C444 Dark Matter Universe Demon World

The real universe gradually made the bugs unable to see hope. When the 100km in diameter telescope was built, Lo Ya discovered that the entire universe was filled with high level civilizations.

Now it was no longer the same era as before, starting from the moment civilization walked out of the planet. Reaching the extent of being able to sail far away, it already had the conditions for a large number of outbursts. And from the moment humans left Earth until now, it had been at least a few hundred million years. At most a few billion years. At that time, there were still many extraordinary civilizations in the universe. Not to mention now?

“I understand the information provided by the Earth girl. The galaxy where Mother Star is located is indeed a newborn galaxy. This birth refers to the birth of technology.”

Horror filled the surroundings. Insect Girl Clan had their own way of observing other civilizations, so there was no doubt that other civilizations also had the ability to observe them.

The entire swarm of insects seemed to have experienced Lo Ya’s moment of uneasiness, especially when the huge telescope moved to a certain area. They actually saw a very strange nebula.

The cloud formed the shape of countless species, and every one of them died miserably here. Not a single one of them repeated themselves.

This seemed to be a tombstone, announcing the existence and extinction of the race in the universe.

“If that’s the case, Insect Girl’s Star System is the safest. Brain Insect, do you really have a way to find the universe of dark energy? Do you think we can escape to that world?”

“We will work hard.”

The Insect Girl Clan began to resort to unscrupulous means for the sake of technology. On the side of the Pirates, the insect swarm started their first large-scale breeding fleet. They used almost all of their resources, and an average of more than three Pirates troops were formed every month, and they were sent to different Star Fields.

With the accumulation of numbers, a few pirates who used the warships of level 4 civilizations were really destroyed and then kidnapped by countless insects.

In the research, the usage of antimatter advanced by leaps and bounds, and the exploration of force fields also improved by leaps and bounds.

In an experiment, the Magic force field around Mother Star was disturbed, and then the dark matter appeared in front of everyone for the first time.

“Dark matter cloud?”

The earth girl who was chatting with Crystal Dragon God at the birth of the leader suddenly raised her head and looked millions of kilometers away.

There, there was a purple cloud that appeared and disappeared from time to time. It seemed like it was going to disappear at any time. It was shaking slowly.

The Insect Girl Clan Branch had detected a large number of neutrinos in the surrounding organs. There was also a strange particle that was intermittently visible.

“You can see the situation in space?” Crystal Dragon God looked at the girl in shock.

To be able to see millions of kilometers away from Mother Star, this guy was not inferior to her, who was a god back then.

That’s right, a god was also a Magic and Strength created by humans. It was understandable that this person was stronger than her.

“The dark matter cloud is the gateway to the Dark Matter Universe. In such an environment, The two areas that did not affect time and space intersected. Or it could be said that the dark matter plane in the universe and the normal material plane have merged. It produced an effect. At this time, as long as we perform a small operation, we will be able to enter the other side. ”

The profoundness that the Earth girl spoke of was actually not that mysterious.

The dark matter and ordinary matter were both in the same space, not parallel universes or superficial worlds. Instead, they were in the same space, two groups of matter that complemented each other and influenced each other.

The dark matter particles formed a pattern, forming a universe of life.

And the matter of our world also formed a universe.

To the true main body of the universe, the combination of these two matter energies was the universe itself.

Modern theories believe that dark energy is the driving force behind the expansion of the universe.

“Have you seen what the Dark Matter Universe is like?”

“Yes, at the last moment, humans passed through a black hole experiment. The door of the dark matter was successfully opened. We’ve discovered that there are many situations in quantum science that are difficult to understand. They all came from Dark Matter Universe. After a few short years of development, we combined the two rules. We have created a mysterious Strength that is between the two of them that can affect each other. This is the Magic! ”

Crystal Dragon God opened her mouth but did not know what to reply.

She felt that she was an idiot, completely unable to understand the words of the Earth girl.

Highly difficult theoretical physics itself was very difficult to understand, not to mention developing to a degree that was close to a philosophy.

But their words were not concealed from the surrounding bugs, so Lo Ya also instantly knew.

“Dark matter?”

She came between the two girls and blinked her big eyes as she asked, “How should we go to Dark Matter Universe? Is it dangerous there?”

“Dangerous, but it is safer than our universe.” The Earth girl smiled and said, “The combination of the Strength between two universes is absolutely terrifying. Unfortunately, the time given to humans at that time was too short. If you want to know what’s going on, I can tell you the method. In the end, Dark Matter Universe is just a huge sphere. The sphere is the boundary of our universe. Because the sphere is constantly expanding and the density is decreasing, it is reflected in our world. The universe is constantly expanding. ”

Lo Ya,… “”

“Are you surprised? The universe is like this.” She smiled and patted Lo Ya’s head, “In the universe, we live in the internal space of the universe. In Dark Matter Universe, they mostly live in the surface area of this sphere. The energy leaking from the high-dimensional gravitational field in Dark Matter Universe is very uniform, so the gravitational force there will not be very strong. At least, there would not be a black hole that would appear on the surface of the universe. Even when facing the superposition of the entire universe’s gravitational force, it would only produce a gravitational force that was similar to the strength of Jupiter. For the current you all, this is nothing. ”

” Are the creatures over there very powerful? ”

“Their individual strength is very strong, but… they are not undefeatable. A Strength like the Magic was a reference to the other side. Although the language was illegible, We can understand it as we can. For example, there is a very powerful individual over there. We can call him a god. Over there, their strength is close to a miracle, so they are worshipped by countless low-level creatures.”

Lo Ya was a little excited, but her swaying tail suddenly stopped.

She realized that the dark matter’s universe was too big. Although it was just a surface layer, but… To the current Insect Girl, it was really endless.

“Do you know the effect of collapsing space?”

“I don’t understand.” Lo Ya wrinkled her nose.

“You should have been to Origin Space and found that no matter who you are, As long as you appear in that spatial zone, you will become as big as you. In fact, the actual size of the individual in the Origin Space is very shocking. Each individual was at least a million kilometers tall. In other words, Once you go over, your height will be expanded to that extent. When your size increases, the density will naturally decrease. However, the rules still exist in the same way as before. However, the numbers are even smaller. Dark Matter Universe also abided by this rule. Thus, when you go over… You will find that the surface of that place doesn’t seem too big. Because it’s very chaotic, we usually call that world… the Devil World. ”

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