun’s eyes sparkled. He pushed Zhao Sanlang aside and pulled Tang Yue aside, launching into an animated narration.

“Did you not notice? That thief wielded a spear. He charged straight at me, aiming the spearhead at my head. With a slight upward thrust, my head would have been severed.”

“Chi…” A disharmonious voice sounded from the side.

Tang Yue held back his laughter, “Continue.” It was quite interesting.

“Guess what happened next?”

Tang Yue shook his head. What else do you have?

If it had been someone else with a chance, they might have handled it smoothly. If the situation were genuinely life-threatening, they’d probably be dead by now, unless someone came to their rescue.

“At that moment, I took out the medicine you gave me and splashed the contents of the red and blue bottles all over myself. The other guy thought I was about to unleash a powerful attack, so he hesitated and took a step back in fear. That’s when I swiftly tossed lime powder into his eyes. Just as I expected, he was temporarily blinded, and with one decisive strike, I severed his head.”

Tang Yue, appearing modest with a “please, shower me with praise” expression, didn’t want to dampen his spirits. He gave him a nod and applauded. “Impressive!”

He thought, “It’s a good thing you could tell which bottle was which. Otherwise, why would you be pouring lime all over yourself?

Besides, he wasn’t about to inquire about the exact proportions of the concoction. Letting him nurture a bit of ambition might be a good thing.

Patting Pingshun’s shoulder, he made an exaggerated gesture. “The Young Heir has truly proven his mettle. When we return, we must report this to Duke Heng. He’ll surely be in stitches of laughter.”

“This is the proudest moment of my life.”

“Alright! You’re practically breathless from all the praise,” Tang Yue quipped as he glanced at Pingshun’s physique. “But if you ever find yourself in such a situation again, you might consider just sitting on it. With your weight, you could easily squash someone to death!”

Pingshun’s smile froze, and he shot Tang Yue an angry glare. “…”

“Haha…” Zhao Sanlang burst into maniacal laughter on the side, nearly startling everyone in the camp.

Nearby guards contemplated draping themselves in black cloth to hide their association with such an eccentric master.

Tang Yue waited for Zhao Sanlang to finish his laughter before inquiring, “What about you? Did you complete the mission?”

“Of course. Even Fatty can handle his adversaries. I wouldn’t let him outdo me,” Zhao Sanlang proclaimed confidently, shaking his long hair.

“You said Wang Zizhao saved you today. What’s the situation?”

“Speaking of which, this is far more perilous than Fatty’s escapade,” Zhao Sanlang remarked, plucking a blade of grass and taking a seat. He gestured for Tang Yue to join him. “Come, come. I’ll explain it to you.”

Tang Yue noticed that Zhao Sanlang was prepared for an extended conversation. He glanced at the sky and suggested, “How about… we continue this tomorrow? It’s getting late.”

“No rush, no rush. I’m wide awake and full of energy. I don’t need rest,” Zhao Sanlang replied, clearly brimming with enthusiasm. After all, everyone had enjoyed a good nap during the day, so it wasn’t surprising that sleep eluded them now.

“Aren’t you planning to accompany Wang Zizhao to Qinyang City tomorrow?”

Zhao Sanlang shook his head. “No, I’m not permitted to be involved in official affairs.”

Tang Yue hadn’t anticipated this response, finding it rather unexpected.

The seven High Dukes were the backbone of South Jin, but factions existed among them. Zhao Sanlang might not engage in politics directly, but he always represented the State Protector Prefecture. Accidentally aligning with the wrong side could harm his father and the State Duke’s Mansion.

Consequently, given his current position, it wasn’t appropriate for him to engage in political conflicts.

Wang Zizhao’s true objective on this expedition was likely not just secondary. His primary aim was likely Qinyang City.

If he were in Wang Zizhao’s shoes, he could seize the opportunity to gain the upper hand in Qinyang City.

The allure of the city, with its abundant herbal resources and iron ore, was undoubtedly tempting.

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