C150 – Helpless

“I just found out about it. As I’ve always said, the bond between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is often complicated. Gu Yuehuan is unable to conceive! Imagine my shock – a woman unable to bear children. How unfortunate! Isn’t that like a hen that cannot lay eggs? Who would appreciate such a situation? Now they’re even talking about divorce. I’ve always mentioned that she wouldn’t bring lasting happiness. It seems she might be shown the door soon. Does that make you feel good?”

Upon hearing this while enjoying her melon seeds, Gu Yuewei couldn’t help but laugh heartily. “Is that so? Mom, she really can’t conceive? How surprising! I always suspected her happiness wouldn’t last. Now it seems to be true. Zhao Yun, who was so protective of her earlier, must be in shock! It’s possible she deeply regrets it now. I need to witness this spectacle. I’m curious to see her reaction when she’s asked to leave.”

Full of anticipation, Gu Yuewei and Zhang Shufen exited their house. As they approached the Huo family’s residence, they noticed Huo Qingyue and Gu Yuehuan gathering their belongings, ready to depart.

Zhao Yun, upon realizing that they were genuinely planning to depart, shouted with desperation. The commotion drew the neighbors, who were eager to understand the situation.

Zhao Yun, witnessing Huo Qingyue’s intent to leave, became extremely emotional. She exclaimed, “Huo Qingyue! If you decide to leave, then consider me no longer your mother. How can you turn your back on me? I birthed and nurtured you, dedicating half my life to you. But after finding a partner, you’re ready to abandon your own mother?”

Zhao Yun’s anguish was palpable. The commotion drew more neighbors, all trying to comprehend the unfolding drama.

Zhao Yun, through her tears, implored those around, “Let all of you be the judges. I can’t understand what spell my son is under due to this woman. Gu Yuehuan can’t conceive, and I simply asked her to free my son. I never wanted our lineage to end. But now, she’s taken my son from me. For his wife’s sake, my son has abandoned his mother. How did life become so hard for me? How did I get such a daughter-in-law?”

Her revelations shocked the crowd. They had not anticipated Gu Yuehuan to be that way.

The onlookers couldn’t resist advising Huo Qingyue, “Qingyue, reconsider your decision. See how heartbroken your mother is. Can you truly walk away seeing her like this? She’s your mother after all! Do you really intend to leave your family behind? Where would you go? Return and have a sincere conversation with her.”

“Yuehuan! What kind of daughter-in-law behaves like this? How can you be so cold-hearted? You can’t conceive, and now you wish to take Qingyue with you? Are you trying to break your mother-in-law’s heart? It’s not her fault you can’t conceive. Why didn’t you confide in her?”

Others chimed in, “Exactly! I can’t fathom Yuehuan’s intentions. She’s barren, and she’s taking away their only son! They should go back inside, discuss this, and spare the neighbors the spectacle.”

The prevailing sentiment caused distress for Huo Qingyue and Gu Yuehuan. Gu Yuehuan was growing impatient with the crowd’s collective disapproval. As she was about to retort, Huo Qingyue intervened, “I appreciate everyone’s concern, but this is a private family matter. My decisions are my own, and they aren’t influenced by my wife. Due to my mother’s intransigence, we’ve decided to relocate. We’ll be staying in town; we’re not abandoning our home. I’d kindly request everyone to disperse.”

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