C429 Advancement after Transaction

“Let me see your stuff. This is…”

“Dust Mustard Particles, the main weapon export product of Galaxy Empire. Equip it with artillery shells. It can produce a strong gravitational tearing effect. Although the price is expensive and difficult to produce, it is indeed an important magical equipment for low level civilizations to defeat high level civilizations. ” The galactic merchants’ voice had a kind of electronic feeling, it should be the characteristic of this kind of strange creature.

Dust particle, indeed there are many mysterious technologies in the universe that are hard to understand.

Lo Ya saw the price of an Energy Stone of 100 grams and decided to buy two and bring them back for research.

“What about this? What is it?”

“It’s a shield generator, a weapon used by ordinary soldiers. If your species is not convenient to use, you can customize other models. Each one of them costs 5 units of energy.”

Because it was a small item, it was relatively cheaper. It could be bought with one Energy Stone… for 2,000 pieces. However, even without counting, it was obvious that the cost of this item was much lower than 5 energy fragment pieces. After all, did businessmen want to earn money?

Lo Ya did not need to consider whether or not she would cheat. After the other party offered a price that was not cheap, she decided to buy one or two pieces of everything.

“I will take a look at the shield generator first.”

She took a small device from the other party and pressed a button in front of her. A magical light shield appeared in front of her.

The strength of this thing definitely surpassed many alloys. Lo Ya suspected that the Sickle Insect’s weapon could not pierce through this thing at all. Instead, it might be burned by the energy it released.

“Is there a weapon?”

“Light sword, light blade, laser gun, Gaussian rifle… These are all relatively common equipment. Take a look.”

The galactic businessman took out weapons from his ship that was more than 20 meters long.

The light swords were similar to the handheld handles in a planet war, but after pressing the button, The light beams were transmitted at the speed of light, and when held in one’s hand, it could directly attack objects that were hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. Even though it was severely weakened in the atmosphere, it could still cut down airplanes flying in the sky.

There was no need to talk about laser guns. Lo Ya had seen this in science fiction movies before. However, unlike in movies, the laser fired instantly and disappeared in an instant. She could not see a ray of light passing through her eyes.

The Gaussian rifle was an electromagnetic rail rifle. The technology of Insect Girl Clan was already mature in this aspect, but there was still a gap in the details, so Lo Ya did not want to let it go.

Under Lo Ya’s request, the other party took out one weapon after another, and in the end, all of them were bought by her.

The other party looked very excited. Spiritual Link secretly sensed the other party’s thoughts and immediately knew what he was thinking.

“This kind of eliminated goods can be exchanged for so many Energy Stone. This is really cool.”

“Alright, as expected of a profiteer.” Lo Ya muttered quietly.

Eliminated goods. Even this kind of eliminated goods was more advanced than the weapons of Insect Girl Clan and Vivendian. Perhaps it would take a long time for the Vivendian to decipher the technical key, but for the insects, It was too easy to produce similar genes. It would not be a loss at all if they bought it.

It could be foreseen that after many of the techniques were used among the people and ships, the basic combat strength of the insects would greatly increase.

Some weapons seemed to have a small attack range, but in fact, their energy density and destruction ability were extremely strong, and within a small range, they could produce more destructive power than nuclear bombs.

“I didn’t bring much this time. You’ve basically seen all of them. The total price is 5 Energy Stone.”

Lo Ya generously paid the money, but Ilya’s expression was somewhat pained.

“I really didn’t expect that I would meet a customer like you in the distant Milky Way who has a demand. This transaction makes me very happy. In the future, I will bring more good products. Please look forward to it.”

After the two of them bid farewell, Lo Ya looked at the other party’s boat floating and then disappearing from her sight. She frowned.

“Their anti-magnetic technology has already matured.”

“Yeah, even an ordinary businessman can have so many high level things. I’m afraid the Milky Way Guard Alliance is very powerful.” Ilya expressed her approval, “The only pity is that the other party actually did not prepare to release the acceleration engine. The difference in strength is too great, it’s not wise to snatch it by force.”

Lo Ya shrugged her shoulders, wagged her tail, and turned around to leave.

If one wanted to go to the other side of the Milky Way, the biggest limitation now was speed.

In the past, she felt that 1000 times the speed of light was completely enough. Now that she thought about it, such a slow speed was already enough for the other party to go back and forth many times.

The nearest Disc Galaxy was 300,000 light years away. There was no evidence that the other party really came from there. For both parties to be able to carry out such a harmonious transaction, it could only mean that the strange creature with the glass cover above its head was really a galactic merchant who sold things. It was not a robber.

Of course, it could also be that he felt that his strength was insufficient and did not dare to snatch the Energy Stone from Lo Ya’s side.

After buying these things, the Brain Insect immediately began to study. Then, they started to let the miniaturized energy shield generators, laser generators, these things spread among the subsidiary armies. The human army, the Green-skinned Man army, and the Amis people army were all equipped with corresponding equipment. The more precise electromagnetic rifles were also put into use.

The study of the dust mustard particles had reached a deadlock, so they could only let the Brain Insect slowly study it.

Of course, many of the generators were used on warships. This strengthened the defensive power of various models, and also allowed the Mechanical Insect to have a small energy shield on the surface of its body. It could be considered a successful evolution.

Everything was completed, and it seemed like there was nothing left to do. Hence, Lo Ya launched another project to research a further spatial traction device with Vivendian.

In all these years, Vivendian people had never encountered such rapid technological development.

The Insect Girl Clan’s evolution speed was comparable to a technological explosion. In just a few years, they could achieve something that other civilizations could not achieve even in tens of thousands of years.

For example, the Energy Stone. This thing was not as simple as it seemed. When they obtained it, the scientists in Vivendian were completely helpless. They thought that it would be impossible to make any breakthrough in a long time. Who knew that Lo Ya’s side had already mass produced it in a few months.

Now, they were using the Energy Charging Crystal sold by the Insect Girl Clan to taste all kinds of Slime food. In addition, the communication between the two parties was getting closer and closer. The citizens of Vivendian also began to accept these unlikeable insects.

Humans had gained many benefits from the communication. After all, these two species were similar in appearance.

However, in comparison, the Vivendian people was simply too beautiful. This caused many humans to have the idea of marrying or marrying them. However, it was regrettable. Yes. The Vivendian people did not seem to be very interested in humans who did not glow. Furthermore, the reproductive isolation between both parties was very serious. In terms of genes, There was a 6% difference, far surpassing the genetic difference between humans and pigs.

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