C441 Three Types of Machines

The name of the Tusk Pirates, although wandering in the hearts of certain people, did not have a huge impact on the entire pirate circle.

On one hand, the pirates surrounding this black market actually controlled an area of less than ten thousand light years. There were hundreds of large and small forces (perhaps there were some that were not recorded), and any large force took out a battleship. It was enough to make a slightly weaker civilization feel ashamed. On the other hand, the news about the Pirates was passed down through word of mouth. No one saw it with their own eyes.

Even the mercenaries who had personally joined the battle could only say in a tone that was not very confident, “It should be those five ships, right?”

No matter what, it should be a new force. It was more likely that it was a disguise of some veteran Pirates. They bought different types of high-grade ships and put them into use. For the time being, they did not want to expose their potential to their competitors.

The pressure of the Wandering Dragon Pirates was a little too great. After being in the industry for so many years, the commander was afraid that he would lose all of his trump cards this time.

Looking at the treasure vault that he had used up half of, he hesitated for a long time and decided to contribute all of it.

Money was an external object, status and strength were the foundation. With the latter, as long as he spent time, he would be able to earn back his money sooner or later.

With this thought in mind, it prepared to spend a large sum of money to hire him again.

Considering the scale of the issue, the four subsidiary Pirates, which had their numbers reduced by at least two-thirds, announced to the public that they would merge the two as one, forming the vanguard and the left wing.

The captured ships were added up, making a total of ten ships on one side. After more than half a month of modification, these ships had gained basic combat strength and successfully sailed into space.

The vanguard’s base was located in a meteorite belt, and the left wing of the Pirates was still the small planet with a diameter of 2000 kilometers. In fact, the territory was very large, but for such a large area in the universe, This was a completely normal phenomenon.

Ten ships wanting to defend a planet is actually already enough. However, most of the Pirates did not just have this little bit of Strength. Hence, they used the same trick again, robbing and plundering, and then modifying a new ship became inevitable.

As pirates, they had to pillage. All kinds of long-distance transport ships in the universe were endless. No matter how many pirates there were, they could not be more than the number of flights. Around 10,000 light-years away, there were hundreds of pirates. Even if the numbers were average, Every Pirates robbed once a month (in fact, only the Great Pirates had a higher frequency), and it only happened a few thousand times a year.

However, all the flights within this area added up to more than a few thousand a day. In addition to the transport of private ships, various kinds of cruise ships, and so on, the number of ships sent out every day was at least ten thousand.

This was also the reason why the Pirates had a large number of ships, but it was not to the extent that they were surrounded and attacked by various civilizations.

Compared to the loss of a few ships a month ago, the manpower, material resources, and financial resources invested during the siege, as well as the series of risks that came along with it, It was the most unbearable. And the existence of pirates was just like criminals, There was no way to stop them, even if they used all sorts of methods. In the face of benefits, there were still many people who were willing to take risks.

After being around for so long, each of them was a wily old fox, making one’s head swell.

What the Insect Girl Clan did was to use the strength of the entire civilization to play the role of a pirate. And this time, for the sake of benefits, they had put in a lot of effort. Who knew how these pirates would feel when they took out the three Space Carrier?

“It’s definitely not possible to develop your own forces. From today onwards, you guys can think of ways to annex or ally with some pirates. “

Lo Ya gave the order to the insects far ahead.

The purpose of the pirate plan is to slowly build the Pirates that covers the entire Galaxy Guard Alliance through continuous annexation and development.

If it was just a pirate force, then the consequences would be that it would receive the attention of the entire alliance. But… if during the development, there were some other ships with different appearances… Or simply control some forces behind the scenes and pretend to be unrelated on the surface… Even if half of the pirate circle had become part of the Insect Girl Clan, no one would know about it.

Lo Ya’s goal was to let the small forces that she had built spread all over the place like raindrops. Moreover, it did not seem to have anything to do with her on the surface, and there might even be conflicts.

The vanguard, the Pirates, and the left-wing Pirates were only the first group, and they were also the representatives of the extraordinary forces, the Pirates.

As time passed, the other Pirates would slowly feel the power of the Pirates.

After all, Lo Ya would pay the Fangs Gang 10 Energy Stone a day, and the Pirates would give the vanguard Pirates and the left-wing Pirates 2 Energy Stone each.

After accumulating enough money every day, it would increase their combat strength to a large extent.

It was impossible to buy a ship directly. A ship that was 100 meters long would cost at least dozens of Energy Stone, but if it was a mercenary, he could hire dozens or hundreds of ships (even though they would only be used once or twice).

Most of the mercenaries would measure the strength of their opponents when they participated in the battle. Most of them would only provide firepower support. They would not be foolish enough to send themselves to their deaths. Hence, if they really started fighting… When they were absolutely going to lose, the mercenaries would escape ahead of time.

“There is a planet in the hands of the Wandering Dragon Pirates. There are tens of millions of people on it. I need sufficient ground combat units so that I can occupy the target in the future.”

Brain Insect No.101 sent a request to Lo Ya according to the intel.

“It is impossible to provide you with insects. That will expose our identities. I will think of a way to get a batch of robots for you. En… It’s from one of our planets.”

The planet that was left behind by the Destroyer Civilization was one of the 16 stars of Insect Girl Clan. Lo Ya, who initially planned to name a planet, felt that it would be a little troublesome, so she directly numbered it. Apart from the first 10 stars, the rest started from 11.

The specific information of the planet was stored in the insect’s brain, and it could be used at any time.

As for the 11 planets, after the robots that carried the brain provided it for the Brain Insect to study for a while, It was almost solved. Other than the more advanced biotechnology, everyone could also produce some bugs with higher mechanical components.

The Mechanical Insect was one of the beneficiaries.

At this time, in order to provide it to different Pirates, some of the biological components were very little, and the technological content was in line with the robots of a Level 2 Civilization.

The first batch of mechanical creatures had three types. They were combat humans, machine jumping bugs, and mechanical flying bugs.

Fighters were actually humanoid combat machines with high dexterity, and their movements were no different from ordinary people. In addition, there were thrusters and balances on their legs and back, so they could perform many movements that ordinary people could not.

Machine jumping bugs were enlarged versions of fleas, and they were equipped with close range weapons.

Mechanical flying bugs were small bugs similar to helicopters, and they could transform.

Its combat power was slightly stronger than the black small beetle.

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