C422 Damn It Love?

Lo Ya clearly remembered who she liked in her past life. Hmm… I forgot. Anyway, in my previous life, I was a single person and most of the people I liked were paper people.

After transmigrating, her brain seemed to have become primitive. At first, my brain was full of food, but when I grew up, I slowly remembered some of the memories of the past. However, it was not very clear. Although the identity of the main consciousness guaranteed his basic intelligence, But he was still dumber than before.

Lo Ya knew that in her previous life, she should be a very powerful person. At that time, although she had come into contact with many novels, most of them did not have much achievements on Earth. Once she came to another world, she would be able to prosper.

But Lo Ya was different. She remembered a lot of scenes from her previous life. But this did not remind her of what she did in her previous life, but there was one thing that she was sure of. She was more successful than most people. This might prove that she was truly capable of transmigrating. Those who were chosen as transmigrators must have some sort of special characteristic on them. Whether it was going to the future or returning to the past.

“I’ll go and study Insect Girl.”

Whether love really existed in their bodies, there was one thing that puzzled them.

He had received too much interference from the memories of his previous life. Although he had basically abandoned the way humans lived, deep down, he was still willing to inherit their strengths.

However, Insect Girl was different. They had truly started from scratch. Hence, from the moment they were born, they had been behaving like this race.

Sometimes, Lo Ya would think that if she wasn’t there, the Insect Girl Clan wouldn’t be in a very bad situation.

In the end, she realized that the answer was very cruel, because the Insect Girl Clan without her was the white worm.

Yes, the Insect Girl Clan without her existed. It was the white worm and Small that could not evolve for tens of millions of years and could only be used as prey.

Moreover, it was not easy for them to become adults, those huge beetles with countless eyes. They would also be affected by the unknown danger. Although she had already forgotten the terrifying scene she saw in the storm of tree branches when she first descended… She also knew that the white worm was being hunted from a young age to an adult.

Those useless insects would only run away, or lazily lie on the ground without moving. Occasionally, they would look for something to eat, such as plant leaves.

Without a doubt, the editor came from the humans of ancient Earth, which was what the Earth girl said: the rules of the collision between positive and negative void particles led to this strange Magic world.

Lo Ya actually did not know what void particles were. But in her previous life, she seemed to know about those things. Now that she thought about it, it probably did not exist. It was an imaginary particle used to explain physics theories or other phenomena. In quantum theory, virtual particles were used to describe certain phenomena that were less than atomic levels.

The collision between positive and negative particles, as the name suggested, was a collision between positive and negative particles. These two things were supposed to be imaginary, and some people thought that they were particles in an uncertain state. When observing, they became real particles. However, this mysterious existence gave birth to a law of Magic that went against the entire universe. This was something that was difficult to understand. Perhaps it was a miracle that humans could create at their peak.

However, Lo Ya did not think that the world was completely unreasonable. There was a reason for everything. If logic was not smooth, then the Magic created by humans… It was a wonderful thing that surpassed the laws of the universe. Then, mankind had long reached the level of a super civilization.

But such a powerful Earthling, in the end, was defeated by a civilization that was still insurmountable to them.

Then… who was their enemy?

While the ship was dragging the meat, Lo Ya returned to the ship and was transported to the Mother Star.

The first one she decided to observe was Lo Lo.

This little thing was with Lo Yu again.

When they were very young, Lo Yu and Lo Lo were very close. At that time, Lo Yu, who had the lowest IQ, was always admired by Lo Lo, who had the lowest IQ. Lo Lo felt that Lo Yu was very smart and knew a lot of questions (actually, she did not know anything). So she kept following her.

The two little fellows were like lovers, often together and spent most of their time together.

Now, although they weren’t always together, their intimacy didn’t seem to decrease.

Lo Ya was very curious about whether the relationship between the two Little Insect Girl was friendship or love.

Would a creature without a gender produce a kind of love that was different from the relationship between a man and a woman? If it existed, then what was the effect of it?

Why were some feelings missing when the genes were different? Lo Ya could not figure out whether a simple Spirit could completely surpass matter.

She also did not know if everyone’s intimacy with the main consciousness came from genes or the mysterious Strength.

At this time, Lo Yu was making a wreath for Lo Lo.

Wait… A wreath?

Lo Ya quickly wriggled up and looked at the thing that appeared in the little guy’s hand in a daze.

Alright, there was indeed no such culture in the Insect Girl Clan, but in the eyes of the people on Earth, such a beautiful circular thing that was made of flowers was used to commemorate the dead.

“Lo Yu, no, this thing is used to commemorate the dead. It is inauspicious.” Lo Ya said very seriously.

Although it would not have any effect on itself, the composition of the memory had indeed brought a knot.

Why did Little Insect Girl make such a thing???

“Huh, is that the case?” Lo Yu blinked her eyes and raised the thing in her hand in surprise, “But everyone is making it?”

… “”

This was definitely not a good sign.

“Wait, what’s that square box?”

Lo Ya saw another small black pottery… It was a jar.

It was not an idea to put it alone, but when it was placed together with the wreath, Lo Ya thought of something even more inauspicious like the urn.

“No, no, you can’t use this kind of jar. The shape is too inauspicious. This is for the dead Insect Girl, okay? No, no, you can’t use this kind of jar. The shape is too inauspicious. This is for the dead Insect Girl, okay?”

Lo Lo also looked at Lo Ya in confusion.

“What I mean is that in some human culture, the corpses of dead people will be burned into ashes and thrown into the jar to be sealed. So there are dead people inside.” Lo Ya was very serious and serious.

“I understand.” Lo Yu’s expression seemed to show a trace of uneasiness.

“Yes, it seems like I really understand.” Lo Ya nodded her head and prepared to leave.

The two little fellows started to get intimate again. Of course, they threw away the wreath in their hands. Presumably, whoever wanted to do it in the future, they would definitely stop it.

Later on, she discovered that the two little fellows were licking each other’s faces, looking as cute as little animals. Lo Ya silently sighed.

Regardless of whether it was love or not, little cuties really cared for each other. This was the Insect Girl Clan, who inherited their “outstanding” genes!

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