C425 The Main Ship of both Parties

“Once this battleship is built, it will become the strongest ship of Insect Girl Clan in the future. Its cost is more than ten times that of a cruiser, and it is also extremely difficult to grow. If we encounter a powerful opponent in the future, we can destroy the entire fleet with just this ship. ”

Lo Ya introduced the female diplomat from Vivendian to the other party.

Unlike the Insect Girl Clan, once they came to outer space, the weaker Vivendian people would have to wear spacesuits. Only those who had reached Fourth Grade and above could rely on their Strength to maintain their life in the sky. The higher the realm, the longer the time was guaranteed.

This person was clearly an expert. His combat strength was as high as an Epic, and his health bar was also extremely thick. Initially, she didn’t understand why the higher ups of Vivendian attached so much importance to the Insect Girl Clan. But now that she had come into contact with them many times… Adding the fact that she had seen the enemy’s warship and the strange Mother Star, she finally understood something.

This civilization wasn’t as simple as it seemed on the surface.

Especially the sculptures on the Mother Star that were tens of thousands of kilometers tall, the height was even more exaggerated than the diameter of the planet. This kind of sculpture… The construction of the project was definitely not something a small level 1 or 2 space civilization could do. The requirements for the material technology, especially the tens of thousands of kilometers long, The giant sword that lay across the sky and did not collapse under the influence of gravity… It was simply strange.

The current technology of Insect Girl Clan could not build ruins of such a scale. It could be seen that they had the help of a higher civilization or had gotten the inheritance of a higher civilization.

“Your flying speed is too slow now. After a period of time, I will send insects to your place to modify the traction device. Use it. This way, you can increase your flying speed to more than 80 times. ”

When the other party heard Lo Ya’s words, his expression was a little strange.

Organs replaced machines, so it was easy to imagine that some meaty things would actually be a guiding device. A biological civilization that evolved purely was indeed inconceivable.

Lo Ya later sent 500 million Engineering Beetle to help, at the same time speeding up the battleship’s technology to become more mature.

Although they did not fly very fast during this period of time, from their position, the fleet was still flying at 12 times the speed of light, while Vivendian was chasing at 20 times the speed of light.

They were also afraid of facing enemies in the future, so they did their best to build spaceships. In the past few years, the Vivendian people had built 50 small battleships in succession. 10 medium-sized battleships, 2 large-sized battleships, and a calamity-level spacecraft that was using proton cannons.

The status of a Calamity Grade in Vivendian was similar to a battleship’s position in Insect Girl Clan. Such a ship would only consume an astonishing amount of resources and time in the entire civilization. It was done with all the effort. Different from the Insect Girl Clan, when the Vivendian people was building this ship, For example, the financial department had to spend a lot of money to build this ship. Building a ship that might not be of any use.

In fact, with this amount of money, they could build at least eight of the largest main ships from before. Their cost-effectiveness ratio was far higher than the model they had just designed.

However, the military believed that the development of weapons had to make some sacrifices. Calamity Grades were the best platform for experimenting with new weapons. Proton cannons, although this type of cutting-edge weapon technology had been developed a long time ago… However, they had never successfully boarded a ship. Due to financial reasons, the higher-ups had always opposed investing such a huge amount of money into this kind of equipment with low certainty. This would hinder the development of the economy.

While both sides were arguing endlessly, the construction plan of the ship was still secretly completed. By the time the big shots in the finance department found out about this, half of the ship had already been constructed. They had no choice but to approve the remaining work of the Calamity Grade. They would also allocate tens of billions of yuan (60% of the total production value in a year) to complete this great project.

In terms of technology, the Calamity Grades and the battleships of the Insect Girl Clan had their pros and cons. The use of energy shields and antimatter lasers had greatly increased the destructive power and defensive power of the swarm ships, but the Calamity Grade obviously had a higher energy utilization efficiency. The ship’s details were precise, and all kinds of equipment were complete. This was something that the Insect Girl Clan could not compare with at the moment.

With just pure destructive power, once the Vivendian’s Calamity Grade was built, it might be much more powerful than the bug swarm’s weapon system. The technology of the Insect Girl Clan’s fleet was relatively crude, and their development time was too short. It could not achieve perfect coordination and unification between the weapons and organs.

To put it in an inappropriate way, the breakthrough in strength was too fast, and they did not have the time to consolidate it.

Both parties had finally realized the terror of the universe. A single Destroyer Civilization had caused so much trouble for dozens of civilizations. Now, there was still a high level civilization outside the Milky Way that could crush Destroyer. In this form, both sides were allies, and they supported each other. It seemed to have become the only way.

Of course, at any time, there were objections. There was a saying that goes, those who are not of my race must have a different heart. There were still many members in the Vivendian who were suspicious and wary of the Insect Girl Clan.

After all, both parties were different civilizations. The Vivendian people, which used to be a Level 2 civilization, had the absolute advantage. They did not even care about the existence of the Insect Girl Clan. But now, their higher ups discovered that the true strength of this civilization was actually this powerful. And it was even able to build a super warship that wasn’t inferior to theirs. How could they be at ease with such a situation?

Once the external pressure disappeared, then it would be the time for the alliance’s internal conflict to occur.

This was something that the development of civilization could not avoid.

Fortunately, the mainstream support at this stage was for both parties to work together. Lo Ya began to let the Undead Insect that evolved into a fake Vivendian people work with the other party’s race. She especially improved her appearance and removed the genetic restriction. If feelings were to develop, then the Insect Girl Clan would be the first to promote intermarriage.

Of course, in order to break through the obstacles, she started to create public opinion and provide genetic research reports, indicating that there was no such thing as reproductive isolation between the two civilizations.

This could indeed be confirmed, as long as the first child of both parties was born.

The final victor of the racial integration would definitely be the Insect Girl Clan, because the Spiritual Link could guarantee that their descendants would always be loyal to them.

On the other hand, Lo Ya began to show the scale of her battleship to the Vivendian people. Not only the frigate, but also a large group of expulsion, ocean patrolling, and even the Space Carrier of a planet.

Currently, the Insect Sea’s tactic could be called the ocean. When both sides engaged in an aerial battle, It could release hundreds of millions of small bugs in a short one hour to assist the fleet in battle. When attacking the planet, they could cause the bugs that landed to cover the sky and cover the earth. Covering the sky.

For any planet-level civilization, the current swarm could be considered a powerful alien.

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