C18 – The Last Monthly Exam

Ye Hao glanced at the test before him and grinned.

In just a month, Ye Hao had grasped all the essential topics and even acquired knowledge on some uncommon subjects.

With pen in hand, Ye Hao began his responses.

Finishing his writing, Ye Hao felt certain about scoring 140 in the Chinese test.

After completing his chemistry test, he mentally tallied up his likely total score.

Excitement gleamed in his eyes.

Without the alteration from the divine blood, Ye Hao would never have imagined surpassing 900 points.

Such a score would qualify him for any of the top six universities!

However, Ye Hao chose to keep his achievement under wraps, knowing most would find it unbelievable.

“Zhou Shuai, ready to leave?” Ye Hao exclaimed, wrapping an arm around Zhou Shuai in amusement.

“This chemistry test was a disaster for me,” Zhou Shuai remarked with a downtrodden expression.

“When haven’t you claimed to mess up in chemistry?” Ye Hao chuckled, recalling Zhou Shuai’s consistent performance in past exams, which indicated his prowess.

Observing Ye Hao, Zhou Shuai teased, “Given your contented look, I bet you aced it. You owe me a barbecue treat tonight!”

“No problem,” Ye Hao responded, thinking of the several thousand yuan he had. Treating Zhou Shuai wouldn’t make much of a dent.

“But first, assist me here.” Holding onto Zhou Shuai, Ye Hao returned to his desk to sort out some high school paperwork.

“Are you serious?”

“Who would joke with you about this kind of thing?”

“Did you discuss it with your parents?”

“I can make the decision for myself.”

“Brother, you should discuss this with your parents,” Wang Yao said.

“That’s everything, no more required.” Ye Hao said, extending a significant stack of documents to Zhou Shuai.

Noticing Ye Hao’s demeanor, Zhou Shuai realized it was futile to try and change his mind.

Together, they transported the high school documents to Ye Hao’s residence.

Witnessing this, Guo Xiu expressed her astonishment. “Hao, why have you brought all these books home?”

“I won’t be using these books for now.” Ye Hao hesitated to reveal the full story to Guo Xiu.

As Zhou Shuai was on the brink of speaking, a stern look from Ye Hao silenced him.

“Mom, Zhou Shuai and I are planning to dine out tonight,” Ye Hao mentioned, setting the book aside.

Guo Xiu acknowledged and moved to give Ye Hao some money.

Ye Hao quickly interjected, “Mom, he insists on paying for our meal.”

“Why would you let your peer foot the bill?” Guo Xiu questioned, offering Ye Hao three hundred yuan.

Zhou Shuai had visited Ye Hao’s home previously, but he was taken aback by the drastic change in its condition within just six months.

Given the current scenario, how could Zhou Shuai possibly allow Ye Hao to pay for him?

“Auntie, we’re heading out now,” Zhou Shuai signaled, guiding Ye Hao towards the door.

Ye Hao, comprehending Zhou Shuai’s sentiments, went along.

Once they were outside, Zhou Shuai inquired gently, “Ye Hao, how have you been holding up?”

“Things will get better soon,” responded Ye Hao, wearing an optimistic grin.

After a brief pause, Zhou Shuai offered, “I can give you thirty thousand yuan. I’ll bring it over tomorrow.”

Ye Hao was stunned.

Ye Hao and Zhou Shuai were never particularly close, but their relationship was better than with most others. Ye Hao was surprised by Zhou Shuai’s loyalty.

“I don’t need the money right now,” Ye Hao responded, shaking his head.

Zhou Shuai began, “I don’t need that thirty thousand yuan—” but Ye Hao interrupted, “If I ever need money, I know I can borrow it from you.”

“Fine, but dinner’s on me tonight.”

Smiling, Ye Hao replied, “In that case, I’ll take you to a genuine barbecue place.”

They headed to a narrow alley with Zhou Shuai following Ye Hao.

“Can you catch that aroma?”

“This barbecue place seems to be top-notch,” Zhou Shuai remarked with a smile.

The presence of so many people in such an out-of-the-way location was a testament to the restaurant’s quality.

“Boss, I’d like twenty skewers of roasted kidneys, twenty of mutton, a plate of peanuts, and one side dish,” ordered Ye Hao.

Strolling around the stall, Zhou Shuai added, “Boss, twelve more bottles of beer. And let’s get a plate of that lobster.”

“Please, take a seat. Your order will be right out,” said the owner, a friendly middle-aged man, wiping sweat from his brow.

Ye Hao and his wife casually picked a table and settled down.

A server, wearing an apron, promptly served them peanuts and a cold dish.

Zhou Shuai tasted it and commented, “This cold dish is impressive.”

“Why else would I have brought you here?” Ye Hao retorted. However, he noticed a change in Zhou Shuai’s expression.

He followed Zhou Shuai’s gaze to see the cause of his discomfort.

Spotting their classmate, Tan Hua, getting cozy with a young man sporting dyed yellow hair, Ye Hao instantly understood Zhou Shuai’s reaction.

Everyone knew about Zhou Shuai’s feelings for Tan Hua.

As Zhou Shuai was about to react, Ye Hao held him back, questioning, “What are you planning?”

“That Yellow Hair didn’t force Tan Hua.” Ye Hao said seriously.

“I have to ask her.” Zhou Shuai said firmly.

“Alright.” Ye Hao let go of Zhou Shuai.

He knew that Zhou Shuai wanted an answer.

Though he was certain of the truth, he yearned to hear Tan Hua confess it herself.

At times, people can be incredibly obstinate.

As Zhou Shuai approached Tan Hua, she, seated on Yellow Hair’s lap, noticed him.

She looked momentarily uncomfortable.

“Tan Hua, did they force you into this?” Zhou Shuai questioned with a raspy voice.

“Who’s this guy?” Yellow Hair asked, his demeanor icy.

“I chose to be with him,” Tan Hua admitted after a brief hesitation.

A wave of sorrow hit Zhou Shuai. “What can he offer you?” he inquired.

“Looking for trouble?” Yellow Hair abruptly stood, reaching for a nearby beer bottle.

“It’s a miscommunication,” interjected Ye Hao, trying to mediate the situation.

“Your friend should leave,” Yellow Hair demanded coldly, setting the beer bottle down.

“We should go, Zhou Shuai,” Ye Hao urged, tugging at him.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Zhou Shuai asserted. “Tan Hua, what do I lack? Am I not better than him?”

This provoked Yellow Hair’s temper even more.

In a fit of rage, Yellow Hair grabbed a wine bottle, aiming it at Zhou Shuai’s head.

Blinded by his emotions, Zhou Shuai was unprepared. Just as the bottle neared its target, Ye Hao intervened, seizing Yellow Hair’s arm.

“Can everyone just cool off?”

In retaliation, Yellow Hair attempted a kick at Ye Hao’s leg.

To Yellow Hair’s surprise, Ye Hao’s firm grasp redirected him, causing him to lose his balance.

Consequently, Yellow Hair’s kick went astray.

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