C73 – It’s Indeed a Great Job!

While he felt proud of acquiring a shop from Wang Zizhao, someone informed him that there were multiple shops within the property. How was he supposed to feel about that?

He assumed he was just the offspring of a middle-tier official, but it turned out he belonged to a secretly wealthy family.

Rather than joy, this realization added weight to his shoulders. Accustomed to a comfortable life, he suddenly felt the immense responsibilities of his heritage.

“Master Hou has arranged for ten guards to accompany you. They’re seasoned men, loyal to him. While they might be past their prime, their experience is invaluable. They’ll be of great use accompanying you.”

A sophisticate, but Tang Yue wondered if he’d manage such experienced men. “Wouldn’t it be problematic for father if he gave them to me?”

“Don’t concern yourself with that. Master Hou enjoys a quiet life in Ye City now, without conflicts. He doesn’t need so many guards.”

Tang Yue acknowledged this and proceeded into the courtyard, drawing the attention of the robust men there.

Despite his height of 176 cm, his slender build made him appear fragile next to the sturdy guards.

It was said that the young master of Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion was an exceptional healer. Hence, no one dared show him any disrespect. They patiently awaited his instructions.

Tang Yue felt a mix of emotions. Being gay, this situation reminded him of historical concubine selections – both intriguing and uncomfortable.

“Ahem… You all should understand that if chosen, you’ll only obey my commands. If anyone isn’t willing, step forward.”

A middle-aged man with a prominent burn scar on his face emerged from the group, walking slowly and deliberately. As he approached, Tang Yue thought he’d decline, but to his surprise, the man knelt.

“Young master, I am Sparrow. I believed my days of walking were over, but your miraculous medicine gave me a second chance. I’m forever in your debt and am ready to serve you in any capacity. While I might not be a warrior, I have knowledge of many herbs. Please consider me.”

Tang Yue, taken aback, sought clarification from his butler. After a whispered conversation, he understood that his medicinal ointments had been distributed among the family’s injured servants, and Sparrow was one of those who benefited.

“Have you studied medicine?” Tang Yue asked. Tang Yue asked.

“In my youth, I accompanied an elderly physician on his travels across regions, serving as his apprentice. After his passing, I found myself in the service of the Marquis’s Mansion.”

The steward remarked, “Que once used his knowledge of herbs to save Master Hou at the frontier. He’s indeed a devoted individual.”

Hearing such an endorsement, Tang Yue set aside any reservations. He indeed lacked trustworthy aides around him.

As some stepped forward to offer their services, others who had aspirations followed suit.

Clear-headed individuals were aware that the family legacy would eventually be Tang Yue’s. Aligning with him was a wise decision.

With the increasing number of aspirants, Tang Yue thought it best to have the steward brief him on each person’s expertise. He would then select those who fit his needs.

After a hectic morning, Tang Yue finalized his selections. Observing the sturdy men now aligned with him, he instinctively stood taller.

In bygone days, great leaders often had devoted Confucian followers, who served them selflessly. Though Tang Yue wasn’t of Confucian belief, he hoped to have a group of faithful supporters, driven not by greed but gratitude.

In contemporary times, doctor-patient interactions were straightforward transactions. After the treatment, both parties moved on, without any lingering obligations.

However, here, some patients would create enduring tributes for the doctors who healed them, showcasing genuine appreciation.

The detachment characteristic of modern urban life was diminished here. Tang Yue realized he had a fondness for this simpler time, where technology was primitive, but human connections were profound.

On the second day of the Heavenly Stellar Day, the Marquis of Yueyang personally accompanied his son. En route, they encountered State Duke Heng. Both fathers felt a deep camaraderie.

State Duke Heng consistently praised Tang Yue. It was evident he held Tang Yue in high regard. This made the Marquis of Yueyang view his future son-in-law in a brighter light.

The Marquis felt a renewed sense of hope, all attributed to his son’s efforts.

At the assembly area, Tang Yue noticed the vast number of soldiers. Contrary to reports, the gathering appeared to comprise thousands instead of hundreds.

After perusing an extensive decree, Tang Yue gathered from Zhao Sanlang that the Imperial Court dispatched only 800 troops; the remainder represented the various family guards.

The State Protector Prefecture alone contributed 300 guards, mostly tailing Zhao Sanlang. Wherever he went, a sea of guards trailed, presenting an impressive sight.

Relative to this, Tang Yue’s fifty guards seemed modest. He felt rather understated compared to other notable heirs.

Yet, when he spotted a carriage bearing the royal insignia with an accompanying contingent, he realized his entourage paled in comparison.

“Wang Zizhao is participating?” Tang Yue wondered why there was such pomp and ceremony for a mere bandit elimination mission.

The well-connected Zhao Sanlang whispered, “Wang Zizhao informed the king of his extended confinement in his mansion, expressing a desire for some outdoor activities. He wished to accompany the military as an advisor, to which the king consented.”

In essence, their grand procession was escorting the crown prince on a combined leisure and bandit eradication expedition.

What a beautiful job! It was indeed a beautiful job!

Before their departure, Shan brought the horse forward, “Young sir, this fine colt is gentle. Perhaps you’d like to try mounting it?”

Tang Yue looked bewildered, realizing he couldn’t ride. “Isn’t there a carriage we can use?”

Shan hesitated, unsure of how to respond. Typically, with an army, carriages weren’t an option. Only the Ninth Prince used one due to his leg injury preventing him from horseback riding.

Just then, Wang Zizhao’s carriage rolled by. The curtains parted, revealing Wang Zizhao’s striking visage. “Mr. Tang, join me inside. I wish to speak with you.”

A glimmer of hope appeared in Tang Yue’s eyes. He gave a deep bow and said, “Of course.” Swiftly, he climbed into the carriage with Wang Zizhao.

Once inside, Tang Yue anticipated Wang Zizhao’s inquiries. To his surprise, Wang Zizhao remained silent, engrossed in his book.

“I thought you had matters to discuss?” Tang Yue finally ventured.

Without lifting his gaze, Wang Zizhao replied, “Not really. I just doubted if the lone military doctor would make it to Qinyang City.”

Realization dawned on Tang Yue. Wang Zizhao had acted out of concern for him! Gratefully, Tang Yue offered a packet of pancakes. “I appreciate your assistance, Your Highness. Please try these. They’re savory, with onions and garlic.”

Having spent time in Prince Zhao’s residence, Tang Yue had discerned Wang Zizhao’s palate – a disdain for sweet and sour, a preference for subtle flavors, a love for vegetables, and a penchant for various snacks.

Wang Zizhao sampled two pieces. His expression was inscrutable, but given Tang Yue’s knowledge of his preferences, the fact he took a second bite was a good sign.

It was indeed challenging to discern the intentions of those steeped in politics, always requiring careful observation and understanding.

“How is your leg? It doesn’t hurt at all, right?”

“Yes, Imperial Doctor Wu’s golden needle is very good,” Imperial Doctor Wu said.

“That’s true. Why don’t you take him with you?” Wang Yao asked. It’s best to let him help you comb your meridians every few days.”

“Madam Wu is pregnant. He can’t pull himself away.”

Tang Yue admired Wang Yao’s capability to support so many individuals. Given the royal princes and princesses’ high standards, it was no surprise. If his family weren’t so affluent, how could he sustain them?

Concerned that Wang Zizhao might harbor resentment, Tang Yue deftly changed the subject, posing a simple question: “Is that so?”

His ability to perform medical procedures was constrained by available equipment. However, by integrating traditional healing methods with western techniques, he could address a wider range of health issues.

Wang Zizhao, puzzled, inquired, “Considering young master’s prowess in medicine, even Imperial Doctor Wu would surely concede. So why seek his counsel?”

Tang Yue responded, “Each has their unique expertise. What he possesses in knowledge complements what I lack. By leveraging our strengths and rectifying our weaknesses, we can progress together.”

Wang Zizhao affirmed with a nod, “Once the bandits depart, I’ll ensure provisions are made for you.”

Tang Yue, pleasantly surprised by the swift agreement, expressed his gratitude with a smile and approached Wang Zizhao, offering, “Let me give you a massage. In the absence of acupuncture, this can serve as a substitute.”

Wang Zizhao offered no resistance, instinctively extending his legs for Tang Yue to remove his shoes and roll up his trousers.

Before proceeding, Tang Yue meticulously examined Wang Zizhao’s legs, noting, “The recovery is commendable. The swelling is entirely gone, and your bone structure is robust. You’re fit for everyday activities, but vigorous exertions should be avoided.”

Wang Zizhao was captivated by Tang Yue’s deft hand movements, which seemed almost magical. Each press and maneuver was executed with precision, ensuring maximum comfort.

After two months of meticulous care, Tang Yue’s hands were delicate and pale, devoid of any calluses. His nails, meticulously trimmed, now rivalled the elegance of a maiden’s fingers.

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