C443 The Point of Attraction in the Air

Pirate tactics are just a foundation for the Insect Girl Clan’s invasion of the Milky Way. Every galaxy in Insect Girl’s Star System was filled with civilization. This situation forced Lo Ya to consider using the void of the universe as a hidden space.

Actually, there was no need to specifically search for emptiness. There were hundreds of thousands or millions of light years of void between the Milky Way. It was a very good hidden area. Hiding inside would basically not be found by other civilizations.

However, recently, the Cerebrate Bacteria who was studying gravitational waves discovered with puzzlement that a super strong gravitational field had been discovered in the vast space between the clusters of stars.

At first, it was determined to be a black hole, but after observing it, it confirmed that the target was not as strong as the black hole’s gravitational force. Furthermore, it was firing the gravitational waves periodically. In other words, the mass was fluctuating, and the gravitational force was also fluctuating.

Logically speaking, at this distance, the effect of the black hole’s gravitational force on this side was negligible. Therefore, the Brain Insect’s method of observation was also the way to explore the black hole.

“That place might not be the void that I imagined. Maybe we can use bigger binoculars.”

“Then let’s produce one.” Lo Ya felt that it made sense. After the big binoculars appeared, not only could they observe the void, they could also detect the distant universe. Perhaps they could use this to solve many of the mysteries of the universe.

“How big is it?” Brain Insect asked.

“100 kilometers in diameter.”

The Brain Insect:… “”

It could not refute Lo Ya’s serious wasteful behavior.

The telescope was big and could indeed achieve good results, but the construction of a diameter of 100 kilometers in one go was so exaggerated…

Alright, the bugs could only follow orders loyally.

First, the entire round telescope was built into modules of bugs, then pieced together in space. Perhaps by relying on it, it will be able to see the end of the universe.

Although this project wasn’t to the extent that a level 3 space civilization couldn’t build it, no one was willing to invest so much to create such a thing. Because it wasn’t worth it at all, a telescope that was dozens of meters long was already enough to see far. If it was placed in space for a few hundred meters, it would definitely be able to see the situation at the known boundary of the universe.

Now that it was a hundred kilometers away at once, it was said that Insect Girl Clan was a tycoon’s behavior.

In order to build this, they had invested tens of billions of Engineering Beetle that they had nothing to do.

Efficiency was the most important, and the consumption of resources was also on the spot. Because it was not as complicated as the craftsmanship of warships, the actual construction speed was much faster.

In less than two months, the insects transported the reproductive modules of the various modules into space hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from Mother Star, and directed them in the direction of the void.

After the construction was completed and the inspection was correct, the first operation began.

The first search target was the tens of millions of light-years void near Insect Girl’s star system.

As a result, when he observed, he saw a trace of weak light. The light came from the gravitational field area. Even with such a large telescope, there were very few images that could be captured.

“Zoom in.”

Slowly pulling the pattern, the appearance of a spaceship appeared.

“Main consciousness, that spaceship is very big” The Cerebrate Bacteria shook its tentacles, looking a little excited. “Looking at the parameters, it might be more than 1 light year old.”

Lo Ya,… “”

1 light year?

“How could there be such a huge ship?”

“Maybe it’s not a spaceship. After zooming in, we found a gap between them. In theory, an object the size of a light year shouldn’t exist because of its size. Enough! It collapsed into a black hole due to the gravity of the body. This was also a degree that civilization could not reach. Thus, it is more like the spaceships have combined into a network that covers a light-year area, and there might be countless spaceships in the middle.”

” So that’s a fleet? ”

A light year fleet, this is probably going to conquer the entire universe.

Lo Ya suddenly remembered what the Earth girl had said. In the past, many high level civilizations had tried to build acceleration devices in empty space or areas with fewer planets. Utilizing Dark energy To push objects to subluminal speed, creating a huge gravitational force.

On one hand, it was to attract celestial bodies in the distant horizon, and on the other, it was to prevent the universe from continuing to expand.

Who would have thought that such a vast project, there would really be civilizations doing it.

“I’m very surprised. The universe right now is filled with super civilizations everywhere. Isn’t it very dangerous for us to run wherever we go?” Lo Ya started to be at a loss.

“Let’s increase the quality first. This is right. No one has ever stipulated that a short-developed civilization cannot defeat a long-term civilization.”


The real high-level civilization had already set their goal to save the entire universe. Even though from the looks of it now, The end of the universe will take a very, very long time, so long that it’s hard to imagine, However, the higher civilizations had already followed the plan long ago, prepared for the worst, and used their own strength to slow down the collapse of the entire universe.

Lo Ya’s short-term goal was to fully utilize antimatter weapons. And the long-term goal was to thoroughly understand microscopic knowledge and establish a perfect unified theory.

The relevant content of the unified theory had long been obtained from the girls on Earth. With the current knowledge reserves of the swarm, It could be digested. After it was completed, it should be able to enter a level 4 civilization. Which was: Standard gravity control civilization.

Controlling the gravitational field was precisely the hardest part. It was precisely this kind of seemingly weakest Strength that resulted in the birth of the most powerful celestial body in the universe, the black hole.

A level 4 civilization was a civilization that controlled gravity. Other than standard anti-gravity technology, there were also many related weapon technology.

On the other hand, research on dark energy would also be accompanied by advancement in technology.

Because of the mysterious Magic, the Brain Insect would always discover some strange phenomena when they researched it.

For example, they would always inexplicably discover an additional energy that appeared out of thin air.

However, the universe should be able to conserve energy, so energy shouldn’t appear out of thin air. Thus, the final research would be that the extra dark energy would be converted into positive energy. Following this trajectory, the Brain Insect seemed to feel the charm of another universe.

A mysterious universe that existed in the same space as us, but would never interact with us, passing through each other, never coming into contact with each other.

They were clearly in the same space, but it seemed like they were in another world.

In reality, the one that gives people this feeling is the neutrino, because it is too small. It would not react to other matter and would always pass through the space between particles. It couldn’t be seen or touched, so no one could sense it. It was not until a long time later that people proved the existence of this mysterious particle through indirect experiments.

If they could find a way to interact with the dark matter, then they might be able to discover that mysterious space.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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