C81 – You’re A Good People Really

Dude, come on!

Guo Fan was elated. Deep inside, he celebrated the impeccable timing, sensing the opponent’s readiness to strike and just one step away from a breakthrough.

Initially, Guo Fan’s strategy to play mind games had caused Sun Fen to second-guess. He aimed to shift her perspective from “he promised to wait but married another” to “he felt too humiliated to face his promise when weaker, and thus sought someone else.”

After the initial spy was severely wounded, it presented an opportunity.

Yet, this wasn’t sufficient. Her resolve was firm. At best, she would pause, reflect, and realize that Guo Fan still broke his promise.

The reasoning might exist, but the outcome remained unchanged.

In simple terms, betrayal remained betrayal.

Changing a symbol of betrayal to a grand crown didn’t make it any more wearable.

So, the odds of meeting his end were high, especially under Sun Fen’s devastating combo.

But the current situation was different!

After all these years, someone finally dared to challenge Sun Fen openly. Though she hadn’t yet wielded her Green Lotus Sword against the world’s cultivators, she was a renowned figure in the frontline against demons.

To many, Sun Fen was revered and untouchable. But presently, she was a fledgling, the famed Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator of her generation, and few had witnessed her true strength, including her legendary sword.

Yet, this didn’t clash with the memories Guo Fan bore in his heart. The game’s strategy storyline felt like an isolated single-player mode within the larger narrative.

Most of these strategic plotlines were triggered early in the character’s life, representing their “past” and being distinct from the main game narrative.

Only after Guo Fan’s transmigration did these memories integrate with his persona due to his favorable reputation.

In essence, the title of Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator was both an emblem of power and a legacy of past grievances. Inevitable confrontations arose due to the assassination of the Sword Master, attracting numerous challengers.

While these individuals had varied motives, many were tied to the former Sword Son (Deep).

Without Guo Fan’s intervention, she would have stayed secluded in the Blistook Pavilion, emerging only later to the gaze of the powerful Upper Central Realm factions.

As for the challenger before her, he might be the top disciple of the Honed Reaver Sword Sect or perhaps an ambitious upstart.

“Regardless of your intent, today, you’ve saved me, Guo Fan!”

Guo Fan’s gaze brimmed with hope and eagerness. While focused on Sun Fen, he also caught glimpses of his distant brother, seemingly ready to sacrifice himself.

If he could neutralize this imminent threat, his safety would dramatically improve.

Meanwhile, Luo Shun from the Honed Reaver Sword Sect, having just dismounted his flying sword, aggressively aimed his blade at Sun Fen. Filled with a fiery combat spirit, he declared, “Grant me guidance!” His enthusiasm for battle was palpable, distinct from those merely engaging in strategic combat.

Luo Shun’s attention was initially drawn to Sun Fen’s blade. Measuring three feet seven inches, its blade resembled a lotus, crafted from the roots of the Yin Yang Mixed Yuan Lotus, refined by the True Fire of the Blazing Sun. This transformation from wood to metal made it a unique weapon.

Every generation of Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivators from the Blistook Pavilion wielded this Green Lotus Sword, earning it a fearsome reputation.

When Luo Shun beheld this blade, he sensed the profound sword aura it emanated, an essence accrued from its legacy with numerous swordsmen, almost as if it housed a soul.

Given continuous refinement over time, this blade would undoubtedly develop its own sword spirit, becoming an elite magical weapon.

Presently, the sword subtly vibrated, echoing its master’s intent to kill. Its razor-sharp intent and murderous presence were so overwhelming that an ordinary onlooker might feel a sting in their eyes.

“Astonishing… The Green Lotus Sword’s reputation is well-deserved, its external sword intent alone is this formidable!”

A flicker of apprehension crossed Luo Shun’s eyes.

He soon grasped why many from his sect had been bested by the Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator’s blade, even leading to deep-seated psychological barriers. They inevitably compared themselves to their predecessors.

Falling to such a weapon might be considered a noble defeat, but the sect’s aspirations rested upon this.

The sect had pinned their hopes on Luo Shun, a prodigy in the Sword Dao. Within a mere two centuries, he’d ascended to the unparalleled realm of the Void Refining Stage, emerging as the beacon of hope to overturn the sect’s fate.

The legacy of continuous defeats faced by the Honed Reaver Sword Sect at the hands of successive Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivators would undoubtedly be rewritten by him.

Through the might of his blade!

A surge of determination welled up within Luo Shun as he challenged Sun Fen with his sword.

He hadn’t anticipated the Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator of this generation to be a woman, but that mattered little. His blade recognized no gender. To him, whoever wielded the sword was an ally, and whoever it was pointed at was the foe.

“The longstanding conflict between the Honed Reaver Sword Sect and successive Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivators must conclude here!”

While Luo Shun’s intent was unmistakable, Sun Fen remained silent.


Luo Shun’s brow creased, feeling a touch of irritation. He suddenly observed that the other individual wasn’t even looking his way.

Puzzled, he turned his gaze. Hold on… When did another person arrive?

In haste, Luo Shun departed from his sect, his blade in perpetual motion. He moved swiftly, his fervor mounting, consumed by thoughts of battle. Upon sighting Sun Fen, he instinctively readied his blade, signaling an imminent conflict.

Moreover, the allure of the Green Lotus Sword had ensnared his attention. He was momentarily oblivious to the presence of others.

The primary factor was Guo Fan’s present vulnerability. Despite having a cultivated base and usually exuding authority, his actual prowess seemed lacking.

Consequently, he was overlooked.

Only now did Luo Shun discern the man and woman positioned adversarially. Sun Fen’s extended blade pointed at Guo Fan, reminiscent of a classic scene where a scoundrel faces his doom.

This was rather uncomfortable.

Typically, any outsider would tactfully withdraw and revisit later.

However, for Luo Shun, his intent to kill and his energy had climaxed. He believed it was the prime time to uphold his sect’s aspirations. Feeling valiant, he pressed on.

“This might not be the best moment to intervene, but I sense the Sword Son’s intent is at its zenith. I seek a just duel. I trust you’ll honor the Sword Dao and the balance of life and death. Challenge me first!”

With gravity in his eyes, Luo Shun gave a respectful gesture.

If it weren’t for the inopportune moment, Guo Fan might have cheered. A grin threatened to break through his restraint, creating a twisted expression of suppressed amusement.

What’s truly sacrificing for another’s benefit? This was it.

Sun Fen finally responded. Drawing her blade, she acknowledged Luo Shun’s challenge with a composed nod, saying, “Agreed.”

Elated, Luo Shun elevated his sword in affirmation. “Let’s!”

He then glanced towards Guo Fan, suggesting, “Esteemed Daoist, kindly step aside for your safety. Given your cultivation state, I fear unintended repercussions.”

Guo Fan remarked, “I’m grateful. You’re truly honorable.”

It felt like ages since he’d encountered such noble character.

Taking it as a compliment, Luo Shun earnestly responded, “Your kind words are unnecessary, Daoist.”

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