C438 Competitive Relationship

“I don’t think I messed with them, do I?”

The man in armor turned around and looked at his subordinates strangely.

Everyone shook their heads. “No, no.”

Of course, there was no need for the insects with spiritual communication to act so pretentiously. However, due to Lo Ya’s request, everyone had to act as if they were normal creatures.

Sure enough, not long after, everyone was attacked at a hotel on this planet.

A man in a robe used an electromagnetic anti-equipment rifle and fired at them three kilometers away.

A bullet with a diameter of 2.5 centimeters, with its initial speed exceeding three kilometers, instantly hit the armored man’s body with the Strength. The impact directly set off a wave of air, forcing him to take a few steps back.

The thick smoke dispersed. Seeing that the bullet was still intact, the black-robed man’s pupils shrank.


Similarly, a series of bullets hit his body from three kilometers away.

Killers, die!

This wave of assassination was actually planned to eliminate ten people from the scene one after another from a long distance. However, the members of the Sky Pirates did not expect that this group of people who called themselves the vanguard, the Pirates, would change like this. Pervert.

“This is really boring.”

He loosened his fingers, and in front of the hotel waiter and a group of customers, the bullet gently fell to the ground.

“Let’s go to another restaurant and continue eating.”

“That, the money…” Seeing that they were about to leave, the waiter spoke boldly.

“Here you go.”

After throwing out a few energy fragments, the eleven evil fellows turned around and walked to the next house.

After sitting down, the Undead Insect began their discussion.

“The assassins must be from the Sky Pirates, or the mercenaries they hired. However, it doesn’t seem easy to find them on this huge planet and kill all of them. ”

“It’s time to show off our tycoons. Spend some money. We’ll hire them at a high price as well. Otherwise, being assassinated all day is really annoying.”

“You’re right. Let’s do that for this meal.”

After making a decision, everyone began to taste it. It was fine. However, halfway through their meal, another bullet flew over and pointed at one of the subordinates’ temples.


He slapped the bullet away and raised his hand to shoot in that direction for dozens of times. However, he discovered that the target had already escaped from behind the bunker the moment the bullet was fired.

“I’ll catch up with it.”

The Undead Insect lightly leaped, climbed onto the wall, and then quickly advanced between the buildings. It didn’t take long for him to see the other party in his field of vision.

“Dark Sphere.”

The effect of the Undead Magic was activated. A thumb-sized black ball flew out at the speed of a bullet, instantly piercing through the other party’s brain.

After returning to the hotel, the armored man stood up on the spot and said to everyone, “Go and find mercenaries now. The tribe will give us one standard energy block per day. It will be a waste not to use it.”

One Energy Stone was equivalent to 100 small energy stones, which was equivalent to 10,000 energy stones. Even if it was a fragment, it would still have a high value. It was actually a bit of a waste to pay a few energy blocks for a meal. Considering the possibility of sustainable development, The few of them took out ten Energy Charging Crystal from a portion of Lo Ya’s shared item space and placed them on the table.

After the waiter checked the goods with special equipment, he indicated that it was worth a meal.

After leaving the scene and returning to the black market area, they specially found the port that the gray-skinned child had introduced. They found the wall with a knife drawn on it and knocked a few times.

Very quickly, the wall opened down, revealing a passageway.

The few of them looked at each other and walked in.

After entering, they found that this was definitely the black market of the black market. It was dark and damp inside, but the area wasn’t small. It was divided into rooms, and some rooms had people playing cards.

“Yo, what are you guys doing?”

One of the guys with a cigarette in his mouth turned around and asked the newcomers with a smile.

“Hire, a large number of killers or mercenaries to help us solve some small problems”

“Who do you want to kill?” The other party asked directly.

“Everyone from the Sky Pirates.”

The opposite party sneered, “A tiny Pirates in the sky, you came here to beg for help?”

“Is there a problem?” The man in armor frowned.

“Ordinary mercenaries are enough to solve those problems. But… you can hire us as long as you have enough money. ”

“What’s the price?”

“10 small energy bars.”

It was equivalent to 1,000 energy pieces. To an ordinary person, this was an exorbitant price.

From the looks of the people around the scene, these guys who were playing cards were very famous in this place. They were one of the top assassin forces.

“No problem. As long as it is resolved quickly, it will be fine. I will only give you one day. I will give you another 5 energy pieces. You can use this money to find some helpers.”

Taking out 15 pieces, the armored man grinned.

“No need.” The other party only took 10 of them and knocked on the table, “Brothers, it’s time to work”

Seven or eight people stood up from the ground and made a note at a place similar to the front desk before leaving the scene.

“It can be seen that the Sky Pirates is really weak. These guys actually dare to provoke others.” One of the subordinates muttered in a low voice.

“Hehe, that depends on who they are. Actually, the Celestial Sky Group isn’t as weak as you all say.” Not far away, a guy who looked like a crocodile took a sip of wine. He said to them, “I’m afraid very few are willing to accept this mission. What if a few small fish are missed? With those guys’ vengeful thoughts, I’m afraid that they’ll be in endless trouble in the future. ”


“The money you have is worth more than what you have. ”

After leaving the scene and looking for a hotel, an unfamiliar man knocked on the door of the room.

After opening the door, the other party looked at the people crowded in the small room in a daze. He organized his words and said, “The big shot over there called me to send a message. The target has been dealt with.”

After saying that, he threw a bag in front of him.

When the man left, the armored man opened the bag and found that it was filled with heads.

Even Lo Ya on the other side was silent.

Money can make ghosts push the mill. It was indeed not empty words.

After this day, the news had spread, but most of the people remembered the mysterious killer and did not put the credit on the Pirates who was the vanguard.

After all, this matter had not spread to the public, and no one knew what was going on.

“It seems like I have to do things openly in the future.”

Sitting on the ship and leaving the black market, a few ships suddenly encountered a group of pirates’ ships.

The enemy had a total of seven ships, one of which was especially large, at least 400 meters long.

The other side sent a signal:

“This is the territory of our Wandering Dragon Pirates. Hand over one Energy Stone or die!”

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