C437 Pirate Black Market

In fact, the Insect Girl Clan had the strength of an early stage level 3 space civilization.

The use of antimatter had increased the firepower of all weapons by a large margin. It also gave the level 2 space civilization a chance to break through the shield that was almost indestructible. This also explained Lo Ya’s initial view that a lower level space civilization could defeat a higher level space civilization. However, once the level gap between civilizations reached two or more levels, then a lower level civilization could only be crushed.

The reason why civilizations of different levels could coexist harmoniously was most likely because they were restricted by certain factors.

The main reason why the fleet crossed 2000 light years to the other side is to come into contact with the black market.

The black market’s black was clearly reflected in the interstellar era. However, they were still selling slaves, famous pirates, mercenaries, and arms dealers. Even wealthy tycoons were gathered here. This place could hire people to help you assassinate them, and it could also help you seize the position of family successor. It can let people who can’t survive make a living make a living, and it can also provide protection for criminals.

In this era, the black market is synonymous with opportunity and chaos.

Of course, if you want to live well in a place like this, you must have money or power. If you don’t have any, you can find a powerful backer, or find a high-paying but risky job.

The newly arrived Insect Girl Clan used a modified ship to come into contact with the black market.

The vanguard, Pirates, was a new Pirates with an ordinary name. But to the Insect Girl Clan, it had a special meaning. It was the vanguard of the first expedition. Its leader was called Armored Man. The homophone of a fake meant that this fellow’s appearance was actually fake.

His subordinates were all insects modified from Undead Insect. They were all Third Grade Transcendents, and most of them had taken high-grade genetic potions with their bare hands. If they could master large-scale killing Magic, these fellows would be powerful human-shaped nuclear bombs.

However, this world was fair. If there were enough of them, the quality would definitely not be very high. That was why the Undead Insect were all individuals who did not know how to use large-scale Magic. They only knew how to use small-scale dark Magic.

Apart from the dark thread’s early Magic, as their strength increased, they also learned a lot of common skills that could change the form.

For example, the dark fist, dark foot, and dark shooting. To put it simply, they used the undead energy on their own limbs or weapons to achieve even greater Magic damage.

When the spaceship stopped in the hidden black market space station, a large group of Undead Insect people wearing black clothes and black sunglasses walked down from above. Many individuals’ gazes were attracted to them.

How to put it? This outfit was quite arrogant.

Each individual behind them carried a very high-level electromagnetic rail rifle, complimenting the armored person walking in the middle. For some reason, when they saw this scene, they couldn’t help but take a detour. Let these guys of unknown origin pass by.

“Hello, sir. Do you need me to introduce this place to you? Since you are new here, you must not know of any fun places in the black market. I can introduce you to them.” A grey-skinned child boldly ran up from afar and respectfully smiled at A.

“Oh, you should introduce what’s here. It’s best if you can tell me what powerful pirates are here.”

The grey-skinned man chuckled and pointed to the west. “That’s an air port. You came from there, so you naturally know where it is. However, very few people knew that there was a wall with a knife drawn on it at the entrance of the air port. Standing there and tapping a few times, you can enter a mysterious secret chamber. There might be some of the most powerful assassins in the world hired inside. ”

The man in armor looked over in surprise, thinking that this was indeed something he had overlooked.

“That’s the market, there are all kinds of illegal items, slaves, and things you didn’t expect. There’s even a buyer who bought 100 billion tons of excrement. Alright. God knows what he’s going to do. In short, what he wanted, for example, all kinds of incredible services. Or things that are not allowed by the laws of the various civilizations, as long as you can pay… It will be realized there ”

A:… “”

“[That is the central area, it is also divided into square areas, entertainment areas, business areas, management area etc. Other than the management area that belongs to the black market boss, you can go and take a look at the other areas.]”

A touched his chin. “Where are the pirates?”

“Pirates like to be at the northernmost part of the square area. There is a space communication door there that allows them to directly enter the third planet of the black market, which is the Pirate Planet.”


Without wasting any time, he casually tipped the other party a fragment of energy and led everyone there.

The Spatial Contact Gate was a Star Gate that used an extremely powerful energy to minimize the effects of gravity and solidify traction. If one wanted to pass through it, they would have to spend a huge amount of money. Normally, no one would spend dozens of energy blocks to pass through it. Instead, they would directly fly over as a spaceship. However, the man in armor, who was playing the role of a tycoon, did not care about such a small matter at all.

After paying, everyone directly passed through the galactic space and landed on the other side of the gate.

It was evening here, and the sun in the sky was red, illuminating the clouds.

A few soldiers holding firearms and wearing grey uniforms stood not far away.

They were soldiers from the black market, and it was said that the boss of the black market had a lot of capital. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to recruit millions of soldiers to manage and build a planet. As a private property, Tuoyi, who had always relied on interstellar stocks and various trades to make money, was an out-and-out client. He was also the ultimate villain in many people’s eyes.

“Yo, is anyone passing through the portal today?” A few men and women standing near the teleportation square chuckled. They looked ordinary. Actually, they were all pirates. There might be weapons hanging around their waists.

“Sir, I suggest that your men carry their guns on their backs. Otherwise, it will bring you unnecessary trouble.” The soldiers on both sides glanced at the few people in the distance and kindly reminded the armored man.

“Thank you.” The armored man waved his hand and the ten people behind him put away their weapons at the same time.

The few people sitting not far away looked at each other and smiled as they walked over. “Are you mercenaries, or do you want to join the Pirates? Why don’t you come to our Sky Pirates? ”

The man in armor shrugged his shoulders. “I’m sorry. These are the members of the Pirates, the vanguard. They are not interested in you.”

“The vanguard, the Pirates?” The woman frowned and said, “I’ve never heard of it.”

“What’s the point of hiding in such a small group? Why don’t we join a more famous one?” The leader of the group said.

“Yeah, a small group like yours can at most have a dozen or so people. There are countless of these pirates in the entire Milky Way Alliance. Who knows when they’ll provoke a large group and get wiped out?”

“That’s also because you were destroyed.” The man in armor said coldly.

“You… Hmph.” Unable to be bothered with the nonsense, the few of them turned around and left.

However, after some distance, the Nourishing Insect released by the armored man heard their conversation.

“Is it these people? They offended the Company Leader’s men.”

“It’s hard to say, but… It would be better to kill the wrong person than to let him go. This is the Guild Leader’s order.”

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