C428 Anti-magnetic Levitation

It’s about the power of the 427.8 billion tons of TNT bombs.

That’s right, this was the total energy of 1000 grams of positive matter and 1000 grams of antimatter annihilation. It was about 43 tons of equivalent weight bombs exploding at the same time.

Because it was so concentrated and used a lot of extraordinary techniques. Therefore, even if they knew the principle, it would still take the bugs a long time to produce one. However, the total energy of a single Energy Stone was nothing to Lo Ya. As long as the Energy Stone made the bugs near the nuclear fusion device, she would be able to produce one. Then, she connected the tubes and continued to inject energy. She would be able to produce one in a month.

Lo Ya would not only produce one such insect. In the first month, she would hatch 100 Energy Stone to create insects. After that, she would maintain this amount and continue to produce with full force. This meant that 100 kg of antimatter would be produced every month.

With such a shocking amount, if it exploded at the same time on a planet, it would be easy to exterminate the creatures above.

At the same time that the Energy Stone was created, a portion of the Brain Insect started to probe the particles and energy released by the nuclear fusion device. It searched for things that were theoretically predicted or confirmed by Earth, such as neutrinos, mediums, and so on.

It was unknown what these things were used for, since the Vivendian Civilization had no way to use these particles in reality.

In the cooperation between the two parties, a group of scientists and Brain Insect were researching the theory of anti-gravity. They still couldn’t find a breakthrough in the field of gravity. However, a certain Vivendian expert said that they could use anti-magnetic forces to resist gravity.

Anti-magnetic force was a force that existed in all matter. When objects in the magnetic field were affected by the anti-magnetic force, they would be repelled. This principle might be able to produce a Strength that could offset gravity to allow anti-gravitational travel.

This method was quickly considered feasible. Soon after, the first anti-magnetic experiment was successful. Both parties suspended a dog in midair and did not cause any harm to it.

Insect Girl Clan began to produce the corresponding device. Finally, they decided to modify the nanomachines. It could emit a uniform controllable magnetic field to produce a strong anti-magnetic force. These nanomaterials would be evenly maintained in the middle of the plate plate plate of the spaceship, producing a magnetic field according to the requirements. Or perhaps… Repairing the damaged parts.

The appearance of magnetic anti-gravity successfully allowed the flying ship of Insect Girl Clan to float near a large celestial body, or to start and fall without any support from any jet.

Originally, a large spaceship with too much firepower would be able to safely take off or land as long as it had enough energy to support it. However, the magnetic field control range that had been created was still unstable. Before it could be stabilized, All of this would not happen for the time being.

After more than a month, the 100 Energy Stone production had been completed. Lo Ya immediately sent 10 to the Vivendian Civilization.

When the other party obtained these newly created items that looked almost exactly the same, his heart was filled with shock.

They had come up with a plan in such a short period of time. Although the insects relied on evolution, this speed was a bit too fast, wasn’t it?

Lo Ya confidently expressed that she already had pseudo-anti-gravity technology on her side. It was clearly more efficient and safer than fusion jet.

However, biologically speaking, it was impossible to replicate it directly, let alone a device that originated from the Magic Civilization. Officer. In the end, the Vivendian would definitely rely on the Insect Girl Clan’s technology. With the input of the Energy Charging Crystal and the Energy Stone’s two super energy minerals, The importance of the Insect Girl Clan had risen. Just as Lo Ya had hoped, the idea of using the Energy Charging Crystal as a currency was about to be realized.

Currently, the ratio of the two was 1: 100,000, which meant that 1 energy mine was about 100,000 Energy Charging Crystal.

In fact, purely calculating the cost, energy mines were much more expensive than 100,000 Energy Charging Crystal. However, the scale of the insect swarm Light Plate Insect was too large, causing countless Energy Charging Crystal to be produced every day. Almost without spending any cost, this caused the price of the crystal to drop greatly.

This kind of currency circulated between the two civilizations and when it entered the market in a very short period of time, Ilya and Lo Ya began to discuss and interact with the civilization of the target.

This was a good opportunity to obtain advanced technology.

Although it was very dangerous to make contact with a civilization of a higher level than themselves, there was at least a long period of preparation time before a war broke out between the two civilizations. Currently, Insect Girl was facing the invasion of the outer river civilization. On the other side, there was another unknown Galaxy Guard Alliance. As long as the time went on, conflict or communication would happen sooner or later.

Lo Ya’s goal was to gain the initiative and buy more time before the communication between the two parties could be achieved.

First, she needed to find a way to contact the galactic merchants and buy all the equipment and weapons that she could buy. To Vivendian, this meant that they could decipher the information about the rise of technology. To Insect Girl, this meant that there was a new guiding light on the path of evolution.

During this period of time, the Milky Way merchants were still lingering around Insect Girl’s galaxy. After going around a large area, they returned to Vivendian’s territory about two months later and met with the Insect Girl Clan’s Brain Insect.

The other party looked a little strange. The upper half of his body was a transparent glass cover. There was nothing inside. Looking inside, he found that it was hollow. It was pitch black, and his lower body had four legs similar to a machine. However, this was not a robot, but a living thing. The glass cover had a 360 degree visual detection ability. There were brains and hearts in the four legs, as well as some other important instruments… Officer, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]… It also assisted in walking.

“Friends, unknown civilization creatures, I knew that you would be able to provide precious Energy Stone. I have already listed the list on the smart screen, please choose yourself.”

It was just like the shops in the game. The items sold by the other party were also divided into various packages and discounted items. There were some precious materials or weapons that were limited.

Lo Ya carefully observed and found that many of the items were not worth one Energy Stone. Only then did she know that they had smaller energy currency units – small Energy Stone.

Of course, these stones had a common name, and it was called energy blocks.

1 Standard energy block (1 Energy Stone) = 100 Small energy blocks = 10,000 Shattered energy blocks.

In actual fact, 10,000 small energy blocks were actually slightly more than 100 small energy blocks. The cost of 100 small energy blocks was also larger than 1 standard energy block, but the three energy blocks were the same. Hence, the currency was the same.

The larger the unit, the higher the difficulty of manufacturing. Therefore, many weak civilizations could only produce the latter two types. Even so, the difficulty was still frightening.

It was very difficult to fuse with higher level space civilizations, so hard currency energy was essential.

Lo Ya was glad that she had already made the standard Energy Stone, so she could buy useful products at the lowest cost.

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