C1 – Ah!? Be A Son-in-law?

“Ye Yu, I’ve repeatedly told you not to tamper with my belongings. How many times do I have to repeat myself?” A young woman jabbed a finger toward Ye Yu, scolding, “If you’ve got nothing to do, go out and find a job. You’ve been back for a week and haven’t made any effort. What exactly are you planning?”

Ye Yu simply offered a faint smile. The woman before him appeared to be in her early twenties, but her actual age was a bit older. Despite not possessing drop-dead gorgeous looks, she exuded a certain beauty. She had gracefully curved eyelashes and lively, expressive eyes.

More importantly, she boasted a naturally alluring figure. She was presently dressed in shorts, revealing a pair of long, snow-white legs. If it weren’t for the irritation and resentment in her eyes, she would undoubtedly be the object of admiration for many.

And this woman happened to be Ye Yu’s wife, Yan Xue. That’s right, she was his wife!

Unfortunately, Ye Yu was a stay-at-home husband. Within this household, he held no status and was even looked down upon by his own wife.

“I have some matters to attend to, so I must head out,” Ye Yu declared, making his exit without turning back.

“Hold on. There’s a banquet tomorrow night, and I need you to accompany me. You must come to my clinic this afternoon. I want to take you shopping for some new clothes!” Yan Xue’s voice echoed from behind him.

Yan Xue stamped her foot, her face displaying frustration. “He truly is utterly useless!”

Her parents had advised her to marry Ye Yu, citing his lack of parents and upbringing in an orphanage as suitable credentials for becoming a part of the Yan family.

Yan Xue was well aware of individuals like Ye Yu. She could easily control him, which was why she hadn’t allowed him to touch her after a year of marriage, even going so far as to confine him to the guest room.

However, a month ago, Ye Yu had suffered a sudden attack. After a month-long hospital stay, his demeanor had undergone a dramatic transformation. Over the past week, Ye Yu had been leaving early and returning late, and Yan Xue had no idea what he was up to. Most unsettling of all, he had started meddling with her possessions!

Could it be that Ye Yu really thought of him as her husband?

Yan Xue was an exceptionally proud individual, unwilling to accept a person she deemed as inferior as her spouse.

“Never mind. I don’t have the time or energy to deal with him right now. The clinic is swamped today. I need to head back there!” Yan Xue muttered and hastily departed.

Once Ye Yu left the community, he drew in a deep breath, taking in the earthly atmosphere. It felt dense, and the spiritual energies were scarce. It was no wonder that Cultivators seldom ventured to Earth. Ordinary Martial Cultivators were practically non-existent!

Initially, Ye Yu had been an Immortal Emperor, capable of contending for the Heavenly Tao. However, in a moment of realization, he discerned that his Heavenly Tao lacked the wisdom gained from the mortal realm. Consequently, he willingly cast himself into the mortal world. Little did he expect that, at this juncture, he would find himself inhabiting a body bearing the same name and surname, assuming the role of a dutiful son-in-law.

The Yan Family boasted considerable wealth, and Yan Xue’s father had only one daughter. He had invested significant effort in locating Ye Yu, a suitable candidate to become his son-in-law.

Of course, this was merely a facade, and Ye Yu remained indifferent to it. His sole purpose was to immerse himself in the mortal world for a few decades.

The spot where Ye Yu materialized was a park, situated ten kilometers from his residence. For the past week, Ye Yu had frequented this park, observing the ebb and flow of people.

These mortals, living for less than a century, had experienced a myriad of lives. Naturally, there were those who had led remarkable lives, along with others who had endured hardship, such as the elderly man before him. For a week, Ye Yu had been monitoring him as the old man diligently practiced a Fist Style that, in Ye Yu’s estimation, was utterly ineffectual.

Ye Yu was closely observing the old man, and likewise, the old man was keeping an eye on Ye Yu. Over the past week, they had been covertly observing each other. Yet today, a young girl with twin tails stood alongside the old man. She appeared to be about sixteen or seventeen, exuding a charming sweetness with her large, bright eyes.

Dressed in sportswear, the young girl’s exquisite figure was challenging to conceal. Despite her youthful appearance, her development was remarkably mature. She walked over to the old man and inquired, “Grandpa, is he the peculiar person you mentioned?”

“Xin, let’s not jump to conclusions. I have a feeling that this young gentleman is no ordinary person! He may share something in common with us!” The old man shook his head and replied.

“Grandpa, are you saying he’s also a Martial Cultivator? You often tell me I’m a prodigy. I became an External Strength Martial Cultivator at seventeen. It would take a regular person thirty years to achieve what I have, right?” The young girl widened her eyes upon hearing this.

The elder chuckled and responded, “The world is brimming with extraordinary individuals. Encountering one more isn’t particularly remarkable.”

“I don’t believe it. I’m going to test him!” Ji Xin declared and proceeded to approach Ye Yu.

Ye Yu had naturally overheard their conversation and found himself somewhat taken aback. This elder, who had lived for more than half a century, seemed to possess keen insight.

“Hey, are you a Ancient Martial Cultivator?” Ji Xin asked.

“So what? So what if I am not?” Ye Yu smiled faintly.

“If you are, then you’ll have to face my attack!” Ji Xin declared before launching a palm strike toward Ye Yu.

Despite her young age, Ji Xin had already mastered external martial arts, and the force behind her palm could easily shatter a brick. The old man hurriedly interjected, “Xin, don’t be disrespectful!”

However, it was too late to halt her actions. Her palm missed Ye Yu but struck the rock beneath him, leaving a one-inch deep palm imprint.

Surprised that Ye Yu had evaded her attack, Ji Xin was about to strike again but was halted by the old man’s intervention. “That’s enough!”

Observing this, Ye Yu shook his head. “Old man, your granddaughter lacks restraint. If it were someone else, she might have seriously injured them.”

“You’re right. My granddaughter has been willful since childhood. I wonder if teaching her martial arts was the right choice,” the old man admitted with a bitter smile.

Ye Yu replied calmly, “Teaching her martial arts is undoubtedly beneficial, but it’s problematic if she continues to practice your Fist Style.”

The old man, upon hearing this, inquired, “You’ve observed it for a week. Can you identify any issues with our Ji Family’s Fist Style?”

Ye Yu replied, “While your Fist Style is formidable, it lacks versatility and contains a fundamental flaw. Forgive my bluntness, but your Fist Style is indeed lacking.”

The old man’s expression shifted, turning displeased. “Are you insulting the Fist of the Ji Family or insulting me, Ji Jingguo?”

Ye Yu retorted, “Insulting? If I’m not mistaken, practicing this Fist Style won’t grant you more than a month to live!”

Ji Xin protested angrily, “How dare you curse someone like that!” She raised her hand, seemingly intent on attacking Ye Yu again.

However, at this moment, an unexpected development occurred. Four individuals suddenly appeared, with three of them converging on Ji Xin and the fourth approaching Ji Jingguo.

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