C31 – He Was Different

Then, as if they had heard the command, they pointed their fingers at the bowl of noodles made by Jiang Hao and said in the meantime.

“I want this bowl of noodles. Don’t fight with me for the noodles!”

Then, they looked at each other and said at the same time.

“I wanted it first!”

“You can’t do that. I wanted it first!”

“I wanted it first, I wanted it first!”

Immediately, chaos ensued. Witnessing the scene, Jiang’s father was left utterly speechless.

The presence of these individuals startled Jiang Hao. Observing the situation, he swiftly stepped in to mediate.

“Friends, let’s not quarrel. I prepared this bowl of noodles. I promise to prepare another serving for you shortly!”

Upon hearing this, the customers gazed at Jiang Hao, a mix of astonishment and skepticism in their eyes.

Jiang Hao could clearly perceive their doubts.

“Trust me. If I fail to deliver, not only will I not charge you, but I’ll also offer ten times the compensation. Is that satisfactory?”

Jiang Hao asserted boldly, seeing no other way to defuse the situation.

Seeing Jiang Hao vouch so confidently, the customers exchanged glances.

“Very well, I want noodles identical to this bowl. If they differ, you’ll owe ten times the agreed compensation, as you promised.”

Once they witnessed Jiang Hao’s confirming nod, they gathered around the stall and seated themselves at a table brought out by Jiang’s father.

Just then, Jiang’s father approached hastily. The enticing aroma that he had admired earlier now intensified.

Eventually, he discerned that the tantalizing scent emanated from the bowl of noodles beside Jiang Hao.

Instantly, his face was filled with shock.

“Hao, when did you learn cooking?”

Jiang Hao looked at his father and immediately teased.

“Dad, I was born with this!”

Jiang’s father was also amused by Jiang Hao.

“Hey, you brat!”

After teasing him, Jiang Hao pointed at the bowl of noodles and said.

“Dad, hurry up and send this bowl of noodles to someone. I’ll cook a few more bowls!”


Jiang’s father happily carried the bowl of noodles to the customer.

Jiang Hao started to cook the noodles again in the same way as before and made the soup!

After Jiang’s father carried the bowl to the customer, the young customer thanked him and was about to eat it when he was suddenly a little surprised.

“Uncle Jiang, why does the noodles smell so good today?”

After that, he couldn’t wait to eat a mouthful of noodles.

“Wow, it smells so good!”

“This noodles smell so good!”

Jiang’s father smiled when he saw this.

The commotion on this side had attracted a few more pedestrians.

“Is it really that fragrant?”

“No, it looks very fragrant. I want to try it today too!”

“It looks good. This taste is really very fragrant. I want to try it too!”

Jiang’s father quickly took care of the customers and let them sit down.

Conversely, Jiang Hao adeptly produced several copies, handing them to the clamoring customers, earning their collective admiration.

Ultimately, even the longtime customer who once doubted Jiang Hao and preferred Jiang’s father’s noodles had a change of heart and opted for Jiang Hao’s creation.

With each batch Jiang Hao prepared, the aroma intensified.

This scent lured a sizable crowd. Just as the noodles prepared by Jiang’s father were nearly depleted, both Jiang’s mother and Jiang Zixuan arrived, each bearing a bag of noodles.

Witnessing the swarm of customers at their stall, the mother-daughter duo was taken aback.

Without hesitation, they stepped in to assist. As they lent a hand, they grasped the unfolding events and turned to Jiang Hao in astonishment.

Mrs. Jiang reveled in seeing her son’s growing prowess.

Jiang Zixuan, who once perceived her elder brother Jiang Hao as inept, began to see him in a new light, easing the tension in her heart.

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