C73 – Mu Sifa Is Introspecting

“Of course you can. Where are you going?”

He was just having fun. Could he really be that easily pleased?

Clearly, his time with the Shang Family made examinations a challenge.

A wave of sadness overcame Mu Sifa.

“Anywhere you choose, I’ll follow,” Shang Xiaojie said, his eyes shimmering.

With a playful tone, Mu Sifa responded, “Oh? Anywhere? Are you sure?”

Realizing Mu Sifa had taken his words the wrong way, Shang Xiaojie’s face flushed. Annoyed, he retorted, “Can you be serious for once? I didn’t mean it that way.”

“What did you think I was implying?” Mu Sifa teased, realizing he’d caught Shang Xiaojie off guard.

“Why must you always twist my words?” Shang Xiaojie grumbled.

You always turn my words into something they’re not.

“Isn’t there a saying? If men aren’t a bit mischievous, women won’t adore them!” Mu Sifa continued teasing.

“I’m a man!” Shang Xiaojie quickly asserted.

How do I resemble a woman in any way?

Above all, he should be the first to know my gender, given our close bond.

“Sure, a man who’s just a bit more robust than a woman,” Mu Sifa jested.

“But still a man.”

“Absolutely, absolutely, a man,” Mu Sifa chuckled, implying Shang Xiaojie had feminine traits.

“So, when have I ever acted like a woman to you?”

“I didn’t.”

However, after rebutting it, he started to blush.

“So, why the red cheeks?” He smirked, leaning close to Shang Xiaojie.

“Is it not because you’re suddenly so near? You’re the one on top, pushing me down.”

He attempted to shove Mu Sifa off, but with his limited strength, how could he? He was left at Mu Sifa’s mercy.

This man hadn’t lost any weight, still feeling so heavy. Why was he so insistent?

Unable to fend off Mu Sifa, Shang Xiaojie grumbled. He wished for a slimmer Mu Sifa, so he could have an upper hand and not feel oppressed.

Mu Sifa gazed at Shang Xiaojie tenderly, inquiring, “Would you like me to be more gentle?”

The question took Shang Xiaojie aback. He was puzzled as to why Mu Sifa would bring up such a sentiment.

Even though Mu Sifa had been quite assertive with him in the past, now he was mostly gentle, barring a few wild moments.

“So, will you be gentle with me?”

Shang Xiaojie stopped resisting, his fingers intertwining. He stole a quick glance at Mu Sifa, then shyly looked down, his eyes shimmering and vulnerable.

“Do you want me to be gentler?” Mu Sifa questioned earnestly.

He might appear lean, but at times he could be surprisingly assertive, especially when fueled by jealousy.

Dissatisfied, Shang Xiaojie retorted, “Absolutely! I’m not into suffering.”

His voice faded as he spoke.

Only after Shang Xiaojie’s response did Mu Sifa understand his own harshness. He admired Shang Xiaojie’s patience and resilience.

“Okay, I promise not to yell, threaten, or raise my voice at you. Is that acceptable?”

Hearing this, Shang Xiaojie nodded in agreement, offering a reassuring smile. “The past is behind us. I’m okay now.”

Confronted with Shang Xiaojie’s magnanimity, Mu Sifa felt remorse for treating him so roughly.

“It won’t happen again,” he murmured, drawing Shang Xiaojie closer, nestling his head against his chest in a silent apology.

“Right.” Shang Xiaojie smiled happily.

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