C427 Creating Energy Stones

The discussion only lasted for a short while before Lo Ya handed the Energy Stone to the Brain Insect to study.

Although the fastest way to create the Energy Stone was to devour, the amount that she currently had was too little. She was afraid that she would not be able to find the gene that produced this substance even if she ate it all in one bite.

Apart from the research on the Energy Stone, the most important thing was to think of ways to obtain information about the Galaxy Guard Alliance.

A galactic businessman who could cross at least a few hundred thousand light years, the level of technology behind him was definitely not something a level 2 space civilization could compare with. At least in terms of sailing ability, it far surpassed the Insect Girl Clan.

The only way to fly to the Guard Alliance now was to use the Energy Stone to purchase the smuggled weapons from the merchants. Among them, there was no lack of engine devices that could help long-distance travel. Of course, most of these things were terrifyingly expensive.

The fleet of the Insect Girl Clan maintained a constant speed forward. A large number of Cannon Insect were built around the 16 planets, and most of them were using laser gun.

After the battleship, Lo Ya temporarily did not consider producing a larger battleship. At most, after discovering the lack of the original battleship, she would make the relevant changes.

Sometimes, being big did not mean that it was strong. Even if it was a Force Field Shield, once it reached a size, it would begin to weaken, unless it could make a breakthrough in material technology.

Little Insect Girl’s mass kept increasing, which was the gap between the atom was closing. But at this rate, it would still take a long time to completely become a high-density organism.

Insect Girl, Mother Star, the empire’s leader.

The capital of the empire was now the largest city with the most population in Insect Girl Mother Star.

Different from the thousand meter tall and enormous insect shell buildings built near the birth territory, the buildings here still retained the characteristics of the Magic civilization.

A few Brain Insect were experimenting in a dark underground building. They tried to cut the Energy Stone. There was no doubt that they had failed, so they used other methods. Finally, they discovered that as long as they released a certain amount of electricity, the Energy Stone would release energy at a certain speed. The bigger the electric current, the faster the energy would be released.

Through the absorption and analysis of the energy released, the Brain Insect discovered the secret of energy mines.

Light energy.

After the release, it released pure photons that were similar to positive and antimatter fission. As for this small stone, its energy density was close to antimatter of the same mass. The difference was that when antimatter came into contact with the same positive matter, it would be destroyed. However, this kind of ore would not have such a situation.

“Perhaps the mystery is within antimatter, this should be stabilizing antimatter, right?”

While the Brain Insect were making all sorts of guesses, Lo Ya suddenly remembered that she had obtained a pure energy body in the underground ruins. Hence, she took out a piece and threw it to the Brain Insect.

[Collapse Energy Stone: Pure Energy Body (Bind). The boundary is maintained in the crystal form of vibration. The specific information is unknown. 】

This kind of glowing gem that looked like a star was even more beautiful than an energy mine. Back then, it was “unearthed” along with the Earth girls, and there were quite a few of them.

After researching it, the Brain Insect discovered that this thing was much more advanced than the Energy Stone. Its energy density had almost reached the limit, and it was very likely that after it was completely released, it could easily destroy a planet.

Of course, there was a mysterious energy field that bound this energy stone, so it was very difficult to release the energy inside. The Brain Insect did not discover any method, so in order to be safe, before the technology reached a certain level, they did not research it.

Lo Ya kept the Star Gem and continued to let the Brain Insect study the Energy Stone.

Half a month later, they achieved a breakthrough.

The technique of this stone was not very high. It was still used to expand space, force field, and antimatter.

It was to build a transparent cubic external physical shell, completely binding antimatter inside, and use the expanding space to create a sufficient distance to prevent it from approaching the outer shell barrier.

Although this small stone was not big, the force field within was enough to bind matter to a very small area. And around the force field, there was at least 300,000 kilometers of expanding space. In other words, the antimatter within had to be constrained by the force field. Only by crossing these three hundred thousand kilometers would they be able to touch the barrier and cause a huge explosion.

The usage of the Energy Stone was to use electricity to stimulate the barrier at the boundary, causing it to release neutron beams, and also removing the expansion of space in that direction, causing it to instantly collide with the neutron inside.

The annihilation of the two could produce stable output energy, and the stronger the current was. The more the neutron output, the greater the energy produced. In its greatest state, it could be used as an energy source that was more stable and efficient than nuclear fusion. And it would last for a very long time.

“As expected, advanced technology is an application of known applications.”

Lo Ya found that her imagination was still lacking. The few techniques that she currently had were actually able to produce such a magical item.

But thinking about the manufacturing cost of antimatter, it was even more than the energy released by complete annihilation. That was to say, creating antimatter was a loss of business.

“Is Energy Stone itself a losing business? Looks like just being convenient to concentrate is enough for the various civilizations to work hard to produce it.”

The Law of Conservation of Energy was still very terrifying. To create anything, one needed to pay an equal amount of energy. In the process, due to various operations, more energy would be emitted.

The entropy of the universe was also so large. Doing anything was a waste. It would always cause orderly things to become disorderly.

But Lo Ya had always thought that the universe should also be conserved. It was impossible to have no beginning and no end. Instead, it carried out an eternal cycle in a wonderful balance, because it should have some relation to the fruit. A big explosion would inevitably lead to the next big explosion, causing the universe to develop endlessly.

Otherwise, wouldn’t the starting point of the universe become philosophy?

“No wonder scientists avoid talking about the things before the big explosion, or rather, it would be meaningless.”

The bug swarm began to manufacture Energy Stone. Under the current technological conditions, it was still very difficult to achieve this. After a few months of struggling and all sorts of luck, a new creature appeared.

[Energy Stone Creating Insect: A bug that looks like a gecko. It is one meter long. Its back can open the space within the cube and create Energy Stone through eating.]

The energy content of the Energy Stone was about the same as the one provided by the galactic merchants. Lo Ya measured it. It was the same as the one provided by the galactic merchants. 2 … The total weight of 2 kg was then thrown into space. He completely released the internal energy, and began to measure the mass of the outer shell.

“The outer shell is 0.2 kg.”

In other words, 2 kilograms of antimatter inside?

Lo Ya thought about it and felt that something was not right.

Matter annihilation required an equivalent amount of positive and antimatter, so releasing energy itself consumed an equivalent amount of positive and negative neutrons. With this calculation, the outer shell was actually 1.2 kg heavy, and the internal energy was 1 kg.

“1kg of antimatter is really scary.”

Once annihilated, it would be equivalent to transforming 2kg of matter into pure energy, right?

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