C2 – He’s the True Dragon!

The quartet of middle-aged men were not natives of Hua Country. Their menacing appearance suggested they were there specifically for Ji Jingguo and Ji Xin, hence they overlooked Fu Yeyu.

In spite of his advanced age, the old man had honed his skills over many years, elevating himself to the rank of an Inner Strength Ancient Martial Cultivator. Yet, the three adversaries surrounding him moved with surprising agility and speed. They recognized Ji Jingguo’s prowess but also his age-induced vulnerabilities. If they confronted Ji Jingguo individually, they believed they’d have the upper hand.

Ji Xin, a novice in martial arts, found herself overpowered by the middle-aged adversary confronting her and was swiftly apprehended.

Ji Jingguo’s face contorted with panic at seeing “Xin!” in danger. Without a second thought, he channeled his Inner Strength through his palm, launching it into the chest of one of the middle-aged men. The impact was so forceful that the man, heavyset as he was, was thrust several meters away, landing lifeless.

While Ji Jingguo’s powerful strike likely devastated the man’s internal organs, the exertion took a toll on him, rendering his face ashen. His age, combined with prior injuries, meant that utilizing Inner Strength posed a risk to his own health.

Unseen by Ji Jingguo, a fist from another middle-aged man landed on his back, forcing blood from his mouth.

With one of their own down, the remaining duo believed that subduing the now weakened Ji Jingguo would be a simpler task.

Then, a chilling scream pierced the air. The man who had captured Ji Xin was now on the ground, blood pooling around his kneeling form.

Shortly after, the pair who were behind Ji Jingguo met a similar fate, collapsing to their knees with bleeding legs, unable to fathom what had occurred.

“What transpired here?” Ji Jingguo swiftly inquired, regaining his stance.

Rushing to his side, Ji Xin asked, “Grandpa, are you unharmed?” as she offered her assistance.

Moments later, several bodyguards and another middle-aged man arrived on the scene, their expressions turning grave upon witnessing the aftermath.

Recognizing the newcomer, Ji Jingguo exclaimed, “Han Quan, you’ve arrived!”

Han Quan, showing evident concern, questioned, “Master, did they target you?”

“I’m unscathed! Examine their injuries,” Ji Jingguo urgently requested.

Han Quan’s gaze quickly shifted to the trio of middle-aged men. Save for the man Ji Jingguo had taken down, the remaining three had leaves embedded in their knees, rendering them immobile.

“Leaves? How could that be?” Ji Xin voiced in disbelief.

“It seems this individual isn’t merely an Inner Strength Martial Cultivator. He might be a Young Grandmaster, if not a grandmaster,” Han Quan commented gravely. “Master, did you notice anyone else nearby?”

“A moment ago?” Ji Jingguo took a moment, searching the area, but found no trace of Ye Yu. “Xin, did you catch a glimpse of that young man earlier?”

“You’re suggesting he came to our aid? That he’s a Young Grandmaster?” Ji Xin’s face mirrored her astonishment.

“Who else could it be? He was the only one here at that time,” Ji Jingguo replied, astonishment evident on his face. “One typically evolves into an External Strength Martial Cultivator after decades of training. A further forty to fifty years might lead one to become an Inner Strength Martial Cultivator. Achieving the rank of Young Grandmaster usually takes about sixty years. For him to attain it so young suggests he’s exceptional. We owe him our gratitude.”

“Hold on, Grandfather. If he truly is so knowledgeable, his prognosis about you might be accurate. We need to get you medically examined!” Ji Xin quickly interjected.

“Understood, Old Han. Find that young man. But first, to the military hospital!” Ji Jingguo commanded.

In his prime, Ji Jingguo had been a distinguished military officer. Past wartime events had taken a toll on his health, and he never fully recovered.

The subsequent events took Ji Jingguo and his family by surprise.

“Elder Ji, there’s a rapid deterioration of your internal organs. This is unprecedented,” the doctor declared, visibly concerned.

“How long have I got?” Ji Jingguo, having weathered many a storm, asked stoically.

“It might be less than a month,” the doctor responded.

“A month? Isn’t that exactly what he predicted?” Tears welled up in Ji Xin’s eyes. “I should’ve trusted him. Maybe he could’ve healed you!”

“There’s still time. Perhaps we can locate him,” Ji Jingguo consoled Ji Xin.

Ji Xin’s eyes sparkled upon hearing him. She responded, “Exactly! Grandfather, I’m confident we’ll locate him. I’ll speak to Dad immediately and request his help to search for Ye Yu and Second Uncle. Given his vast network, he’ll surely identify that expert swiftly!”

Ye Yu wandered the streets alone. His decision to rescue Ji Jingguo and his granddaughter was a spontaneous act. Their paths had crossed this week, which seemed like destiny. Given this, he felt he could save Ji Jingguo once, especially since he didn’t have much time left.

In Ye Yu’s perspective, both Ji Jingguo and those mercenaries were insignificant, mere ants. He wasn’t particularly concerned about their wellbeing.

Nonetheless, the achievements of the mortal realm did impress Ye Yu. He found it commendable how these humans had built such an impressive city.

At that instant, Ye Yu’s phone buzzed. Over the past week, he had become adept at using it.

Answering the call, an almost shouting voice blared from the other side, “Ye Yu, where are you? Get to my clinic. There’s an alumni gathering tonight, and you must attend with me!”

It then dawned on Ye Yu that his lovely wife had mentioned visiting the clinic in the afternoon. Having never experienced an alumni event, he decided to give it a try. With that thought, he found himself instantly outside a clinic.

Peace Clinic!

The clinic bore a simple name, yet its reputation in the community was notable. This was primarily due to a talented and beautiful doctor who was rumored to effortlessly cure common ailments.

The clinic was staffed by over ten official employees, suggesting a fairly substantial operation.

This was Ye Yu’s inaugural visit, and as he ventured in, his curiosity piqued. Suddenly, a loud outcry followed by verbal reprimands caught his attention.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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