C78 – A “Slave”

“There’s a battle underway!”

As soon as Mo Fei and Mo Yi stepped onto the campus, they saw a swarm of students headed in the direction of the Battlestage.

A multitude of students hustled by Mo Fei and Mo Yi, eager to secure a spot near the Battlestage.

Mo Fei expressed his displeasure, remarking, “Why is everyone so obsessed with watching battles? Such a commotion.”

Mo Yi responded with a resigned shrug, “It’s the Top 100 Contest. It seems to have everyone riled up.”

Mo Fei agreed, noting, “It appears so.”

Upon entering the classroom, Mo Yi and Mo Fei were met with an intense, hateful stare. With an amused expression, Mo Fei headed to his seat.

Mo Yi, unperturbed by Xu Zihan’s glaring hostility, calmly proceeded to his place.

Once seated, Mo Fei was approached by Yan Chen who asked, a hint of envy in his voice, “You’re participating in the Hundred School Alliance’s Talent competition, aren’t you?”

“That’s right,” Mo Fei confirmed.

Liu Tie’s enthusiasm was evident when he exclaimed, “You’re incredible, Mo Fei! Oh, Xu Zihan’s joining too.”

While the Talent competition was prestigious, selections by teachers weren’t solely based on student abilities; the students’ influential backgrounds played a role too.

Mo Fei remarked sarcastically, “I’m surprised he’s up and about so soon. Weren’t there rumors of him being gravely injured from bee stings? Clearly just hearsay.”

Yan Chen relayed, “I had heard about his severe injuries, but apparently, Zheng Xuan splurged on a potent healing potion from a renowned Level 6 Potion Master, Yan Weian. That must’ve hastened his recovery.”

Mo Fei mused, “Ah, so that’s the story. Zheng Xuan is deeply devoted, it seems.”

Liu Tie added, “Absolutely! Zheng Xuan’s loyalty is well-known. Also, Xu Zihan vowed to make you look insignificant during the Talent competition.”

Amusement evident in his laughter, Mo Fei retorted with steely resolve, “Is that so? We’ll see if he’s up to the task.”

Lin Feiyu cast a thoughtful glance Mo Fei’s way, a fleeting sense of apprehension in his eyes.

Curious, Shangguan Tianxing inquired, “Feiyu, have you decided on your performance?”

With a light-hearted chuckle, Lin Feiyu replied, “Given my modest abilities, I’ve opted to sing.”

Surprised, Shangguan Tianxing responded, “Oh? I was under the impression you played the piano.”

Lin Feiyu’s gentle smile concealed a tinge of regret. In a different circumstance, the piano would have been his choice, if not for Mo Fei.

Always known as the “Prince of Piano”, Lin Feiyu’s confidence was shattered when he heard Mo Fei’s performance at Lou Yu’s wedding. Realizing his own skills were merely average, he grew hesitant to play the instrument openly.

Lin Feiyu expressed with a furrowed brow, “I’ve lost my desire to play the piano lately.”

Shangguan Tianxing chuckled and said, “If you’re stepping back from the piano, I can confidently step in.”

A forced smile appeared on Lin Feiyu’s face.

Mo Fei rolled his eyes. The Linglong class had more slots in the Talent competition than most, but competition was still fierce. Along with Mo Fei, the chosen ones included Lin Feiyu, Xu Zihan, Shangguan Tianxing, and the class beauty, Ling Shan.

On the surface, the class seemed peaceful, but underneath there was a tumult of aspirations. Those selected were eager to dazzle their peers.

Initially indifferent to the Talent competition, Mo Fei grew more vigilant, feeling someone was out to get him.

On returning to Third Prince Manor, Mo Yi and Mo Fei found a battered Su Rong.

Mo Fei, feigning shock, quipped, “Goodness, genius Su! What happened to your face?”

Su Rong’s expression tensed upon seeing Mo Fei.

“Did you try taking someone’s wife and get thrashed by the husband?” Mo Fei playfully jabbed Su Rong.

“It wasn’t that,” Su Rong responded, wincing as he touched his injuries.

Laughing, Mo Fei pressed, “Then what was it?”

In a somber tone, Su Rong explained, “In the Top 100 Contest, those without a rank can challenge and replace ranked participants by seizing their tokens.”

Mo Fei, with eyes wide, remarked, “So after this beating, someone took your participant card?”

Turning his face, Su Rong responded, “No. I fared better than my opponent.”

Mo Fei, puzzled, asked, “Considering your injuries, how come your token wasn’t taken?”

“Each individual can only face one challenge daily. A second challenge on the same day won’t count,” Su Rong said quietly.

A thought struck Mo Fei. “Yiyi has one of those tokens, yet no one has challenged him.”

Su Rong grimaced, “Many witnessed Mo Yi’s duel with Sun Tie. Knowing how formidable he is, especially after what happened to Xu Zihan, no one dares challenge Mo Yi right now.”

Typically, only the strongest got challenge cards. The average performers, usually from the Third Star Division, often became targets.

Mo Fei nodded, stating, “It makes sense. Yiyi’s prowess is evident. Challenging him would be asking for trouble. But you, Su Rong, seem to be in high demand! If you’re going to be challenged, at least make a profit from it!”

Su Rong “…”

Su Rong shot Mo Fei a displeased look. “Must you take such pleasure in our misfortune, Your Highness Mo Fei?”

With a bashful grin, Mo Fei responded, “Apologies, but I can’t help it. Nothing delights me more than witnessing your misadventures.”

With a touch of resentment, Su Rong retorted, “I don’t usually mess things up this badly.”

Mo Fei agreed, “True, you don’t usually make blunders as though you’re clueless. But then, you chose to ally with someone who acts just that way!”

Su Rong “…”

Mo Yi coughed subtly to gain attention. Liu Tie glanced upward, finding Lou Yu’s expression stern, his eyes emanating a strong, lethal aura.

Rubbing his temple, Mo Fei sighed. Somehow, his comments always reached the ears of those concerned. His luck had been terrible of late!

Descending the stairs, Lou Yu approached. Mo Fei fidgeted, trying to muster an innocent demeanor.

“You’re participating in the preliminary rounds tomorrow, correct?” inquired Lou Yu.

“Yes,” Mo Fei confirmed.

Lou Yu assessed Mo Fei, stating, “I trust you’re prepared? You wouldn’t want to be ousted in the very first round. Surely, if that were to happen, you’d have the dignity not to further disgrace yourself on stage, right?”

Mo Fei “…”

Mo Fei inhaled deeply, fixing his gaze on Lou Yu, “You shouldn’t be concerned about the contest.”

Lou Yu responded with a nod, “Why should I be? If there’s any embarrassment, it’s on you.”

Staring at Lou Yu’s retreating figure, Mo Fei’s fists tightened, murmuring, “Insolent fool.”

“Prince Mo Fei?” Su Rong hesitated as he called out.

Turning to him, Mo Fei inquired, “Yes, Su Rong?”

Eyeing Mo Fei cautiously, Su Rong ventured, “My Lord, do you possess any healing potions?”

Su Rong’s heart raced. His wounds were deep; without aid, a challenge tomorrow would spell his defeat.

Earlier, he had caught a fleeting glimpse of Mo Fei handing Mo Yi a bottle containing a blue elixir. The emanating aura was soothing.

Stroking his chin, Mo Fei regarded Su Rong and replied casually, “Indeed, I do.”

Nervously, Su Rong pleaded, “Might you consider selling one to me, Prince Mo Fei?”

Mo Fei scrutinized him, “In exchange for a Star Coin perhaps?”

Su Rong interjected, scratching his head, “Might we negotiate some credit? I promise to settle the debt later.”

A laugh escaped Mo Fei’s lips, but he remained silent.

With determination, Su Rong beseeched, “Offer me that elixir, and I vow to serve you. Command me in any direction, and I shall obey.”

Eyes widening in surprise, Mo Fei eagerly queried, “Are you implying an oath of unwavering loyalty to me?”

Su Rong affirmed with a genuine nod.

With a playful glint, Mo Fei proposed, “Then, you could challenge Lou Yu on my behalf.”

Su Rong admitted with a touch of embarrassment, “I stand no chance against the Third Prince.”

“How about drugging him, then?” teased Mo Fei.

A tad uncomfortable, Su Rong admitted, “I wouldn’t have the nerve.”

Mo Fei quirked an eyebrow, remarking wryly, “So this is the extent of your servitude?”

Su Rong cautiously countered, “Anything not involving the Third Prince, I’m at your disposal.”

Narrowing his eyes, Mo Fei mused, “Unrelated to the Third Prince? Why such allegiance? Could it be affection for him?”

Whitening, Su Rong stammered, “Prince Mo Fei! Why would such a thought cross your mind? Not for all the courage in the world would I dare contend with you over another!”

Surveying Su Rong’s flustered state, Mo Fei chuckled, “You act as though I’m a predator.”

Inwardly, Su Rong thought: “In many ways, you’re far more daunting.”

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