C583 – A Peerless Genius

He was renowned as the premier expert of the Human Clan. Yet, against him, Tianji Zi had merely sent an afterimage. How much disdain did Tianji Zi hold for him?

“Is this how insignificant I appear to the Senior?”

While Luo Hou derided himself, his eyes began to flare with anger.

Unwilling to bear such disrespect, he was determined to showcase his prowess and demonstrate he deserved Tianji Zi’s undivided attention.

“Go to hell!”

A powerful roar echoed across the universe. Luo Hou’s God Slayer pierced through the Void, dissipating Tianji Zi’s afterimage. Almost instantaneously, he repositioned himself before the dog, directing his spear towards the oncoming Tianji Zi.

His fierce and tumultuous Qi was evidently more intensified than his initial entrance.

The horizon took on a crimson hue as a malevolent Qi swirled around Luo Hou, far more tangible than the earlier Dao Insights.

“From this day forth, I, Luo Hou, renounce my ties to the Human Clan and establish my own Devil Clan. I shall be the progenitor of the Devil Clan!”

As his declaration echoed, an overwhelmingly aggressive aura emanated from Luo Hou.

The terrifying devilish flames left all in awe. Behind Luo Hou, a colossal devil silhouette spanned the horizon.

A vast and expansive Great Heavenly Path materialized before all. But before the awe could settle, the Great Dao extended and quivered.

Soon after, a radiant Great Dao, 10,000 meters in length and 1,000 meters in breadth, illuminated the surroundings.

The Spiritual Energy overhead fluctuated as a grand conception descended, enveloping Luo Hou and effortlessly shattering Tianji Zi’s barrier.

Tianji Zi paused, his gaze towards Luo Hou now filled with newfound recognition.

“Awesome! Awesome, my big brother Luo Hou!”

A rough and wild voice pierced through the Void and came over.

“Extreme Tao Stage!”

Luo Hou sighed as he silently felt the changes in his body.

“Is this the ultimate path?”

“So it’s really that simple!”

After saying that, Luo Hou knelt down and kowtowed nine times in the direction of the courtyard. After that, he stood up and looked at Tianji Zi. He pointed the long spear in his hand at Tianji Zi and said, “Now, do I have the qualifications to challenge you?”

Along with his words, a Great Heavenly Path was faintly visible behind him. This was the reason why he had just broken through and couldn’t control himself.

However, the scene in front of them was even more shocking. Only now did everyone know that the ten thousand meters of Great Dao was the Extreme Tao Stage Realm.

“No wonder Mr. Zhang’s strength is so terrifying. It turns out that Mr. Zhang is an extreme Dao expert!”

“Don’t say anything yet. Let’s watch the fight between these two experts!”

“Are we not leaving? If we are affected by the aftershocks of their fight, we will be finished!”

“Stay away from them. It’s fine. To be able to witness the exchange of blows between such experts, it’s worth it even if you die. Don’t tell me you want to be a salted fish for the rest of your life?”

“With our meager strength, we are considered supreme experts in the eyes of ordinary people. Aren’t we just salted fish here?”


The surrounding people looked at the Great Dao in the Void and were inexplicably shocked as they discussed animatedly.

The way Tianji Zi looked at Luo Hou had also become a little more solemn. However, those people could clearly see that it was merely a little more solemn.

Tianji Zi raised his hand, and an extremely powerful restraining force appeared. In the next moment, something that stunned everyone happened.

Countless soul fragments condensed on his palm. Everyone could clearly see that it was Qihuang.

Slowly, Qihuang reappeared in his hand.

The dog looked at Qihuang, who had come back to life, in a daze. It couldn’t believe what it saw in its eyes.

Qihuang, who had been reborn, had a blank look in his eyes. It was only after a long while that his eyes regained their previous liveliness.

The moment he recovered his memory, he glared at the dog and Luo Hou, gritted his teeth and said, “Master, I…”

“Alright, don’t blame others for looking down on you. Back then, you crushed Luo Hou. Now, he has been improving, and you only want the blessing of the heavens to forget about your cultivation.”

“I told you that the heavens are only blessing you, not that you are the only Qilin in this world. It proves that you are the only one. Don’t you understand now?”

Tianji Zi sighed lightly.

Qihuang’s eyes were red, and he was breathing heavily. “Master, I am not willing to accept this!”

Tianji Zi sighed slightly and waved his hand. Qihuang returned to his meditation and built a small building.

After being spoiled for so many years, Qihuang had lost himself and could not return to the past.

He was very envious of Zhang Xuan. He had met a Qilin who had grown up in adversity.

However, since he had made his move today, Luo Hou and the dog must die.

This rule could not be changed.

“You are right. Qihuang is indeed some trash, but no matter how trash he is, he is still my dog, not something you can say…” After saying that, he turned to the dog and continued.

… “It’s not something you can kill. Back then, I let you go for Fellow Daoist Zhang’s sake, but now that Fellow Daoist Zhang isn’t here, his face hasn’t reached this extent yet!”

The dog’s body couldn’t help but tremble as Tianji Zi stared at it.

It was as if it was facing Tianji Zi. Heaven’s might!

Not only him, but everyone on the Divine Ship couldn’t help but shiver.

This person was too powerful!

He wasn’t someone they could provoke.

“Hmph, what are you trying to do?”

Nannan was not afraid at all. She raised her small wooden sword and pointed it at Tianji Zi.


The cosmos quaked. As she directed her sword, it seemed as though the very universe was rallying to her aid.

Tianji Zi’s brow furrowed. This young girl was truly an enigma.

“Your attention wavers? You underestimate me at your peril!”

A scornful laugh echoed throughout the realm.

The God Slaughtering Spear cleaved through the air, aiming for Tianji Zi, turning the entire Void into a frozen tableau.

Tianji Zi’s brow creased, “The Extreme Tao Stage is formidable, yet still not a match for me. I had no intention to engage, but if you’re so eager for the end, I’ll hasten your departure!”

With these words, Tianji Zi made a subtle gesture with his hand.

A hint of contempt flashed in Luo Hou’s eyes. But moments later, he stood frozen, his gaze awash with shock.

To his disbelief, a finger slowly targeted the center of his forehead.


Luo Hou could barely muster the strength to defend himself when his head burst open.

Miraculously, his ethereal form hadn’t entirely perished. Within moments, he managed to reform, but it was evident to all that he was significantly weakened, with his power diminished by an immense degree.

Gazing at Tianji Zi, Luo Hou’s face was a tapestry of emotions, yet above all, there was a clear sense of disbelief and refusal to accept his current state.

Just when it seemed Tianji Zi might dismiss him entirely, nine figures emerged from the Void.

An intense aura emanated from these nine, so powerful that their mere presence disturbed the surrounding Void, sending ripples through it.

Tianji Zi hesitated briefly. While these nine carried immense power, they hadn’t yet reached the pinnacle of the Heavenly King realm, so he didn’t see them as a significant threat.

Yet, in the blink of an eye, Tianji Zi’s expression shifted to one of surprise as he scrutinized the nine individuals.

“Hahaha, esteemed elder, your discerning eyes are commendable. I figured my guise wouldn’t go unnoticed by you!”

“These individuals are the Heaven Nine from the Great Heaven Sect. They’ve remained hidden until now, but it’s time for them to step onto the world stage. I trust you’ll find them intriguing, elder!”

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