C435 Seize

Twelve civilizations, airports.

With his back against the chair, Cillin secured his body with a seatbelt. Then, he leaned back and looked out the window leisurely.

Although the lights at the harbor were a little dimmer than the cities in the distance, it could still make people feel the charm of civilization. Cillin was a humanoid creature. This was the same as most of the intelligent civilizations in the universe.

The reason why so many similar races appeared was mainly because of the basic laws of evolution. They were broad vision, flexible limbs or fingers, developed brains… This series of requirements led to being fortunate enough to become a creature of a higher civilization after a great filtration. It was either a strange tentacle monster with flexible tentacles or at least three fingers. A creature that could stand upright.

This did not mean that crawling creatures could not become an advanced civilization, but their development process was much more difficult. Similarly, the voice system would also affect the development of the species civilization. Assuming that a species could only be called “woof, woof,” then they wanted to develop a complex and independent language. It would be extremely difficult.

In the universe, there were indeed many civilizations that developed sign language before the emergence of language. There were even some high level species that could rely on brain waves or electromagnetic waves to communicate remotely.

However, those creatures with special characteristics were often very difficult to understand. Ordinary creatures might not even be able to communicate with them smoothly.

In the early stages of the interstellar expansion era, the 12 civilizations that had been cut off from their field of vision discovered strange alien creatures for the first time in the universe. Only then did they understand… Oh, is there such a strange life form?

“Dear passengers, the spaceship is about to take off. Please put on the protection belt in time.”

After five minutes of countdown, the spaceship slowly floated up, accompanied by a ray of light, flying above the atmosphere.

In the time after that, Cillin leisurely looked into space through the window.

After flying for about a few hours, the flight attendant inside the spaceship suddenly said to everyone, “Recently, pirates have frequently appeared in this area. We have already contacted the escort fleet for everyone, so you don’t have to worry about safety.”

“Pirates, when has this place ever lacked pirates?”

Cillin muttered and did not take it seriously.

There were a lot of galactic pirates in space, but very few dared to intercept official ships. Moreover, this ship itself did not have much profit. Even if they managed to snatch it away, They would not be able to obtain anything valuable. Instead, it would cause the officials to come and surround them.

Just as everyone took the initiative to ignore the notification, a violent tremor was heard.

“Damn it, what’s going on?” The passengers all cried out in panic.

“Warning! Warning! The hull is under attack, remaining 70% of the shield’s energy.”

The smart computer’s prompt woke everyone up, and the captain hurriedly activated the backup energy. Carrying out overload operations. On the official detection equipment, they could already see a blurry figure millions of kilometers away. It was a biological battleship that had been modified before – the hive frigate. Because of the addition of technological coatings, there were some other things added to the surface. So it looked like a battleship from a technological civilization and would not be suspected to be from the Insect Girl Clan.

“We were attacked by pirates and requested backup.”

The captain shouted at the communicator, but the escort team was still a few billion kilometers away. In order to help in time, the ship near the celestial body was forced to start a traction ship, taking the risk of speeding over.

As a flight between civilizations, the quality of the transport ship Cillin was on was very good. Three backup shield force fields, four backup sources of energy. It was a special escort formation that allowed them to be attacked from the outside. They could last for a long time.

As more and more frigate missiles were launched, the space in the distance was already filled with densely-packed small dots. Every one of them was dragging a long trail of flames as they sped up and flew over.

The first shield was quickly destroyed as backup was activated, followed by the second shield.

When the second shield only had 60% of its energy left, a nuclear fusion missile suddenly hit the hull.

The energy was instantly depleted.

“Damn it, these guys actually have this kind of forbidden weapon.”

Even the 12 civilizations of the space era would not allow the people to have nuclear weapons. The reason was very simple, this thing was casually thrown to any planet. It would cause devastating consequences. Even if the interstellar civilization could resist nuclear radiation, it would not be able to change the destruction of the city and environment caused by nuclear bombs.

As far as everyone knew, there were very few pirates in history who dared to create hydrogen bombs. It was rare for there to be one or two of them, but they did not dare to reveal their trump cards in front of the authorities.

However, the passengers on board probably did not expect that all the pirates were actually using hydrogen bombs to fight in large numbers. Without such weapons on board, there was no need to pillage. They might even be killed by the other party.

After all, not everyone had high-power laser weapons.

With a backup shield activated, the passengers on board broke out in cold sweat, and a young child cried.

Fortunately, at this moment, the ship of the guards arrived.

Just as it launched three missiles, in the other side of the void, where no one was paying attention, a few laser gun suddenly shot over and hit the guard’s ship.

The power of this wave of attack was much greater than the former. It was a laser beam powered by antimatter, and in just a few moves, it had reached less than ten percent of the enemy’s shield’s energy.

After firing a wave, the frigate that attacked the transport ship also turned to attack the guard ship. Another laser beam was fired, destroying the shield. Then, numerous small combat units flew out of the ship’s hull. It blotted out the sky and covered the earth. The ground attacked the target.

The battle guard ship was the target of the swarm’s raid.

Lo Ya did not care about the technological transport ship at all. However, military ships did not only mean that the weapons were advanced. As long as they could be snatched and modified, they could become the battleships of the bugs.

Since they wanted to build the Pirates, they had to be similar in size and scale.

Lo Ya planned to use the three main fleets as the center to build a group called the Tusk Pirates. Then, they would use pillaging ships to modify and build many branch pirate groups of the Tusk Pirates. When they clashed with the enemy, the one in front would definitely be a branch group. And even if it was a branch group, it would be equipped with military weapons. It should be easy to deal with normal small and medium-sized pirate forces.

“The most powerful pirates are definitely not in this kind of border region. The closer we get to the center of the Milky Way, the easier it is for us to deal with them. The more powerful the pirates there are, the more powerful they are. Many high level space civilizations are unable to root out the problem of pirates. To us, This is a very good opportunity for development.” Brain Insect No.101 said to Lo Ya.

“Then let’s seize this opportunity.” Lo Ya wagged her tail and decided to attack the hinterland.

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