C423 Luo Luo’s Dream and Cutting off Dragon Crocodile Meat Pieces

In the middle of the night.

Lo Lo followed Lo Ya to the front of a stone platform. There was a small round jar placed on top of it and beside it were two circles woven from flowers.

“Lo Lo look, these things are for the dead Little Insect Girl to use. It is inauspicious.”

“Ah. Oh, oh.” Lo Lo nodded her head repeatedly.

“So when you die, you have to go inside.” Lo Ya raised her chin and pointed at the jar.

Lo Lo, who was eating the meat, stopped what she was doing and raised her head in confusion.

“Alright, now you are about to die. Quickly go in.”

Lo Lo,… “”

“I will help you.”

Lo Ya stretched out her hand and grabbed Lo Lo. She looked down and stuffed her in.

“Waaah, no, I don’t want to go in…”

“Quickly go in. You are already dead. You must stay inside forever and cannot come out.” Lo Ya used a lot of force and tried to push her into the jar. Lo Lo started to cry and half of her tail was on top of the jar as she kept shaking it.



Lo Lo suddenly sat up from the ground and blinked a few times. Then, she looked at the dark sky and the nuclear fusion sun hanging in the sky. Only then did she realize that she was dreaming.

The temperature was very low. Maybe because the energy consumption was too high, she found that she was very hungry.

Lo Ya was eating fruit in the distance.

Although it was cold and hard, this fruit that was like a big peach was delicious because of this. In the past, she liked to put the peach into the frozen fruit and freeze it into ice, then eat it bit by bit.


Realizing that Lo Lo actually woke up in less than two hours and her expression was at a loss, Lo Ya wriggled over curiously.

After the Spiritual Link communicated, she discovered that the little thing had a nightmare.

“Ah, how could she think of me so badly?” Lo Ya was a little angry.

“Lo Lo, I have ice peach here. Do you want to eat it?”


The little cutie immediately forgot about the horror in her dream and quickly wriggled over.

The appearance of a dream that had nothing to do with eating indicated that Lo Lo’s mind had also begun to mature. This was a sign of her intelligence increasing. However, having nightmares was not a bad thing after all. Lo Ya began to consider letting the Brain Insect search for the details of the genes. She wanted to see if she could turn all of Insect Girl’s dreams into beautiful dreams in the future.

Now, the earliest batch of Little Insect Girl were all reborn and were gradually entering adulthood. Eight years passed in the blink of an eye, but it was also very long to experience it. Most of Insect Girl’s death process was in her sleep. Occasionally, Little Insect Girl who was alive would enter the death and wither process. She would immediately feel sleepy and then under the influence of the thought network. In a few days, she would return to a safe place protected by powerful insects and then roll into a ball. They entered into a deep sleep, waiting for the newly born body to wake them up.

Their bodies would become food for the insects to replenish their nutrients the moment they died, which was also the reuse of their old bodies.

Now, the scale of the insect swarm was already very disproportionate. If the number of branch tribes were to be added to the beetle population, It was close to a trillion, even if the main force of the beetles was removed. And Insect Girl herself was only close to 300.

Such a large number of them practically revolved around these few hundred Little Insect Girl. It could be said that… Everyone’s goal of fighting hard was to ensure that Insect Girl’s core would thrive and grow. Just like how creatures worked hard to protect their hearts, these little fellows were the hearts of the entire race at this moment. They could not be harmed at all.

Currently, the Brain Insect were still trying their best to create large, high-powered traction organs, and the main fleet was setting up temporary defenses in space. Part of the Engineering Beetle brought the Nourishing Insect into areas with denser nebula matter to extract the matter, in order to find valuable nutrition.

However, the depressing part was that the swarm was attacked by a large group of Dragon Alligators.

These large monsters with an average length of 20 kilometers were definitely more powerful than what they looked like on the surface. Under the immense pressure, the group of creatures let out furious roars, and began to fight with the frigate that flew here.

Although the frigate was able to win in a one-on-one battle, under the siege of more than 10 Dragon Alligators, this advantage was long gone.

“Let’s retreat. At the same time, send a small number of Research Exploration Ship to investigate the situation inside.”

Lo Ya did not know how many dragon crocodiles there were, and how many other dangerous creatures there were. Thinking about the giant creature’s skull, she felt uneasy.

There were too many dangers in space. You thought you were very strong, but in reality, you just did not encounter anything stronger than you.

With the acceleration of the frigate, the two Dragon Alligators followed. In the end, they were surrounded and destroyed by about three frigate in the periphery of the nebula.

After that, about six Research Exploration Ship sneaked into the nebula from other areas. Unexpectedly, only one of them encountered the Dragon Alligator. The rest of them advanced for millions of kilometers without encountering any danger.

After confirming the location and approximate number of enemies, Lo Ya started to move the 50 plus ships of the 1st Squadron, preparing to attack the Dragon Alligators.

The number of enemies was estimated to be around 30, and 10 of them were pulled to the boundary of the nebula. The other part was 1.2 million kilometers away from the outer part of the nebula. The fleet planned to eliminate the 10 dangerous Dragon Alligators first. After that, they would use their firepower to bombard the 20 with their most powerful attacks.

Taking into account the defensive power of these creatures, all the missiles would be exchanged for millions of tons of equivalent weight level nuclear bombs. Even the missiles launched by destroyers and above would have the power of 100 million tons of TNT equivalent weight.

A million kilometers away from the monsters, there were about 300 missiles launched.

These missiles with long exhaust flames and even small power traction devices quickly crossed this distance and crashed into the Dragon Alligator that could not escape in time.

In a series of shocking explosions, the Howling Insects sent out high-density clouds, causing the void to fall into silence once again.

“Second wave of fire”

Only seven of them were killed earlier, so there were still three left. Of course, they wouldn’t let go of the remaining three. Seeing that they were about to escape, the Brain Insect threw out its ammunition without any mercy.

After the attack ended, a frigate stepped forward and shot out several hundred thousand Engineering Beetle and tens of thousands of Sickle Insect towards the pile of corpses. It began to cut and transport the food.

The evolved worms were already able to barely tear open the Dragon Alligator’s most solid flesh and blood. Comparatively speaking, it was still somewhat difficult to open its outer shell.

A bunch of messy worms began to bite at the solid outer shell. It didn’t take long for them to break down the huge thing that was dozens of kilometers long into pieces of one-meter long meat cubes.

Most of them would be thrown into the expansion cabin to isolate the vacuum and preserve it. At the same time, they would carry out high-intensity sterilization and anti-corrosion. Then, they would fill in nitrogen, and the remaining part would be used to cultivate more Slime. The last part would be eaten.

To Little Insect Girl, every mouthful of big chunks of meat could earn at least 20 points of Evolution points. This nutrition could be considered extremely rich. If it wasn’t for the fact that evolving once now required too many points. Lo Ya would have long entered the editor to undergo the next evolution.

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