C434 Elimination

Because of its small size and excellent stealth, the escape capsule that was hundreds of thousands of kilometers away was as small as a mosquito in the distance, not detected by the instrument at all.

Although the Brain Insect had noticed the escape capsule leaving the battleship through observation, it was unable to chase after it accurately. Hence, the pirate successfully escaped back to his lair, a meteorite belt on a huge planet.

More than ten huge spaceships floated among the meteorites. The pirate captain saw their real boss, a particularly fierce crawling creature man.

As a medium-sized Pirates, snatching ships from the Milky Way border region was a rather helpless thing to do. The main reason was that his fleet was completely wiped out in an anti-siege operation, and was forced to flee for a few hundred light-years to this remote place. He hoped to plunder some of the resources of the poor civilization to accumulate enough money so that he could buy a new ship. To expand a larger team.

This time, they sent their trusted subordinates to the nearby regions to plunder trade routes. They also had the same idea.

However, when he saw an escape capsule run over with its tail between its legs, his heart sank.

“What’s going on? Could it be that we’ve encountered another official ship?”

Seeing the other party walk out of the cabin with a dead face, the Pirates Master anxiously ran up to him and asked.

“Captain, I robbed a strange ship. The other party self-destructed at the railway and blew up one of our ships.”

“What about the other two ships?” The pirate captain realized that things wouldn’t be so simple.

“They’ve been attacked. They might be the companions of the ship that detonated itself. They have three of them”


It was not easy to snatch a ship. To the captain, it was not easy. Regardless of whether it was a civil garbage transport ship or a tourist ship, as long as it could be driven, it was good stuff. Originally, he did not expect to snatch any high level ships. He only wanted to pick the soft persimmons. But in the end, this kind of thing happened.

“If this continues, it will be troublesome. I won’t be able to return to the central area, and I won’t be able to stay in this lousy place any longer.”

This was the first time that he had been set up by an explosion after snatching something. Moreover, he had been taken revenge so quickly.

There were at least a few hundred brothers on the three ships who had died a violent death. This was something that the Pirates’s chief couldn’t tolerate at all.

“Prepare the fleet. I want to meet those guys who don’t care about their lives.”

The leader was ready to launch his trump card, the two ships. These were not the low-class ships that his men had used before. Any one of them could be used to fight the previous three ships alone.

However, just as he and his brothers boarded the ship and barely managed to take off and leave the meteorite belt, they were attacked.

The ten warships of Insect Girl Clan, including two eviction ships and eight guards, were waiting for their prey one million kilometers away.

The captain of Pirates’s fleet spotted them as soon as they stepped out of the door. Then, they welcomed a round of attacks from the opposite side.

The laser gun power of the destroyer was 3-5 times that of the frigate. After hitting the target together, the 4 ships that did not have shields could not withstand the impact and exploded on the spot.

The other ships hurriedly activated their shields, but at this moment, they were also welcomed by beams of blue Plasma Cannon light.

Compared to laser weapons, the Plasma Cannon was much more dazzling. Its speed was much faster than the plasma ball. The pure electronically activated energy could destroy the material the moment it came into contact with the target. Ordinary molecular structures simply could not withstand such energy.

The pirate captain hurriedly ordered the ship to avoid it.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Even though the two ships had activated their shields, it was still too late. It was useless. As the blue light hit, the ship, which was more than 200 meters long, was instantly penetrated. Light shot out from its tail, destroying a pile of meteorites behind it.

“Counterattack, missile counter-attack, laser counter-attack!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless beams of light began to attack the target. Lo Ya’s shield perfectly blocked the low-power laser. In order to increase the speed of dealing with these enemies, about 1000 missiles began to fly towards these enemies from all sorts of tricky angles.

Fireballs lit up the line of sight. In just a few hours, the Black Star Pirates only had two of their strongest flagship left.

One of them was the captain’s flagship. Currently, it only had 20% of its shield’s energy remaining, while the other was the Wraith. Half of it was damaged, and thick smoke billowed.

“Captain, the enemy’s firepower is too fierce. It’s definitely a military grade fleet. We can’t beat them.”

The subordinates who couldn’t even stand still shouted out in fear, and the captain shouted with his head full, while his subordinates said: “Send out the surrender signal. “

A message was sent out, but Lo Ya did not accept it.

The missiles were still flying and the lasers were fired one after another. At the last moment, the captain sent a signal to another galaxy in the distance. Then, the entire ship was destroyed by the intense shockwave.

“It’s done.”

Lo Ya would not have any pity for the pirates who dared to attack the Insect Girl Clan’s fleet.

This was a one-sided battle, and it could be said that they would definitely win. The Pirates was at most a larger military organization within some civilizations. Even if they obtained the support of the military, they would not have the strength to fight against civilizations.

This time, the swarm sent over a total of three expeditionary fleets, and a few of them were enough to crush this group of pirates. Ordinary level 1 space civilizations would not be able to defeat any of them. In fact, if Lo Ya was willing, Now, they could invade the 12 space civilizations and easily defeat them.

But… the 12 space civilizations belonged to the Galaxy Guard Alliance. If they beat them, It was very likely that the other forces of the alliance would take revenge on them. Putting aside the Galaxy Empire, there were also many civilizations that had surpassed the Second Grade. They were not something that the insect swarm could deal with right now.

The message sent by the pirate chief earlier was also answered by the Insect Girl Clan. It seemed like they were asking for help from another bigger Pirates.

However, from this direction, they could see a relatively large void ahead of them. There were only other planets 2,000 light years away. It was unlikely that the Great Pirates was hiding in the void. In other words, Even if they came to help, they would have to fly for 2000 light years.

“I wonder if those pirates have advanced sailing technology. If they can reach tens of thousands of times the speed of light, then they’ll be able to arrive within a month.” Lo Ya frowned, considering if she should send a fleet to investigate the situation.

For safety, she also divided the 1st expedition fleet into five smaller ships with more than ten spaceships. Together with a large number of Research Exploration Ship, they searched the surrounding void.

The Research Exploration Ship was weak and small in size. It could be used as bait. Once they found a group of pirates, Lo Ya let the small ships quickly follow and destroy the opponent.

When this area was completely safe, they would use the same pirate mode to extend their tentacles into the vast alliance.

It was likely that the Pirates would not be able to compete with the swarm. Even if the officials wanted to surround and kill her, they would have to prepare to suffer a huge loss.

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