C73 – The Way of Disappearing

“Did sister-in-law set her sights on us?” As Tank watched the two depart, he instinctively tightened his arms, a chill running through him.

He was in deep trouble now. Would he be forced to serve under sister-in-law? What would become of the Dragon Riding Team’s reputation then?

“Rosen, my apologies. My momentary attempt at heroism is what caused this.” Tank was filled with regret, but it changed nothing.

He felt too ashamed to even meet Rosen’s gaze. Yet, Rosen, watching the receding figures, inquired, “How would you rate your hand-to-hand skills against Sister-in-law?”

Watching on a screen is one thing, but real combat is different. If someone as skilled as sister-in-law joined our Dragon Riding Team, our combat capabilities would soar.

“He’s not just adept at concealing himself but he’s also incredibly shrewd. His nimbleness allows him to effortlessly dodge, even when armed with the mechanical gun. That’s no easy feat, especially for someone of Sister-in-law’s age.” Moreover, when I engaged him, I felt unnerved, uncertain of his next move. He’s proficient at putting his opponents under pressure. While he might seem less strong than me in close combat, I mainly overpowered him with raw strength without any significant tactical advantage.

“It’s true that there’s always someone better out there,” Tank lamented.

“Before the battle began, Sister-in-law must have declared, ‘I’ll take you down in six rounds.'” Rosen remarked, casting a glance at Tank.

“What happened next?” After asking this question, his body trembled.

“Sister-in-law, I think…” Only three bullets were fired?

The color drained from Tank’s face as he grasped the unfolding situation.

Noticing Tank’s reaction, Rosen continued, “Your sister-in-law is not only astute but also perceptive. Do you realize how she managed to rendezvous with you before you could?”

“How did she?” Tank’s interest was piqued, given his prior suspicions.

Rosen handed Tank a map instead of answering. Bemused, Tank questioned, “Why are you showing me this map?”

Without a word, Rosen gestured at faint black lines on the map, “Recognize these?”

Tank shot Rosen a skeptical look. “What should they represent?”

Feeling perplexed, Tank waited for an explanation. Before Rosen could speak, Loong Shen, standing nearby, revealed with a smile, “Those represent the connected electric cables in the training field.” With that, he nonchalantly walked away.

Ji Guangming, standing next to Tank, was momentarily taken aback. A realization struck him as he discerned how Xu Yangyi had planned to rendezvous with Tank ahead of time.

Tank, slightly slower on the uptake, exclaimed in astonishment as Loong Shen disappeared into the distance, “Did sister-in-law swing across using the gun on these cables, beating me to the rendezvous point?”

“Exactly,” Rosen affirmed, an “it’s about time you got it” expression on his face.

The reason she wasn’t visible on the surveillance was that the camera angle missed the height of the cables.

Tank had to acknowledge his sister-in-law’s prowess. Her ability to instantly devise a strategy based on a mere glance at the map and landscape was extraordinary.

A pang of frustration hit Tank. Despite spending over three years in the training ground, he was unaware of such a strategic advantage.

Seeing Tank’s dejection, Rosen comforted him, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “Train harder and you’ll get there.”

Reinvigorated by the gesture, Tank proclaimed, “From now on, I won’t let my Dragon Riding Team be discredited.” His declaration was so fervent that it startled some nearby soldiers.

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