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On the periphery of Forest City, a dashing young man treaded a precarious mountain path. The trail was hemmed in by a sheer drop on one side, lending it a rather perilous air.

“Foolish old man, your regard for women is overblown. You just wait. Upon my return, I’ll undoubtedly put you in your place.”

Wang Xiao was heaving, simultaneously cursing under his breath. Beads of sweat, as large as beans, traced paths down his forehead, falling onto the sun-baked earth below.

As far as he could remember, he had resided in a humble, thatch-roofed cabin nestled in the mountains, sharing a peaceful existence with an elderly man who spent his days in meditation.

A few days prior, a nun in her thirties had appeared on the mountain. The modest cottage could barely accommodate two, let alone three. Consequently, Wang Xiao found his internal energy sealed by the old man before being unceremoniously dismissed from the mountain.

Before executing his decision, the old man gave Wang Xiao’s shoulder a reassuring pat and declared, “Disciple, I feel a calling from the Heavenly Dao and shall engage in seclusion with the Abbess. Your time to descend the mountain and practice has come.”

In his heart, Wang Xiao cursed the old man countless times. It was obvious that he was perceived as a nuisance. What pretense was the old man weaving?

He had wandered in the wilderness for several days, without food or water. He had barely managed to navigate his way to Forest City, and his physical reserves were on the brink of depletion.

“Hehe, at last, I’ve evaded capture. Tong Waner, today I shall make my escape from Forest City. Don’t entertain the thought of trapping me in matrimony!”

At this moment, a young lad dressed in casual attire approached on his motorcycle. His speed was moderate, and his voice emanated a sense of determination.

The driver appeared to not register Wang Xiao’s presence as he sped directly towards him.

Alerted by this, Wang Xiao’s reflexes were lightning-fast, nimbly sidestepping the oncoming motorcycle.

“Sorry, brother. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

The youth too realized his near-collision with a pedestrian. Hastily wheeling around, he issued an apology to Wang Xiao before speeding off.

Wang Xiao’s countenance altered. His eyes filled with bewilderment as he stared at the retreating figure on the bike. He couldn’t trust his own sight.

The youth bore a striking resemblance to him!

“Could it be that hunger has driven me to hallucinations?” Wang Xiao shook his head, dispelling the bewildering thoughts, and uttered in a tone of resignation.

“Look, son-in-law is here!”

Suddenly, a thunderous voice echoed from behind Wang Xiao.

A black Toyota van pulled up swiftly before Wang Xiao. Several bodyguards clad in dark suits sprang from the vehicle, encircling Wang Xiao.

Aunt, son-in-law? Who should he call?

Wang Xiao’s eyes widened in surprise as he took in the bodyguards encircling him.

“Young Master, the Miss has been anticipating your return home for quite a while now. You’ve been gallivanting about for six months. It’s high time you came back,” one said.

The chief bodyguard stepped forward, addressing Wang Xiao with a stern tone.

“You must be mistaking me for someone else. I don’t recognize you,” Wang Xiao asserted.

He directed his gaze to the lead bodyguard as he made his statement.

Disregarding Wang Xiao’s claims of mistaken identity, the bodyguards promptly moved in to apprehend him.

Starved for several days and with his inner energy sealed by his late master, Wang Xiao lacked the strength to resist and was swiftly hoisted into a Toyota MPV. The bodyguards then set off towards Forest City.

“Young Master, your game of make-believe is getting old. You’ve resorted to this ruse far too often.”

Tong Hu, seated in the front passenger seat, turned around, offering a resigned smile towards his mischief-loving son-in-law who relished the game of hide and seek.

Their son-in-law always proved elusive, requiring considerable effort to locate, and every time they did, he’d feign ignorance of their identities.

“Why don’t you trust me…” Wang Xiao looked helpless.

Hold on, a son-in-law? Could it be the young man from before? The memory of the youth on the motorcycle suddenly resurfaced in Wang Xiao’s mind.

So, his earlier impressions were not mere illusions, but the lad on the bike truly bore a striking resemblance to him?

“I assure you, there’s been a mix-up. I just encountered a casually dressed lad who happens to look a lot like me. If you pursue him immediately, you may yet catch up with him. I’m serious!”

Wang Xiao asserted his point with a grave countenance to Tong Hu.

Upon hearing Wang Xiao’s assertion, Tong Hu pivoted to face him, fixing him with a stern gaze, remaining speechless.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

A tad disconcerted by Tong Hu’s intense scrutiny, Wang Xiao cleared his throat and spoke up.

“Young Master, we haven’t crossed paths in half a year. It seems your aptitude for detecting untruths has declined. If you can’t fool Miss, even I can’t trick you.”

A wry smile danced on the corners of Tong Hu’s mouth as he shook his head in response.

This is absolutely absurd! Wang Xiao was nearing the edge of his patience, especially as Tong Hu appeared unbending in his disbelief.

His mind then harked back to the motorcyclist’s words. Clearly, the man harbored no intentions of marrying the girl named “Tong Waner.”

Could it be that this girl called Tong Waner was extremely ugly?

Thinking of this, Wang Xiao shivered.

“Young Miss, we brought Young Master back.”

Tong Hu escorted Wang Xiao to an opulent villa nestled in the Eastern City of Forest City. He addressed the reclining girl on the villa’s living room sofa with reverence.

Wang Xiao glanced towards the sofa, observing an elegant girl, donned in an off-shoulder T-shirt and a black pleated skirt, languidly stretched out. She held a scarf in her hands, engaged in weaving it, exuding an aura of gentleness and virtue.

This girl was gorgeous!

Wang Xiao’s gaze ignited with interest, uncontrollably trailing along her straight, balanced legs. She possessed a svelte waist, twin prominent curves, and a porcelain white neck.

Her exquisite oval face, lengthy eyelashes, large eyes resembling black gemstones, high-arched nose, and radiant red lips all combined to relentlessly remind Wang Xiao that he was in the presence of an extraordinary beauty!

“This girl is pretty, why is that brother so afraid of her?”

Wang Xiao gently touched his chin, his eyes surveying the stunning woman before him with a mischievous grin.

Tong Hu leaned in and whispered into the beautiful girl’s ear, as if recounting the tale of his encounter with Wang Xiao.

As Tong Hu concluded his narrative, the gorgeous girl finally lifted her delicate face to observe Wang Xiao. A captivating smile traced her lips as she sauntered towards him.

Sensing her eyes on him, Wang Xiao coughed subtly. With a smile, he addressed her, “This beauty, your fiancé may have fled, and for that, I sincerely sympathize. But with your stunning looks, you need not worry about attracting another man… Pfft! “

Before he could finish, the beautiful girl tightened her fist and landed a punch in Wang Xiao’s abdomen. Waves of acute pain instantly swept over him.

In an instant, Wang Xiao understood why that brother ran away!

This punch packed at least 30 kilograms of force. How could a mere mortal withstand such a blow?!

“Wang Xiao, you scoundrel. You constantly deceive me with tales of ascending the mountain for skill acquisition, only for Tong Hu to continually find you loafing around in the bar. And now, you pretend not to recognize me, is that it?”

Tong Waner delicately bit her ruby lips. Her eyes, clear as crystals, were fixated on Wang Xiao, brimming with indignation as she let out a frosty snort.

Wang Xiao, hearing this, was taken aback once more. This couldn’t be a jest, could it? That man bore the same name, Wang Xiao?

“Your betrothed shares my name, Wang Xiao?” Wang Xiao couldn’t resist posing the question.


On hearing Wang Xiao’s words, Tong Waner’s beautiful countenance contorted with rage. She launched another assault on Wang Xiao’s midsection with her dainty, pink-clad fist.

“You good-for-nothing! Why persist with this charade? If you’re not to call me Wang Xiao, then what should you call me?”

Wang Xiao’s eyes widened and his complexion turned ashen. Cold sweat incessantly trickled down his forehead. The punch packed a staggering force of at least 40 Jin.

He was dumbfounded. This was too much of a coincidence.

In this world, it was fine if there was someone who looked exactly like him…

And they even had the same name?

“Miss Tong, I assure you, I’m not your fiancé, even though your intended shares my name and bears a striking resemblance to me…”

Wang Xiao spoke to Tong Waner, his sentence culminating in an inevitable wry smile. Even he found his own words bordering on absurdity.

How could there be another individual sharing both his name and his appearance?


“You’re still pretending!”

Observing Wang Xiao’s persistent denial of their engagement, Tong Waner’s expression clouded over. She launched another fist in his direction.

Wang Xiao experienced a sharp twinge in his midsection. Concurrently, his heart was engulfed by rage.

Despite his sealed inner energy and his state of hunger and dehydration leaving him weak, he found himself unable to retaliate.

Yet, a true warrior could face demise, but never dishonor!

“I really am not your fiancé…”


Before Wang Xiao could complete his sentence, he was cut off once again by Tong Waner. She asked authoritatively, “Are you my betrothed?”

“Yes…” Wang Xiao promptly raised his hand in surrender.

A wise man knows when to bend, and when to capitulate!


Hearing Wang Xiao’s acquiescence, Tong Waner transformed her clenched fist into an open hand, delivering another slap to Wang Xiao’s face, causing one side of his face to puff up.

Wang Xiao cradled his swollen cheek. Despite my confession of being your betrothed, why the continued aggression?!

“Am I, Tong Waner, the woman betrothed to your childhood friend?”

Tong Waner fixed her deep, gem-like eyes on Wang Xiao, her voice resonant with inquiry.

“Of course, the person I love the most is you!”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Wang Xiao responded with a grave expression, primarily to avoid being physically chastised, he preempted the answer.

“Bothersome! Wang Xiao, dear brother, there’s a crowd present. Don’t you feel a trace of embarrassment uttering such words?”

After hearing Wang Xiao’s utterance, Tong Waner’s lovely face immediately flushed crimson. She nestled into Wang Xiao’s arms like an adorably shy girl-next-door.

Had it not been for the ache in Wang Xiao’s abdomen, the gentle girl before him seemed unrecognizable compared to the previously aggressive persona.

A wry smile graced his face. So this was how he acquired a bargain betrothal?

And it was the kind that was very violent!

The surrounding bodyguards shot sympathetic glances towards Wang Xiao. Clearly, this wasn’t their inaugural viewing of the young lady’s penchant for physically disciplining their future son-in-law.

Poor son-in-law, another bout of torment awaited him…

Nightfall enveloped the area, and the villa’s dining room was filled with the tantalizing aroma of food. Tong Waner, the picture of grace and virtue, kept piling food into Wang Xiao’s bowl.

After days of gnawing hunger, Wang Xiao didn’t resist. He tucked into the food with the ferocity of a famished wolf.

In between, he managed to extract a significant amount of information from Tong Waner. The real ‘Wang Xiao’, Tong Waner’s “former” fiancé, shared familial ties as their fathers were as thick as thieves in their living days, and the two families had once mutually proposed marriage.

Later, the actual fiancé’s parents tragically perished in a car accident. The orphaned boy was then absorbed into the Tong family while quite young. He and Tong Waner, being childhood companions, were simply awaiting college graduation to tie the knot.

Wang Xiao surmised that the original fiancé probably felt overwhelmed by Tong Waner’s somewhat abusive betrothed, leading to a difficult existence, and had made several attempts to escape. The current situation was just a fortunate coincidence where he stepped in to take the fall.

“After all, I needed to descend the mountain for training, and it conveniently includes provisions and shelter here. Why not endure a minor dent to my dignity and stick around for a while?”

Once the sequence of events became clear, Wang Xiao cast a glance at the gorgeous Tong Waner, subconsciously licked his lips, and harbored a mischievous chuckle.


Just as Wang Xiao was deep in thought, the abrupt sound of shattering glass punctuated the silence. A sudden shift was visible in Wang Xiao’s expression.

“Tong Waner, dangerous!”

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