C442 Mother Planet Reviving

The leader of the Insect Girl Clan’s Mother Star.

It was not easy to find a suitable yellow dwarf. He used the propeller to adjust the speed, causing the Mother Star to revolve slowly around the star. Finally, the long-awaited sunlight appeared again.

Using the traction technique, he constantly closed and pulled the distance. First, he heated the surface of the planet. Then, he controlled the distance to a stable orbit, making sure that the surrounding planets were not disturbed. Lo Ya temporarily set this planet at the border of Insect Girl’s Milky Way as a new home for the time being.

The creatures stored in the underground storage room were all transported to the ground, just like how Noah’s Ark broke away from the flood. Countless creatures crawled out of the dark area and entered the earth.

The soil was removed from the ice, the plant seeds fell, and the earth regained vitality in a short period of a year. Although many plants died, their offspring and genes were all preserved.

Insect Girl Clan was trying to replace the original ecosystem with its own ecosystem. It had evolved into pine trees, peach worms, and many other plant-type insects. Although they were essentially insects, they had a similar effect on the environment. For example, producing seeds, absorbing carbon dioxide and toxic substances, producing fruits, and so on.

Because of the birth of these insects, the planet transformation ability of the insects had greatly increased, and the failed experiments had all achieved good results.

Lo Ya lay on the grass that she had not seen for a long time. Her belly was facing the sky, her hands were open, and she slept soundly.

Even Little Insect Girl liked the beautiful natural environment. The rain was gentle and the sun was warm. The only pity was that the number of species had decreased by a lot.

After lying on the ground for two hours, Lo Ya got up from the ground. She was still in a daze when she realized that there was a group of little Little Insect Girl around her.

The little fellows squeezed dozens of times and piled up together. They slept in various positions and seemed to be more at ease by Lo Ya’s side.

Lo Ya picked up one and carefully flew out from the middle. Then, she flapped her wings and left the place.

After flying to the silver moon’s passageway, Lo Ya entered it.

“Looks like bringing Silver Moon along is not wrong. No matter how bad it is, the resources are still richer than many planets.”

Lo Ya wiggled on the rocky ground for a while and looked at the starry sky. Little Little Insect Girl woke up in her arms.

“Yiya.” The little guy raised his little hand and blinked his big eyes as he happily called out to Lo Ya.


Lo Ya’s face rubbed against the other party’s small face a few times. In the end, because the difference between the two heads was too large, the little guy’s head tilted.

“Uh, what do you want to do now? Do you want to eat meat?”

“Meat, meat.” Speaking of meat, Little Cute became excited.

Indeed, she had just woken up and was basically hungry. Lo Ya set up the shelf on the spot and used the Magic to guide some of the oxygen over. She created a space for the fire and then began to roast.

“If only I could give birth to a type of automatic roasted meat bug.”

After thinking for a while, Lo Ya still gave up on this plan.

At that time, they would really become a bunch of lazy worms. Now, everyone could still use wooden sticks to roast something. Wouldn’t they be lying down all day and waiting for food to come and open their mouths?

After so many years, Little Insect Girl’s number was also very large.

Actually, if they only built warships of the same level as five years ago, they could already build tens of thousands of ships. But in order to increase the quality, Lo Ya had been sacrificing numbers. The final result was that a lot of the stored nutrition was saved. On the surface, it seemed that… There were only a few thousand spaceships, but in reality, these few thousand spaceships could beat tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of spaceships in the past.

This was the advantage of technological advancement.

The swarm had been cultivating the ability to attack for a short period of time.

On the surface, there didn’t seem to be any fleets, but once the battle began, It wouldn’t take long for the fleet to fill up the entire space. Turning the scale of the army into actual production ability, this method was similar to the American Emperor in his previous life during World War II.

Before World War II, the strength of the American army could be said to be relatively weak. But their production ability was extremely strong, and their economy was already ahead of the world. When the Pacific War broke out, their navy might not even be as strong as some day’s… In the end, in just a few short years, hundreds of ships sailed into the water every year… Countless factories developed, and the production of tanks and airplanes instantly dominated the world.

This was the terror of a large economic country.

Do you think the current Insect Girl Clan only has this on the surface? In fact, the production capacity is hidden.

Currently, the number of planets under control has expanded to 20. Then, the surrounding planets that are not colonized and only serve as energy reserve planets continue to supply energy.

In nearly 10 years, 20 factories were built on the ground. They could breed all the main battleship species including battleships. In space, 30 space bases were already built. These were all the embryonic form of the Space Carrier, once necessary. In a short three months, they could be converted into 20 Space Carrier. And the production space within could also produce over 40 battleships and even more battleships every month.

Underground of the Insect Girl Clan’s Mother Star, in an expanding space. There were all kinds of Slime creatures crawling all over. The natural blue Slime was the main body, as well as the energy board of the Insect Girl Clan’s own Slime. All in all, these were the real source of energy.

The planet that was covered by the energy board with a diameter of more than 100 kilometers had shrunk by more than half, and it was still being devoured.

Currently, the number of asteroids that were enveloped had already exceeded 100. In the later stages, these energy boards could still leave this planet and move to other planets around it.

The universe was too big. Up until now, even if there were tens of billions of Light Plate Insect, they still could not wrap around the entire star.

The current Insect Girl Clan was no longer restricted by the energy. The only thing restricting their development was the evolution of their genes.

“Little guys, what other use do you have other than acting cute?”

Lo Ya hugged the little guy tightly. This kind of soft and moving feeling was really good.

Currently, Lo Xin was already able to take over most of the things. Lo Wen was also learning, such as strategic command.

Lo Ya set up a unique department within the Insect Girl Clan: Military Command.

In fact, after the establishment of the department, it had completely become a house and sleep department. There was very little time for everyone to seriously discuss strategies, because there were not many insects that had shown their ability to command at the moment. Most of the time they discussed together was to learn from Lo Ya.

Lo Ya was now the leader of the race. Without her, the true level of the Insect Girl Clan would fall by a level.

“It’s time for the meeting. This time, let’s find a small civilization to start the fight. Let Lo Wen and the others give some instructions.”

Lo Yin was more naughty and might not be suitable to lead troops to war. Lo Ya decided to let her manage the food production (not including other logistics). Presumably, in order to have more delicious food, she would work very hard.

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