C424 The Battle Matrix in Construction

The last 20 Dragon Alligators were quickly taken care of, and the combined nutrients had exceeded the total amount of energy collected after conquering the Ode Star.

“Biological nutrition is the key to improving.”

The civilization of insects faced darkness and void, so energy reserves were always very important. Many people actually liked the taste of being a hamster, including Lo Ya. She had stored countless amounts of energy to nurture her tribe to become super strong. Then, like playing a strategy game, she would come into contact with some powerful enemies. And crush them.

After the Star Nebula Exploration began, it became slightly bolder. In five days, the Dragon Alligators were all cut up and sent to the transport ships to be taken away. Then, they were transferred to the various planets to be stored.

And the First Fleet took the opportunity to enter deep into the nebula and continue to search for more Dragon Alligators.

The exploration of the giant skull did not yield much. This giant thing was indeed like a life form, but when they truly went to collect resources, they discovered that it had been hollowed out a long time ago.

In the end, the Insect Swarm Fleet only repeatedly fought with countless Dragon Alligators. Millions of Engineering Beetle entered and worked inside. After some experimentation, Lo Ya discovered that the liquid that the small beetle released that could corrode silicon matter had an extremely good effect. She began to use it on a large scale.

The Insect Girl Clan stayed in this area for five whole years.

In these 5 years, the main research target was the battleship, as well as the 1000 times traction engine.

This little bit of time was just right for them to arrive at the Vivendian’s planet.

The fleet finally controlled the size of 3000 ships, seemingly not too powerful. However, once a war broke out, it would be able to last for a very short period of time. The fetus that had swallowed a shocking amount of food quickly turned into ships to expel and patrol the seas to join the war.

Of course, the main task of the race is still to research some weapons that have the meaning of crossing eras.

First of all, the first generation antimatter annihilation weapon had already made a breakthrough. A device with an extremely high energy consumption could use an even stronger force field to bind at least 10 grams of antimatter for more than ten minutes. On this basis, obliterate the antimatter within. It produced an astonishing amount of energy that was shot out from a specific cannon barrel. It was an unprecedented laser weapon.

If it was equipped with a missile, it would produce an energy that was no less shocking than a nuclear bomb. However, considering its instability, this method of usage had yet to become a reality.

Antimatter temporarily brought about the improvement of laser weapons. The current laser gun’s power was already close to a nuclear bomb exploding, and because it was pure energy, it could bombard a target at the speed of light.

Although it was only 10 grams of antimatter, once the light energy produced after the mass was destroyed was bound into a small cannon barrel and released in a line, it would be full of destructive power.

This kind of thing… The relevant organs of the weapon were already approaching maturity, so it was confirmed that it would be installed on the battleship.

In addition, energy shields, this type of energy shield, which was more conspicuous than Force Field Shield, but more efficient in dealing energy type attacks also appeared.

As for what the principle was, honestly speaking, no one in the entire swarm explained clearly. In any case, everyone was randomly modifying gene coding and experimenting, and finally came up with it.

This was all thanks to the many strange stars on the mysterious tree of Insect Girl Clan.

The energy shield and the Force Field Shield worked together. The former was mainly used to fight against energy-type weapons. By extracting energy, it formed a layer of light film with strong repulsion and absorption ability. It was used to defend against laser weapons. The Force Field Shield was mainly used to defend against nuclear explosions, kinetic energy collisions, and other weapons. Only when the two worked together could it form the essence of a battleship’s defense.

The two types of equipment that the battleship would be equipped with formed the core of the weapon.

After that… After that, the original plasma beam weapon would be greatly strengthened, turning into a pure electron cannon instead of a plasma material.

Just like how the proton cannon only fired protons with positive charge, the Plasma Cannon fired electrons with pure secondary charge. The power of the two was relatively similar, but the difference was that the proton cannon could only fire protons with positive charge, while the ___ could fire electrons with pure secondary charge. The Plasma Cannon’s flying speed was much faster than the former. It was close to 90% of the speed of the transparent liquid cannon (about 80%).

Once this weapon was successfully developed, it would be installed on the battleship and replaced with the plasma weapons on other ships and bases. However, compared to battleships, their speed and power were slightly slower.

The transparent liquid cannon would gradually decrease in production, and the final plasma beam would become the main weapon of expulsion. The proton cannon would become the main weapon of the cruiser, and the battleship would be the antimatter laser. And all the antimatter types of equipment that would appear in the future.

In fact, in the conventional martial arts theory, antimatter weapons had almost reached the limits of all weapons and equipment. In comparison, it was a kinetic energy weapon that was close to the speed of light.

Theoretically, material weapons at the speed of light were infinitely powerful. Thus, even if it consumed all the energy in the universe, it would not be able to create a light-speed aircraft. Thus, although there is a limit to a kinetic weapon, it will never reach that limit. And the cost to pay for it would be hard to imagine.

However, it was still the most powerful weapon in the interstellar era, and it was also the standard equipment that could be used most of the time.

To be able to make kinetic energy weapons reach that level of strength, it seemed that they could only rely on microscopic energy. When the opposite particle that could completely release the hidden energy in matter and the same positive particle were destroyed, it would be able to achieve the same result. It would completely transform into energy, and its power would be far greater than nuclear fusion reactions.

Only with this degree of propulsion could one break through the shackles, allowing the short-term acceleration of the spacecraft and the flying speed of the kinetic energy weapon to have a qualitative change. Only then could one produce a Planet-Destroying weapon that only existed in the concept.

However, this was not the main point. The main point was that the first ship’s length exceeded one kilometer (not completely confirmed), and the terrifyingly large main force warship would be completed within ten years.

Don’t ask why it took so long, it was because the cost of this thing was too high, and the difficulty of growing and modifying it was too high. Even after completing it, it would take an astonishing amount of time to build a second ship.

A complete version of a battleship, able to withstand the combined bombardment of more than 20 cruisers’ main armament at the same time, this was Lo Ya’s basic requirement for it.

And the Cerebrate Bacteria also very well achieved this point.

The Vivendian’s leader took advantage of the gap between the two parties to board the Insect Girl Clan’s Mother Star (this was the first time the race had seen Insect Girl’s Mother Star).

Not only was she shocked by the huge hollow planet of Insect Girl Clan, but she was also shocked by the miraculous sculpture and other things on top of it. She was also shocked by the small part of the ship that was completed in space.

The current length was about three kilometers, but from the outside, it looked like a ship. It was very likely not even half the length of the ship. Countless bugs crawled in and out, helping to transport food, countless areas were being tested, Some places even used nuclear bombs.

Lo Ya dared to bring the Vivendian people to Mother Star because she already had the strength to completely defeat them.

At this time, she could intimidate this ally and prepare for the future racial integration.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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