C432 Mysterious Potion

“2 bottles of level 1 genetic optimization liquid, priced at 1,800 small-scale energy blocks.”

In the long-distance shopping, the three bugs found the most popular product on this planet. The gene optimization liquid was divided into 10 levels. The highest price was 900 small energy blocks, equivalent to the price of 9 Energy Stone. This planet only provided 10 bottles a day. First come, first serve. But even so, Only a few people are willing to spend money to buy it.

The seller was naturally the Galaxy Empire. The Energy Stone was a strategic resource of an interplanetary level civilization. A smaller scale space civilization could not even produce a few pieces a month. It was too extravagant to buy such a drug for a single person.

However, a few bugs came over to spend money. Even on the nearby planets, everyone was prepared to produce more so that they could buy more things that the Insect Girl Clan did not know about.

“Two bottles have been paid. Please wait for 5 minutes.”

The 5 minutes time limit was too good. The three of them began to wait on the spot.

There was a problem with the cost-effective ratio of the gene optimization liquid. Theoretically, an individual could consume many bottles in a row. However, the effect of each bottle was much lower than the previous one. Hence, they were not rich people. He would definitely not drink more than two bottles.

Currently, the total assets of the 12 largest companies could not even afford one bottle. It could be seen that the level-1 gene optimization liquid was only a picture that could be seen but not drunk.

However, it was enough to cause a stir among some people today. This was because two bottles of products that were originally motionless had been bought at the same time. Moreover, the one paying the price was not any member of the 12 civilizations.

In other words, a wealthy alien civilization came to this planet and bought drugs here.

The only reason why they specially came here to buy was because the other party had bought the share of their own planet’s supply and had no choice but to go somewhere else.

If it wasn’t for the protection of privacy, the upper echelons of this civilization would definitely find a way to meet the buyer of the two bottles of medicine.

After waiting for five minutes, there was only a bang. Two liquids that were protected by a transparent spherical shell fell out of the box, filled with blue liquid. Specks of starlight floated in the liquid. When one was close enough, one could feel the ripples spreading out.

“This liquid affects the magnetic field and gravitational field in the surrounding area. What does that mean?” The humanoids asked Brain Insect No.101.

“The other party possesses the key technology of gravitational field. It’s very likely that they have research results related to anti-gravity.”

There was no need to talk about how difficult it was to break through the research of gravity. The Insect Girl Clan’s anti-gravity was actually achieved by using anti-magnetic forces. However, this small bottle of medicine interfered with the electromagnetic waves. This was truly unexpected.

Bringing the two bottles of medicine, they left their personal purchase room. The three bugs found a hidden place and took out one of the bottles of medicine for the human bugs to drink.

The purpose of this bottle was to evolve genes.

The other bottle was to be brought back for Brain Insect research.

After the bug drank it, it immediately felt the Strength in its body increase greatly. An indescribable energy filled its body. Through training, it could stimulate this energy.

“Even if it’s an ordinary person, after drinking it, it will have the combat strength of a transcendent level 6 and above.”

A transcendent level 6, which was Insect Girl’s current strength.

The effect of this level 1 gene optimization fluid was indeed terrifying.

“An ordinary person would not be able to withstand it. They would definitely dilute it and consume it in batches. Theoretically, after drinking it, there would be several guarantee effects of the Strength within a short period of time. After that, if you keep training, your body will automatically absorb the energy in the air. The side effects are still unclear, but it can definitely be improved. ”

After Lo Ya found out about this kind of good thing, she began to pay attention to the relevant information.

After drinking, the human insects were much stronger than ordinary people, so their improvement was even more obvious. In a short period of time, they had climbed to Extraordinary Second Grade, which was equivalent to an increase of one grade.

Although the information within was difficult to analyze, the liquid itself remained in the body. It was very slow to digest, so it gave the genes a very long time to analyze.

“There are many powerhouses on this planet. Most of them have consumed inferior versions of genetic medicine. Many of them have side effects, and they are generally able to raise an individual to the level of a First Grade Transcendent.”

“Transcendental level 1?”

A Transcendent 1 who did not know how to use Magic was not too terrifying with a pure body. At most, he could smash steel plates with a punch. If he learned the Magic, he only needed to create a lightning storm and it would be devastating.

The reason why the insects’ combat strength was so much weaker than Little Insect Girl’s was not only because their levels were low. Even if they were at the same level, Insect Girl’s Magic could easily deal with a large group of insects. This kind of insect… The advantage increases the distance between the two.

However, after consuming the genetic medicine, the human insects discovered that this medicine also had a chance of stimulating the body’s Strength, causing some special abilities to appear.

After drinking a few bottles of inferior potions, it was certain that different grades would have different effects. Level 1 potions had a 50% chance of activating potential within a year. The specific ability would depend on the individual’s situation.

To the Insect Girl Clan, this was definitely a black technology.

It tried to stimulate the ability that it had obtained, and then it tried.

It waved its hand towards a lamp in the distance. With a clank, the lamp trembled violently even though it was dozens of meters away.

“Attack through the air.”

Putting away his fist, the humanoids were not proud of it.

It was just that this punch was coincidentally seen by a child not far away. He pointed over and shouted, “Look, that big brother is so strong.”

That child’s mother frowned and lowered her head, saying, “You didn’t see anything. This is all your imagination.”

“Yi, is that so?”

” Experts will all appear in martial arts competitions. Those are not people we can come into contact with. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. ”

When the humanoids heard the voice, they sent the message to the Brain Insect in real time.

Therefore, Brain Insect No.101 gave the next order to participate in the Martial Arts Competition.

He named himself Cullen and brought his two followers to the local government area.

Although the Energy Stone was a currency exchange unit in the galaxy, the 12 civilizations mainly used another type of currency because they could not produce so many fragmented energy blocks.

He ran to the streets and asked around. In the end, he found out that if he wanted to join the competition, he could go to the capital and sign up in his personal name. He could also find some people who had also drunk the optimization liquid to form a group to participate in the competition.

After the introduction, it found a strange martial arts building. There was a very strong teacher inside that could teach students how to develop the potential of the optimization fluid.

While he was working hard, Lo Ya was also preparing to let the fleet set off and start rushing towards Disc Galaxy in large batches.

Compared to the Insect Girl Galaxy that was invaded by an unknown civilization, the Galaxy Guard Alliance was actually much safer.

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