C21 – You Wanna be My Wife?

The bus soon pulled up to the main terminal of Forest City University. Wang Xiao prepared to alight, only to realize that the young lady would disembark here as well.

Both of them stepped off the bus sequentially.

Yu Meini seemed apprehensive. Earlier on the bus, an unsavory character had made advances towards her. After she rebuffed him with a slap, she distanced herself, and shortly after, the bus reached its stop.

Upon alighting, she noticed the same man had also disembarked and seemed to be tailing her.

“What’s he up to? Could he be thinking of harming me?”

Anxiety raced through Yu Meini as these thoughts echoed in her mind.

The bus stop for Forest City University was a two-kilometer stretch from the school’s side entrance. To get back, she’d have to traverse a relatively isolated path. If this man had any ill intentions, she might find herself in a predicament.

“Why have you been trailing me? Do you really want me to involve the police?”

After some distance, realizing he was still behind her, Yu Meini couldn’t contain her fears and confronted him.

“Following you? I’m simply heading to Forest City University.”

Wang Xiao appeared taken aback as he earnestly responded to the clearly distressed young woman.

“Such a lame excuse! You expect me to buy that?”

Yu Meini shot him a cold, skeptical glance, her piercing eyes conveying her disbelief.


Wang Xiao’s expression grew stern. This girl wasn’t just illogical; she was incredibly self-centered.

A hint of irritation arose in him. He looked Yu Meini over, clicked his tongue, and remarked, “You’ve got a good physique and striking looks. But your intellect is questionable. If you ever wanted to be my wife, I’d have to ponder on the wisdom of our future generations!”

“What did you say!?”

Yu Meini’s temper flared upon hearing Wang Xiao’s comments. She clenched her teeth and glared at him.

“You’re not just lacking in wit, but your hearing seems flawed too,” Wang Xiao said nonchalantly, casting a fleeting glance at Yu Meini’s elegant legs. “Like I said, marrying you would require some thought.”

“Go to hell!”

Anger painted Yu Meini’s beautiful face. She snatched her bag and hurled it toward Wang Xiao.

Wang Xiao was no sitting duck; he swiftly sidestepped the assault, snatching the bag mid-air.

“Hold on. Don’t assume I won’t retaliate just because of your looks!”

Wang Xiao glared at Yu Meini and said.

“Hit me if you have the guts!”

Yu Meini clutched the other side of her bag, responding with a touch of pride upon hearing his challenge.


A sharp noise suddenly cut through the atmosphere.

Wang Xiao gestured towards Yu Meini, a perplexed look on his face. “You practically invited that. I merely obliged!”

Yu Meini stood there, taken aback. She hadn’t anticipated that this audacious young man would actually dare lay a hand on her.

And hit her!

“How could you deceive me like that? I swear, I could end you right now!”

A sudden shrill scream echoed through the street.

Yu Meini appeared like a ruffled kitten, her face flushed with rage. She aggressively moved towards Wang Xiao, displaying her displeasure vividly.

“Darling, you can make impulsive decisions, but words shouldn’t be taken lightly. Remember, you’re the one who asked me to do it, and I just obliged.”

Wang Xiao skillfully evaded Yu Meini’s playful jabs, stepping aside and raising his hands in mock surrender.

“If you really wish I’d perish, why am I still here?”

Fury written all over her face, Yu Meini lunged at Wang Xiao once more.

“This body is a gift from my parents. Regardless of your beauty, I wouldn’t be foolish enough to blindly heed every word you say. That would be a death wish.”

With a smirk, Wang Xiao addressed Yu Meini, effortlessly sidestepping yet another of her advances.

“Goodness, you’re so frustrated. If you’re brave, stand still and face me!”

Failing to lay a finger on Wang Xiao time and time again, Yu Meini’s patience wore thin. She vented her irritation by stamping her foot.

“Alright then, I won’t dodge anymore!”

Taking Yu Meini’s words to heart, Wang Xiao stood his ground, not attempting to move away.

“A good opportunity!”

Seeing Wang Xiao’s action, Yu Meini’s beautiful eyes suddenly lit up. This time, she retracted her claws and extended her right leg, kicking towards Wang Xiao’s lower body.

This kick was equivalent to taking half of Wang Xiao’s life!

“What a ruthless girl!”

Observing Yu Meini’s actions, Wang Xiao felt a deep sense of embarrassment. Nonetheless, he remained still without showing any signs of avoiding her.

“Ha! You rascal, I aim to make you regret with my kick. Don’t resent me for being heartless. If you must blame someone, blame your own unruly behavior!”

Yu Meini observed Wang Xiao’s reaction, her eyes sparkling, and her lips curling into a displeased smile.

But, just as Yu Meini, donned in black silk stockings, was about to land her kick on Wang Xiao’s shin, he suddenly acted.

Without hesitation, he grasped her leg with his left hand and her slender waist with the right, effortlessly pulling her into his embrace.

To the onlooker, it appeared as though Yu Meini had willingly leaped into Wang Xiao’s arms.

“My dear, if you’re so fond of me, there’s no need to throw yourself at me in such a bold manner.”

Holding Yu Meini close, Wang Xiao spoke with a hint of amusement.

“You Stinky Rascal, quickly let go of me!”

Yu Meini also did not know why she was carried into Wang Xiao’s arms. Her pretty face immediately turned red as she struggled in Wang Xiao’s arms.

“What if I don’t let go?”

Wang Xiao did not have the slightest intention of letting go. He gave Yu Meini a wicked smile and said.

“Wuuuu… You bastard, let go of me!”

After her fruitless attempts to free herself, Yu Meini’s eyes welled up, threatening tears. She gritted her teeth, trying to hold back her emotions.

“Hey, why the tears? Should I release you? Please, don’t cry.”

Wang Xiao hadn’t anticipated Yu Meini’s emotional reaction and was taken aback. He promptly released her, his apology evident in his demeanor.

But unexpectedly, as soon as he released her, Yu Meini’s lips transformed into a playful grin, and the imminent tears vanished.

This isn’t good! Wang Xiao realized, a concern flashing in his mind.

Yu Meini playfully stamped her leather-clad foot on Wang Xiao and distanced herself from him with a few steps backward.


Yu Meini’s feet had a bump on the heels of her shoes. Wang Xiao’s eyes widened as he took a deep breath.

He could no longer feel the existence of his toes!

“Hmph, how dare you take advantage of me. This is a lesson!”

Yu Meini touched her nose. Her crystal clear eyes flickered with a crafty look as she snorted at Wang Xiao. It was obvious that she was the one who acted out the crying scene just now.

“The old man is right. Sure enough, the more beautiful a girl is, the more difficult it is to believe.”

Wang Xiao’s expression was strange. He forcefully endured the pain and muttered in a low voice.

“Yo, this place is quite lively?”

At that instant, an out-of-tune voice erupted from behind the pair.

Right after, a blonde-haired young man approached, wearing a malevolent grin. Beside him was the very pickpocket who had earlier tried to rob Yu Meini on the bus.

Wang Xiao’s brow furrowed. Intuitively, he realized that the pickpocket had trailed them after disembarking from the bus and that the blonde young man was likely in league with him.

“Brother Huang Mao, it’s him! He spooked me on the bus earlier and thwarted my attempt to nab this girl’s phone and wallet!”

At that point, the pickpocket gestured towards Wang Xiao and Yu Meini, addressing the blonde with deference.

“I merely tried to engage this naïve girl in conversation. Little did I know you’d be so easily rattled by my approach.”

Wang Xiao, stifling the pain in his toes, stood upright, shooting a derisive glance at the pickpocket.

“On the bus? Robbery? Flirting?” Yu Meini was taken aback. She couldn’t comprehend why she was being implicated in their conversation.

Moments later, the pieces clicked for Yu Meini as she turned to Wang Xiao with wide eyes. “So, he tried to flirt with me on the bus to divert the thief from my belongings, using his advances as a smokescreen…”

With this realization, a flush crept up Yu Meini’s cheeks. Had she misconstrued Wang Xiao’s intentions on the bus and mistakenly slapped him?

Oh my god, it was really too embarrassing!

How could she do such an ungrateful thing!

Another thought struck Yu Meini. “This means he likely wasn’t tailing me after all and is genuinely a student at Forest City University. And I, in my conceit, warned Wang Xiao to stop shadowing me…”

When she thought of this, Yu Meini’s pretty face became flustered.

My God, just kill me!

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