C31 – Spitting Technique

Shortly afterward, the middle-aged examiner came back holding an identity card, a book, and another card.

“Sir, you’ve been awarded the Level 3 Evolver Medal. This is the highest honor our branch alliance can bestow.”

Having witnessed Loong Chen’s formidable power firsthand, the examiner spoke. Loong Chen’s feat of defeating Mo Qitian was a testament to his reaching Level 4 strength.

He was uncertain if Loong Chen might be upset given the medal’s rank appeared inferior.

To Loong Chen, the badge’s prestige wasn’t the priority. He was more interested in the monetary reward and the confidential cultivation method.

“Sir, the card contains one million Alliance dollars. Kindly accept it.”

The examiner presented the card to Loong Chen.

Learning about the million Alliance dollars, Loong Chen was taken aback. The compensation for a Level 3 Evolver was substantial, comparable to decades of earnings for an average family.

“Young man, beyond the stipend, we’re gifting you additional funds as compensation for the inconvenience you faced,” Zhang Qibing said with a cheerful grin.

Zhang Qibing had conceded the idea of enlisting Loong Chen, recognizing that a prodigy like him wouldn’t want to be tied to their modest sub-league.

Unable to recruit Loong Chen, the next best approach was fostering goodwill. That way, if adversity hit their sub-alliance, Loong Chen might lend a hand.

Loong Chen discerned Zhang Qibing’s motives but harbored no resentment. Having an ally was always preferable to an adversary.

“Chief Zhang, I’m genuinely grateful for this.”

Loong Chen accepted the medal and card, his attention finally shifting to the book.

“This book details a confidential cultivation method called the Trunch Technique. Given your expertise, it may not appeal to you, but our alliance mandates we offer it,” explained Zhang Qibing.

On the outside, Loong Chen remained impassive, but internally, he was ecstatic.

Contrary to what might be believed, he highly valued it, especially since he had never before practiced such a technique.

“Chief Zhang, I have a favor to ask,” Loong Chen interjected suddenly.

“If there’s anything within my power to assist, young man, I’ll gladly help.”

Zhang Qibing said hastily.

“Could you assist me in converting this energy essence into a consumable pill or medicine?”

Loong Chen presented the energy essence, which emanated powerfully from the mutated salamander. This was of Level 4 potency. Given Loong Chen’s present physical condition, ingesting it directly would be perilous.

Refining it into a medicinal form would moderate and mellow its potency, making it easier for him to assimilate.

“It’s a Level 4 energy essence!”

Zhang Qibing sensed its powerful aura, expressing his astonishment.

That Loong Chen possessed such a potent essence only strengthened Zhang’s suspicion that he was a Fourth Grade evolutionary force.

“Alright. Expect it to be ready by tomorrow.”

Zhang Qibing meticulously stored the energy essence.

Loong Chen was confident that Zhang wouldn’t betray him. Recognizing Loong’s capabilities, Zhang wouldn’t dare pilfer it.

“In exchange for your help, this Dragon Blood Pill is your compensation.”

Without much ado, Loong Chen handed a Dragon Blood Pill to Zhang Qibing. He had previously consumed one with Bai Xiaohan, leaving him with three.

After gifting one to Zhang, two still remained in his possession.

“A Dragon Blood Pill!” Zhang Qibing exclaimed, taken aback.

He was surprised that Loong Chen possessed such a valuable item, let alone share it.

Zhang didn’t resist the offer; the allure of the Dragon Blood Pill was too strong.

Given his potential, advancing to a Level 3 Beginner Level Evolver was already challenging, and any further progression seemed daunting.

The Dragon Blood Pill, offering a potential boost of a thousand kilograms of strength, was the perfect remedy for him.

“Rest assured, young man. I will spare no effort in processing this energy essence for you.”

Zhang Qibing affirmed with determination.

After acknowledging with a nod, Loong Chen bid farewell to Zhang Qibing and exited the Registration Hall.

He hailed a taxi, informed the driver of his destination, and began perusing a clandestine cultivation manual.

It was succinct, and within minutes, Loong Chen had grasped the essence of the Trunch Technique.

Essentially, it was a unique breathing methodology allowing cultivators to harness the ambient natural energy, rejuvenating and fortifying their genetic structure and cells.

Genes were the root of the Evolver.

However, the Spitting Technique could only be considered a low level cultivation technique. The speed at which people used it to absorb the natural energy between heaven and earth was extremely slow.

If an ordinary person only relied on this secret technique to cultivate, he would need at least a dozen years of cultivation to become an Evolver.

“Successfully picked it up. You have obtained Spitting Technique Level 1.”

After Loong Chen mastered the specific operation of the Spitting Technique, he began to breathe in a special way. Soon, he had a feeling that he was breathing differently than usual.

“Host, you have entered the state of cultivation. All attributes multiplied by 0.01 points.”

“Host, enter the cultivation state and obtain all attributes*0.01。”

Sure enough, after Loong Chen started cultivating the Spitting Technique, all of his attributes could be improved. However, the speed of improvement was too slow. In just a second, it could only increase 0.01 of his attributes.

“System, upgrade the Spitting Technique.”

“Consume 500 empirical value and upgrade Spitting Technique to level 2.”

“Consume 1,000 empirical value of yours, upgrade Spitting Technique to level 3.”

“Consume 2,000 empirical value of yours to upgrade the Spitting Technique to level 4.”

“Your empirical value is insufficient, you can’t continue to level up the Spitting Technique.”

After the Spitting Technique broke through to the Level 4, Loong Chen’s cultivation speed had increased by dozens of times, and only now did he feel a little satisfied.

Loong Chen blinked awake to find himself on a bustling commercial avenue.

A sudden realization dawned upon him, with money at his disposal now, he could afford new attire for both himself and his sister. He promptly signaled the taxi driver to halt.

Without much thought, he stepped into a nearby apparel store. A young woman with subtle makeup approached him, a friendly grin gracing her lips.

“May I assist you, sir?”

“I’m here to shop for clothes. Could you suggest some options?” responded Loong Chen.

Eyeing his somewhat worn-out attire, she hesitated, gauging his purchasing capacity.

She began with a hint of unease.

“Sir, our collection might lean towards the pricier side. Perhaps you’d like to…”

Cutting her off gently, he said, “Don’t worry about the price. Just show me your recommendations. Money isn’t an issue for me.”

Loong Chen sensed her assumptions about him but held no grudges. His current attire indeed didn’t scream ‘affluence’.

“Very well.” She replied, slightly taken aback.

As the adage goes, ‘The customer is always right’. Given Loong Chen’s insistence, she refrained from any further dissuasion.

Leading him to a section, she showcased clothes that were comparatively more affordable.

“This particular outfit, sir, I believe would be a perfect fit for you.”

She began detailing the features of the clothes to him.

Just then, an incongruent voice pierced the ambiance.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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