C2 – This Marriage, I Don’t Want It!

The locals had a habit of rising early, so by the time the village leader and Lin Lai reached the Lin residence, many villagers had already gathered in the courtyard.

Although Lee Su had a stern expression, the sight of his bound son, with a swollen face and a gag in his mouth, instantly filled him with dread.

“Village Chief, please stand up for the Yu family.” On seeing the village leader, Lin Yuxing’s bottled-up emotions burst forth, tears brimming in his eyes.

The Village Chief, spotting the man on the ground, quickly understood the situation. Striking his cane against the ground, he demanded, “Explain! Why would your skilled fighters covertly harass a member of our Lin Village?”

A smirk passed Lin Yuxing’s lips. Despite the leader’s age, his commanding presence was evident. Lowering his head in mock deference, his younger sibling began recounting the previous night’s events, adding a touch of exaggeration for effect.

“Despicable!” exclaimed Lin Yuxing’s Ah Yao, his face pale with rage. “They have the heart of a monster. If not for my Yu’s vigilance, who knows what would’ve happened? Had Lee Su not arrived in time, I’d have crippled one of them by now.”

Even after Li Xiangyu had called off the engagement, he discovered the family’s nefarious intentions. They were heartless, even worse than animals.

The village was abuzz with chatter. As Li Xiangyu vehemently shook his head in denial, Lee Su retorted sharply, “Lin Yuxing! Stop spreading lies! My son has a promising future ahead. Why would he ever associate with someone as dishonorable as you? Enough of this self-flattery!”

Lin Yuxing was well aware of this man’s stubbornness. Straightening up and wiping his hands, he feigned wiping away non-existent tears, “My Ah Yao and the others witnessed it all. We have proof and testimony. Deny it all you want!”

“Besides, it’s not certain who broke off the engagement.” The corners of the youth’s mouth curled up, revealing a beautiful curve.

Lee Su’s chest heaved with anger as he fixed his fierce gaze on Lin Yuxing. Even though he was slender and limped, his presence felt sharply intimidating. “Lin Yuxing! Regardless of your excuses, this marriage has to be called off! Hand over the jade pendant now!”

As a man, the Village Head hesitated to intervene in the dispute between the two brothers.

Lin Yuxing hesitated but spoke up about the jade pendant, “To all my uncles and Ah Yao, our Lin Family once had a prosperous engagement with the Lee Family. But Yu was the first to recognize the truth, leading them to secretly call off the engagement. Yet, to save face, they shamelessly decided to break it off in public, trying to tarnish my reputation in the process.”

“I handed over the jade pendant to Li Xiangyu the day I chose to end the engagement. I am confident that if the Village Head allows a search, they’ll find it on him.”

The crowd was taken aback by this revelation. It was news to them about the engagement being terminated. Since when did the elder brother of the Lee Family become so audacious?

So, Lin Lai frisked him and discovered the jade pendant, glowing green, on Li Xiangyu. The crowd erupted in commotion; Lee Su had been causing chaos in the Lin Family. Wasn’t he trying to exploit them? One shouldn’t be greedy beyond one’s capability. With things having escalated this far, there’s no way he’s getting any sympathy.

“Lin Yuxing, you deceiver!” Lee Su’s eyes turned bloodshot with fury. While he couldn’t fathom why his son had the pendant, he was convinced that his younger brother was setting him up.

Lin Yuxing looked at him with disdain and declared, “Respected Village Head, elders, and fellow villagers, let it be known, I reject this marriage! I discarded this man!”

“You bitch, I will kill you!” Lee Su, in a fit of rage, lunged at Lin Yuxing, trying to grab his face.

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