C18 – Ordinary Cars

After completing his farm chores, Su Ming fell into a deep sleep.

He rested for three hours, then awoke with a contented expression.

Waking up, he felt rejuvenated and energetic.

Checking his phone, he noticed over 50 unanswered calls.

He had over thirty unread messages.

The landlord was quite insistent.

Su Ming guessed the landlord was now irate. This thought secretly amused him.

Regardless, his house contained nothing of significance. Just some bedding, clothing, and a second-hand laptop which was the most valuable item.

It held no crucial documents.

Su Ming leisurely got ready and visited the field to inspect his tomato plants.

The vines had indeed sprouted. Adjacent to them was a stick provided by the System that supported and tied the vines.

After all, mature tomatoes became quite weighty.

A sudden rumble from his stomach took Su Ming by surprise. He realized he hadn’t eaten the entire day.

He was so engrossed in his farming tasks that meals slipped his mind.

Su Ming headed to the nearby food city and got a bowl of noodles.

“Is that not Mr. Su?”

While eating, a familiar, astonished voice echoed. Su Ming, caught off guard, glanced sideways.

To his surprise, it was his old friend, President Chen.

“What a pleasant surprise, President Chen.”

Su Ming greeted with a smile.

President Chen carefully approached and took a seat facing Su Ming.

An inner reflection reminded him how even a magnate could appear so humble and plain.

What defines a billionaire?

After all, their daily necessities and lifestyles often mirror those of the average individual.

Who could distinguish, on mere appearance, the magnate capable of withdrawing vast sums at a moment’s notice from an ordinary passerby?

Had he possessed the funds, he’d have flaunted it by now.

Even though he was nearing 50, he couldn’t match the energy of someone in their 20s.

“We appreciate the confidence you’ve placed in our bank.”

President Chen moistened his parched lips. “Today, our bank is holding a raffle for all our customers, and you’ve just won our top prize.”

Su Ming was momentarily taken aback. Could such good fortune be real?

However, he quickly deduced it wasn’t an actual raffle.

It was clear President Chen wanted to gift him something, yet struggled to find an appropriate pretext.

“I never realized I was this fortunate. What’s the grand prize, President Chen?”

As Su Ming took a noodle bite, he probed further.

“A car.”

Without delay, President Chen produced a key from his pocket, placing it before Su Ming: “Mr. Su, please don’t take offense. This car is modestly priced at 500,000 yuan. Please accept it.”

Su Ming noticed the BMW emblem.

It seemed quite decent.

He pondered whether he should purchase a vehicle for himself since driving his vegetable-selling car around was becoming a tad embarrassing.

Serendipitously, President Chen presented him with a BMW.

Indeed, even if the car wasn’t exceptionally pricey, he was in need of one at that moment.

“I’m actually in the market for a car. My gratitude, President Chen.”

Su Ming pocketed the car keys.

Observing Su Ming’s acceptance, President Chen exhaled a sigh of relief, as though a weight had been lifted. “Mr. Su, enclosed is your car’s purchase contract and insurance details. Rest assured, our bank will cover your car’s maintenance insurance.”

“I appreciate your efforts, President Chen.”

Su Ming expressed his thanks unreservedly.

He understood that President Chen’s gesture wasn’t without motive.

Being a major client of the bank meant that with increased deposits and investments, President Chen’s promotion was on the horizon.

This was merely President Chen strategizing for his future.

“Mr. Su, I won’t intrude further. We’ll have the car delivered and parked below soon, with license plates already arranged for you.”


Su Ming nodded.

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