C440 First Bared Fangs

At the beginning of this battle, it was obvious that the few pirate ships of Insect Girl Clan were at a disadvantage. However, because of the addition of a few frigate, the scale of this battle was leaning towards the side with fewer people.

The people of Wandering Dragon had never thought that such a ghastly outcome would occur.

The five ships that were over a hundred meters long were all of a higher level. Their strength was astonishing, and their defensive capabilities were superior. The energy level of the lasers even surpassed the power level of high-powered nuclear bombs.

In fact, everyone knew how difficult it was to make the laser gun produce a nuclear weapon with the destructive power of an equivalent weight. Not to mention that its energy was restricted to an extremely small area, and its speed was at the speed of light. Thus, its destructive power was much greater, and it even tacitly agreed that it was impossible to dodge.

Some civilizations’ methods of dealing with laser gun were very crude. They used two rounds of evasion.

What did that mean? It was to use the first laser to determine the direction of the opponent. And the first round of shooting basically could not be dodged, because the speed of light was the fastest, the moment you were discovered would be the moment you were hit.

Most of the ships were also destroyed in the first wave of attack, but as long as this round was completed, the surrounding ships would instantly know the situation of the person who was hit. The smart computer immediately determined the direction of the enemy based on the light beam’s trajectory.

The laser gun’s firing rate was continuous for a period of time, which was that the light beam was very long. During this process, the spaceship was flying relative to each other. Therefore, the direction of the muzzle would also change according to the position of the spaceship, in order to match the changes brought by the ship’s movement. It allowed the entire beam of light to hit the same target.

Based on the angle of the beam of light, he could accurately calculate the trajectory of the spaceship and quickly counter attack. For example, he could use the same beam of light to counter attack.

The war in space was calculated as a war, a war of computer reaction speed, and also a war of intelligence.

The powerful side could even guarantee that the other side would not be able to discover them, or that they would not be able to be hit even if they were discovered.

Many ships would often change direction when they were fighting, such as immediately changing direction half a second after firing, to prevent the enemy from immediately counterattacking after capturing them.

The advantage of the laser gun was that it was invisible in the beginning, and it was hard to tell when it would be fired the second time. The disadvantage was that the light beam’s length was too long, and its position would be exposed.

However, a simple problem with the prediction of the laser required a level 2 space civilization or above to be able to do it perfectly.

This was the knowledge of space wars.

These so-called Pirates bodies were actually not qualified warriors. Most of their work was left to the computer, but on the Insect Girl Clan’s side, It would be an information war. There were various kinds of Spirit invasion, computer virus invasion, and other tactics. Perhaps when they were dealing with civilized level opponents in the past… The results were not obvious, but now… victory came too easily.

There was also an electromagnetic pulse weapon called the EMP. Although it could appear at the planet stage, it would often have a considerable effect in space wars.

With all kinds of weapons used, these pirates could still fight from the beginning, but slowly turned into heavy casualties.

Halfway through the fight, the cabin of the bug ship opened, and millions of small combat bugs flew out.

Most of them were Explosive Beetle, which were used to launch suicide attacks on small units of the enemy. The minority were Wind God Winged Insect, and the least were Mechanical Insect. There were only a few thousand of them. However, their combat strength was the strongest. They exchanged their ammunition. They could be used as weapons against each other.

When there were too many ants biting an elephant to death, when there were too many small combat units, The opposing units would not be able to withstand it. Even if it was a huge ship, facing the bombardment of hundreds of thousands of Wind God Winged Insect missiles, It could not hold on for too long either. With every 100 tons of equivalent weight, the combined 100 thousand tons of explosive equivalent weight would be 10 million tons of TNT. With these low level combat units, it would be a ghost if they could hold on.

After the little bugs got rid of some of the weakest ones, they began to cooperate with the Beetle Army to fight inside the ship. Along the way, there were explosions and close combat. A large number of ships were harvested by the Pirates.

The mercenaries on the friend’s side were asked to stop attacking when they seized the ships. In fact, they felt that it was strange. Usually, snatching ships would only be used against civilian transport ships that were not a threat. Wouldn’t it be a huge loss if they did this to the warships?

Moreover, the pirates’ close combat ability was not inferior to the army’s. With the mechanical beasts on the Insect Girl Clan’s side (because they had sprayed metal paint to disguise themselves), The insects were treated as robots in the form of beasts)?

They clearly underestimated the close-combat abilities of the insects. This was not a machine made of steel. Instead, it was a monster whose average combat strength was above the Super Class. Although most of the robots in the interstellar era had the strength of a transcendent, when compared to the swarm, It seemed to be even worse.

Highly powerful machinery had high technological requirements, and the higher the level, the more cost one needed to pay. In comparison, although the bugs consumed a lot of resources, compared to robots, It seemed to be able to save a bit more. After all, it wasn’t just metal, even soil cells were useless to robots. The bugs could be used as nutrients.

This time. This time, because there was no absolute gap between the two sides, the commander of the Wandering Dragon Pirates successfully escaped. At the same time, five pirate ships and eight mercenary ships left.

To the group of pirates led by the Pirates, this battle could be said to have made them famous.

Furthermore, the name of the mastermind behind this incident, the Fangs Pirates, had gradually spread.

Because the five hives’ frigate were too special, their recognition was very high. Their appearance was obviously different from other fleets, so after the battle, everyone paid special attention to this.

Lo Ya also sent out some news about the Pirates (Of course, it was hinted in various ways) at the right time.

Many so-called “smart people” speculated about the existence of the Tusk, especially the leader of the Wandering Dragon Pirates. That night, she shouted angrily, “Investigate it for me. I want to see what the heck that thing of Tusk is!”

The vanguard, the left wing… These four groups were most likely related to the fleet on Wandering Dragon. There were also the mercenaries that were hired with money. How audacious. When the leader of the Swimming Dragon Guild found out that the vanguard was actually backed by a group from the Pirates who could send out five mysterious warships. In fact, he was quite nervous.

His subordinates hurriedly ran over to investigate, but they did not get any important information.

“This Pirates seems to have appeared out of thin air, but some people say that they have existed for a long time. However, they had been hiding behind the scenes and hadn’t revealed themselves. The vanguard of the Pirates should be a force supported by the Pirates, used to probe other forces. At the same time, avoid being dragged into this matter.”

“What about the one called the left wing?” When Leader Wandering Dragon heard the report from his subordinate, he immediately asked back.

“It might also be the Fang’s support, but you should know how difficult it is to support a branch. Most of the enemies this time are probably hired by them with a lot of money.”

“Alright, I’ll take it as you say. I have to think about how to solve these problems in one go. The recent losses are too severe.”

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