C11 Destroy

“Luckily, I’m not hungry yet.” After the Blade Demon recovered its body, its voice sounded like firewood burning in flames, hoarse and dry. “You can die after answering some of my questions.”

Shire tried his best to avoid looking at the blade devil. If he stared at it for too long, he would still be confused. The devil’s body was as black as coal, as if a nightmare had come true. Shire’s body was covered in sweat, and his legs were heavy.

“Why are people like you hunting Abyss Devils?” The Blade Devil asked, “This is a tough job. It will not let you earn money, and it will also not let you be respected. You will only search for me and my kind day after day, kill or be killed.”

“I don’t know.”

” Then people like you who are at a loss are really innocent. I want to let you go. After all, you are very different from those hunters who are determined to kill me.” Every word that the Blade Demon said sounded like a fatal test.

“Shire was very nervous.

Surrendering was despicable, fleeing was shameful, but survival was more important.

“How about this, as long as you swear that you will never become a Devil Hunter and give up your duty to hunt devils, I will spare your life. How about it? It’s a good deal, isn’t it? ” The Bladed Demons let out a sharp clamor, as if they were mocking him.

Shire faced it in silence.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I don’t have the right to talk to you right now.” Shire said.

“Right? …”

“If I’m strong… I can fight you, and I have a chance of winning against you… everything will be different.” Shire clenched his fist.

“Are you confused by your own weakness?”

Shire used the muscles on his legs to hold himself on the ground, suppressing his desire to escape. I am going to die. I’m going to die!

“Ah, you performed very well, like a reliable follower. You’ve already successfully obtained a chance for yourself, come here and receive your reward! I’m willing to recruit you as my servant” The Blade Demon’s tone was mocking.

“No!” Shire said loudly, “I am the Devil Hunter. When I have the power, I will destroy you, destroy everything that is similar to you, and drive all of you away from this world! I will rush back to you… ”

The Blade Devil let out a silent shriek, and a powerful force swept across Shire’s body.

That force was too powerful, and it continuously pressed down on Shire. However, the green gemstone necklace on Shire’s neck emitted a fluorescent light, and the power of the spell protected Shire, resisting the threat of the demon’s energy.

Julius’s necklace… Shire sighed in his heart. Senior, your relics protected me, but I’m afraid I still have to die.

When the blade demon saw that the spell had failed on Shire, it quickly approached him.

“Gaze at me.”

It stopped in its tracks.

Etienne, who was lying on the ground, suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed the demon’s ankle.

“He’s not dead?” The demon’s feet burned with dark green devil flames, burning Etienne’s hand. It was reasonable to say that a mortal’s hand should be lacerated, and the pain would be hard to control. It would be released very soon.

“Yafen Flame.” Etienne said in a low voice.

An even brighter flame ignited on the old hunter’s body. It was much brighter than the dark green flame of the devil. The light was enough to illuminate the entire night. The flame passed through Etienne’s hand and burned the feet of the Blade Devil. It burned along its legs, covering its entire body and roasting its outer shell.

The Bladedge Demon jumped with all its might, and its body quickly flew into the air, breaking away from Etienne’s control.

“Fortunately, I’m a bit more skilled.” The devil looked at Etienne, who was lying on the ground gasping for breath. Etienne’s figure quickly dimmed in the golden flames, and his entire body faded away like a torch, “Ha! Let’s see how long you can last.”

“Phantom Divine Power!” Shire cast a spell.

The blade devil pointed upwards, blocking the flowing power with its finger.

“I have already said that your spell is trash.” The Blade Demon scorned.

Woosh ~ ~ ~

Taking advantage of the moment when Shire distracted the demon, Etienne quickly summoned the devil rope back to his hand. He threw it at the demon, and the magic rope quickly flew out, binding the demon’s right leg and pulling its body down.

“You two…!” The Bladedge Demon’s body fell, and its arms turned into blades. It cut off its right leg and dragged it to the ground. Etienne burned this part of its body with the Aphenial Flame. After that, he raised his head and stared at the blade devil.

Etienne’s body was burning in the soul flame. He had turned into a man of fire, and his body was gradually charred black.

After fifteen seconds, or even more than thirty seconds, the Yafen Flame had entered the stage of explosion, and the flame was even more intense. It almost rolled up into the sky and swallowed everything, but how many souls could be used to burn Mr. Etienne’s soul? Shire didn’t dare to think about it.

Shire loaded a crossbow and shot at the Bladeblade Demon. The Bladeblade Demon immediately moved in the air to dodge the arrow, but Etienne determined its trajectory. He threw out a golden flame that hit the Bladeblade Demon’s body.

The golden flame burned its outer shell and rushed towards the evil intent inside, forcing the demon to fall.

Etienne was covered in flames as he rushed towards the falling blade devil.

“Get lost!” The blade devil’s appearance rapidly changed. Countless spikes and sharp blades extended from its body, turning it into an ugly and sharp ball. Anyone who tried to approach it would be riddled with holes.

Shire watched helplessly as Etienne pounced on the sharp blade devil. No matter how those sharp blades penetrated his body, they were going to touch the blade devil’s body with the flames of Yafen.

Mister Etienne – Master! My god! Shire’s heart was filled with bitterness.

The golden flames continued to spread on the body of the Blade Demon, and the cracking sound of the carapace on its body could be heard.

“Get lost!” The Blade Demon furiously cursed, “I want to destroy you!”

Its body quickly recovered, and its burnt skin was reborn again. The golden flames did not seem to be able to cause any real damage to it. The demon used its transformed body to support itself with its transformed spear and sharp blade, allowing it to stand up. Etienne, on the other hand, was pierced through by the demon, as if he was hanging on a torture instrument, suffering.

The blade devil grabbed Etienne with its hand and slowly pulled him out from its body.

“Yafen Flame!”

Shire widened his eyes and stared at the blade devil, releasing the spell Etienne taught him. Under such circumstances, he couldn’t use Exbanishment, because the true body of the demon was hiding in its body. Only the Aphen Flame could affect it… This was enough!

Previously, Shire only used the smallest scale of flames to burn his soul, creating a temporary burning pain to wake him up. Now that Shire had released all the power of the spell, this pain was enough to destroy his will, and it almost pierced through his endurance. At the same time, the same golden flames as Etienne started burning on his body.

He drew out his sword, and the flames immediately spread from his hand to his sword.

This is my only chance to defeat it. – – -this is the only chance for mortals to defeat demons!

Shire rushed towards the Bladeblade Devil.

“I will control all the weapons!” The devil roared in anger.

“It’s blunt!”

First it was bent, then it was used to shovel soil for a long time. The weapon in Shire’s hand could no longer be called a sword. The edge was highly damaged, and the tip was no longer sharp. It did not belong to the control of the Blade Demon.

I will avenge Denver! Shire slashed down with all his might. The bastard who teased people’s lives, get back to hell.

It was this stupid blunt weapon that was currently burning with raging Aphen flames. It smashed heavily on the Blade Devil’s shoulder. With great force, it broke its outer shell and burned the evil soul inside.

“You can’t kill me!” The Blade Devil kept screaming. “You can’t kill me!” It let out a wild laugh.

Etienne, who had been burning in the flames for a long time, turned to Shire weakly.

“Shire…” The old hunter spoke in a hoarse voice, “What a pity…”

What? Shire was stunned.

The golden light blinded Shire’s eyes.

Along with a series of deafening explosions, a huge wave of energy sent Shire flying.

A rain of blood filled the sky. Etienne’s flesh and limbs were thrown into the air. Before they even landed on the ground, they were burned into ashes by the flames, leaving only black residue. The metal and leather were burned to ashes at the first moment, and the ashes of the bones scattered into sand in the air.

The body of the Blade Devil collapsed and fell to the ground under the impact. Only the upper half of its body was left, and it had lost four fifths of its body. Under the broken head and some scales that were connected to its neck, a large amount of incomparably dark matter was desperately dodging and escaping, trying to drill into his own head. Hiding in a safe shell, even more evil energy inevitably flowed into the air. Very quickly, it dissipated into nothingness and quickly faded away.

Shire was thrown to the ground by the impact. His back hit the grass violently. Was it painful? But he didn’t feel any pain.

What… is wrong with me? He opened his eyes wide.

Strange? Why can’t I move? My hand… I want to move my hands, but my hands can’t move. I want to move my feet, but my feet can’t move. Even if I want to move my toes, I can only imagine how it moves, but I can’t feel its real movements.

I… Shire’s head kept turning and turning. I am on the ground. Why can’t I move? My body, where is my body?

Oh, so it was blown up. His hands, feet, legs, and stomach were all gone. Only a golden flame surged on his body, silently burning his soul.

How foolish… Shire thought. He was obviously a new recruit hunter, but he had no choice but to participate in the most dangerous hunting mission. He used all his strength to fight, and handed over all his spells in an attempt to fight the devil.

The way humans fought was stupid, funny, and ridiculous. They had to detonate themselves to harm the demons.

To be honest, we hunters don’t earn money, why do we have to fight with our lives on the line?

Maybe this profession shouldn’t exist.

But if no one became a Devil Hunter, wouldn’t the demons be able to be unscrupulous? Those peaceful villages… Cities, the civilized world may be destroyed at any time… Hunters like us who can use crossbows, swords, curses and potions… It is very difficult to deal with demons, let alone ordinary people. Even if the army gathers, if we don’t understand the correct way to deal with it, we will be slaughtered by the demons alone.

After all, the demons are so powerful.

Alright, that’s enough, hunting demons.

I’ll do it in my next life…

Shire closed his eyes. He was really tired, he had really tried his best. If the Blade Devil still didn’t die like this, then he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

“Don’t die.” A voice rang out.

It was another Devil Hunter? Shire opened his eyes. Geffany had returned!

No, it was more terrifying than that. He could tell that it was the voice of a devil.

The blade devil pieced its flesh and blood into two blades, supporting its horn head. It walked towards Shire with difficulty. The sharp blade rested on its dry neck, making it look desolate and ugly. Countless evil powers flowed out from its head and disappeared, turning into nothingness.

I’m going to die soon. Shire felt his blood leaking out like a fountain. Why do you have to kill me? My soul is here, burned by the flames. Come and eat, if you can still eat it.

“You mustn’t die, mortal. I beg you, don’t die.” The Blade Demoness’ voice was filled with sorrow. “I don’t have a body I can use anymore, but I can’t be chased back to the gap… I can’t go back… I was exiled here by the other demons. If I go back, they will definitely kill me. I don’t want to die… ”

Shire felt dizzy.

“No! Get lost! Go to hell!” He used the last of his strength to shout hoarsely, “You want to control me? No way!” He lost his trachea and vocal cords, his soul was screaming.

“Are you willing? Are you willing to die like this? You’re only seventeen years old! You should be able to live for another century, right? Don’t you want to see this world again?!” The Blade Demon replied with the same roar. “Relax your vigilance, let me enter your consciousness. I can save you! You can also save me! I don’t want to be killed by the native hunters of this backward world! Hurry up! You still have a few seconds!”

Shire really wanted to cry, but he couldn’t. This was what made him feel the most sad. Perhaps it was just as Etienne had said, he had lost the ability to cry.

Perhaps even the Devil Hunter had some strange fetishes, and this was Shire’s strange fetishes.

“Alright.” Shire said, “Let’s live together.”

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