C430 Close to the Disc

Up until now, no species had a strange genetic mutation like the Insect Girl Clan.

Theoretically, the bugs could replicate an individual from any civilization and make them loyal to their Spirit network.

This made the ability of the Insect Girl Clan’s spies and anti-spies very shocking.

At the current stage, although the universe looked peaceful, under the pressure of the huge crisis, the Brain Insect still went against common sense and created a super traction device that was 2000 times the speed of light.

Moreover, they successfully integrated anti-matter and energy shield technology into it, and there was hope of increasing the strength of the materials. Then, they used the powerful Strength produced by the annihilation of antimatter to form a traction device that was 10,000 times the speed of light.

This was a very great leap.

It had to be known that at the current stage, the highest grade equipment on the spaceship was 500 times, and it was extremely unstable.

Being able to stabilize 10,000 times the speed of light meant that in a few decades, the fleet of insects would have a way to enter the other Milky Way nearby.

Assuming that the Star Gate was set up between the two places, then this process could be shortened by a lot.

After a month of systematic research on genes, a Sickle Insect successfully became a guiding gene template of ten thousand times the speed of light, and it began to be used inside all the ships.

The planet’s pulling speed could not reach that speed. The main reason was that the sphere was too big. If they wanted to reproduce tens of thousands of such huge and expensive organs, the bug swarm would not be able to withstand it at all.

It was estimated that in less than half a month, the 54 ships of the First Fleet would be able to completely change.

After that, Lo Ya would directly send one of the frigate to Disc Galaxy to explore the situation there.

After playing for a while, everything was ready. The frigate began to take off, preparing to break through ten thousand times the speed of light.

Of course, ten thousand times was relative to the speed of 300 kilometers per second. Lo Ya specially upgraded the engine of the spaceship and increased the power output of the fusion reactor. It could accelerate to 900 kilometers per second. Under the guidance of the same state, The speed would reach 30,000 times.

Later on, Lo Ya calculated the time it would take to go back and forth and found that it would take a full ten years. She decided to change the fusion device to an antimatter generator and use the energy produced by the annihilation of positive and antimatter to increase the propulsion force. Finally, the ship’s speed stabilized at 1,800 kilometers per second.

Because of the mature use of antimatter technology, most weapons also used this technology. The electromagnetic rail cannon’s flying speed increased greatly, and all the weapons exceeded 2,000 kilometers per second.

This caused the power of each cannonball to increase by leaps and bounds.

60000 times the speed of light meant that it would only take a short 5 years to fly to Disc Galaxy. This amount of time was already short enough for interstellar civilizations.

This frigate carried a total of 100 Energy Stone, as well as another 200 thousand Energy Charging Crystal used for consumption, as well as 1 million Slime and 3000 kg of antimatter before leaving the range of Planet Tis2.

The moment the guiding device was activated, the spaceship instantly disappeared into the distance.

Even Lo Ya herself did not expect that the space expansion technology would be used to such an extent. Originally, she was still considering the method of warp drive that could not even touch the threshold. Who knew that when the old technique was used to the extreme, it would be completely sufficient.

The five-year high-speed leap seemed to be extremely fast, but by pulling the scale, one could see that the spaceship was slowly moving between the two galaxies at a speed that was as slow as insects.

If this speed was maintained to revolve around Earth, then it could go around the equator for 450 thousand laps in a second.

Looking at it now, it could be seen that the expansion speed of the universe on a large scale had yet to reach such a fast speed. Perhaps with this speed, flying in a certain direction, it would finally be able to reach the boundary of the universe.

Of course, this was only Lo Ya’s expectation.

As for how big the real universe was, it was really hard to say.

Five years later, Disc Galaxy, the closest place to Insect Girl’s Milky Way.

Although flying for such a long time and crossing the endless void, during this period of time, the frigate discovered at least three lonely floating planets along the way.

One giant planet, two asteroids. The former was 9,000 light years away from Insect Girl’s Milky Way, and the latter was 160,000 light years away from Disc Galaxy.

Who knew how these few planets ran into this void? The frigate did not stop along the way. It only took a moment to observe before leaving. However, Lo Ya had already memorized their location and was ready to send out a new ship to explore. If they could land, then this would become an outpost for the swarm in the void.

In these five years, Lo Ya had built three new Space Carrier with stronger endurance. It was different from protecting the motherships of 16 planets. Their mission was to bring their respective fleets out to explore.

Each mothership fleet was strengthened. They were incorporated into two battleships, four battleships, 20 destroyers, 30 frigate. That was a fleet (including the Space Carrier). There were 57 battleships in total.

In order to ensure a reasonable utilization of resources, the fleet reorganization speed was very slow. The biggest difficulty was the construction of battleships. Due to the problem of resources, there was no improvement. In five years, 19 ships were built. This allowed each main fleet to be allocated one.

After the Calamity Grades of Vivendian built one ship, they did not want to spend a large amount of money to build a second ship. In the end, when the upper echelons saw the swarm of insects, they felt the pressure as if they were dumpling dumplings. They were forced to allocate funds to fund the military to build a second ship.

Up until now, one-third of the second ship had been completed, and it was estimated that it would take another 10 years to finish building it.

Compared to the previous one, the new Calamity Grades had made great progress in the detection and anti-interference technology. The genetic technology provided by Insect Girl Clan could not be directly used by Vivendian, but it had given them a lot of technical enlightenment.

To Lo Ya, the most successful thing in the past five years was… The Undead Insect that imitated the Vivendian people successfully married the other party’s race. It needed to shine and shine. To breed and reproduce, it could also decide who the offspring would be like. This kind of thing… The god-like ability finally broke the restrictions of public opinion, allowing the two civilizations to become one at the bottom.

Lo Ya’s Spiritual Link network began to infiltrate the interior of the Vivendian civilization, subtly influencing them.

At this time, along with frigate No.1 entering the star system at the border of the Disc Galaxy, Lo Ya began to focus on that side.

The frigate scanned the 20 plus stars and planets nearby one after another, but they were unable to find any signs of life.

Considering that there were so many lives in the universe, Lo Ya would not land on a large scale like before. Instead, she would throw in energy bugs and let them slowly wrap around the entire planet and devour its energy.

The Light Plate Insect would also spin around some stars at a closer distance, producing large amounts of Energy Charging Crystal.

Don’t look at how there was only one frigate. The bugs within it and its exaggerated reproductive ability were enough for Lo Ya to temporarily take root in her target.

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