C436 The Pirate Crew Expanded

With Insect Girl Milky Way as the center, about 500 light-years to the left of the 12 civilizations, a large fleet stopped in the void.

“Beard’s fleet was destroyed. That was more than 10 ships. Did the 12 civilizations send out their fleet to surround him?”

“That’s not possible. The 12 civilizations would not take such a huge risk to deal with our Tyrant Rune Pirates. They said that as long as we don’t openly attack the official transport ships… Then they will let us do whatever we want in that territory.”

“But Beardy was still killed.”

“It’s unlikely that he would take the initiative to provoke the government. There might be a conflict between the Pirates and Beard. However, since he was able to kill Beard in such a short period of time, that Pirates won’t be much weaker than us.”

“Then what should we do? Should we admit defeat?”

“How can that be? Let’s go back first. We are looking for appearances. There are many mercenaries that can be found on the black market. I want to take revenge for Beard.”

After a simple conversation, this group of pirates immediately sailed back. The Twelve Civilizations, which could be considered a base camp, had to be temporarily put away.

On Insect Girl’s side, after a short plundering, the official guard ship was taken away.

Lo Ya wanted to run after the fight and rely on the rebounding technology of the civilization to gain the upper hand. She continuously attacked the valuable level 1 civilization guard ship and then modified it. Equipping the Insect Girl Clan’s energy shield and Force Field Shield, which were close to the level of a level 3 civilization, as well as some advanced weapons. They formed a small group of five or six pirates.

The people in charge of the group were all fake people transformed from insects, such as individuals disguised as the 12 civilizations, or the glass-headed race of the galactic merchants.

These small Pirates would all obtain their own names. On the surface, they were independent, but they were also part of the powerful and mysterious Pirates.

Everything was OK.

After plundering many transport ships, attracting the escort fleet, and then transferring guns to plunder, the officials of the 12 civilizations were all stunned.

A single transport ship was fine. The unlucky ones were all ships that came to protect them. Those pirates robbed military ships that had no profits… could it be that they needed weapons?

However, plundering itself meant energy consumption and taking risks. The cost-effectiveness of doing such a thing was too low.

“Starting from tomorrow, the flight time of the concentrated flight will be at least five ships at a time. The number of battleships in charge of guarding will also be increased to more than five.” The higher-ups made this decision.

Then, it was exactly what the Insect Girl Clan wanted.

The suppression of the level of civilization wasn’t just for show. Even if it was a frigate, if they really fought, the 12 small civilizations wouldn’t be able to easily destroy it.

Every time the swarm sent out a formation of at least 10 ships, they used at least 10,000 small-sized insects in the space war. Under the flood of the Insect Sea, the frigate ship would be able to get close. They would be caught in the battle of the soldiers inside the cabin.

However, a single frigate from the 12 civilizations usually did not have more than 100 individual soldiers. They never thought that a space war would be forced to the extent of a string war.

“These pirates must have come from other civilizations. They are not something we can deal with at all.”

After making such a judgment, the higher ups of the 12 civilizations were very helpless.

The guard ships were warships, and although they were small, five of them could be easily taken care of. So what if they were replaced by a large division? The enemy was not stupid. If they could defeat them, they would fight. If they could not win, they would run. Such a simple logic was clear to every pirate.

Thus, the 12 civilizations continued to reduce the number of flights. Every month, only one wave of passengers would be sent to each planet, and more than 40 ships would be gathered at one time. The frigate also mobilized the complete formation of the Grand Air Force, which was 20 ships of various sizes. In addition, there were also 10 normal ships protecting the ship. Only then did he feel at ease.

Lo Ya, who had already robbed close to 20 frigate ships, saw this and gave up the idea of touching a knife. She stopped sending out troops to plunder.

If they attacked such a large scale squadron, it would not be a robbery, but a war.

When the war escalated to the level of civilization and race, it would definitely cause the entire 12 civilizations to unite against a common enemy. At that time, the planet that Lo Ya built dozens of lightyears away would be exposed, and the fleets and fortifications there would have to be mobilized. They would have a decisive battle with this civilization.

Once such a decisive battle started, if other civilizations joined the war, it would be completely difficult to handle. It might even expose the fact that the swarm came from outside the Milky Way.

Trans-Milky Way level civilizations would definitely attract the attention of Galaxy Empire. This was what Lo Ya did not want.

Hence, after obtaining 20 ships, the 1st expedition fleet left the territory of the 12 civilizations and headed towards another civilization deeper in the disc.

Compared to that civilization, it was an 11 civilizations civilization. Alright. Lo Ya only now knew that there were a total of 15 civilizations with numbers. A long time ago, these civilizations used to be one, and their technology was at the peak of a level 1 civilization. The area they occupied was shocking, and their culture was unprecedentedly prosperous. However, after the war with another civilization, they were forced to cede land and pay compensation. It was divided into 15 regions, from the First Civilization to the 15th Civilization. The three largest civilizations were the vassal states of the defeated civilization, and the rest were all under the jurisdiction of the Galaxy Guard Alliance. They were under the jurisdiction of the ___. The control of the Alliance was greater than that of the other civilizations.

Although it was far away, Galaxy Empire still used it as an outpost to deal with the outer river.

Insect Girl’s Milky Way, which was 300,000 kilometers away, was the closest galaxy to the Galaxy Guard Alliance. It was full of uncertainty. Galaxy Guard Alliance left dozens of lightyears of worthless planets in the outer perimeter of Disc Galaxy as a buffer, and then established an inspection point for the outside world. It was the place where Lo Ya’s three fake Insect Man first came for inspection – the super interstellar base with the shocking defensive power.

Considering the unprecedented size of these 15 civilizations, if they provoked too much, it might anger the other civilizations and cause them to take precautions. Hence, Lo Ya made every civilization only snatch it once.

After seizing about 10 ships along the way, the news of the galactic pirates flooding had entered the news of various civilizations. Even the civilizations that were further away from the Alliance knew that several thousand light years away from Disc Galaxy, there was an unknown and large number of Pirates bodies that liked to rob military ships.

Brain Insect No.101 smelled the danger and let the fleet leave this area. After crossing over 2000 light years of empty space, they flew towards the other side of the 12 civilizations.

With 60000 times the speed of light, 2000 light years only needed to fly for less than half a month.

When they arrived at their destination, the 30 multi-channel military escort ships had all been remodeled. Although they were not as powerful as the frigate, they could still be considered very dangerous pirates.

The other side was the territory of a relatively strong space civilization. Their fleet’s strength was close to the current Insect Girl.

Considering that the third level civilization’s signature technology was basically antimatter and energy shields, Lo Ya defined it as a level 3 civilization.

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