C421 Dragon Eating Crocodile

The giant monster recovered for a while and looked like it just had some internal injuries.

It was hard to imagine that there would be a creature that could withstand a giant nuclear bomb that could kill tens of millions of people. Ten million tons of equivalent weight was definitely not a small number. Thinking about how terrifying Big Ivan was, this bomb was only one-fifth of Big Ivan’s.

It vigilantly searched its surroundings, as if it was still searching for the hull that could threaten it. The pain caused by the injuries made it uncomfortable, and the shocking radiation was also destroying the cell structure in its body.

“Think of a way to kill it and bring it back.”

To the swarm, this was a very excellent gene. As long as it was perfectly used, it could nurture a large bug with a strong body that could resist nuclear bombs.

Brain Insect No.1 immediately mobilized one frigate over. Although the frigate’s length was only three times of the Research Exploration Ship’s, However, the number and power of the weapons inside was far greater than the former. Moreover, the Force Field Shield… It was enough to withstand the impact of a million tons of equivalent weight without any problems.

However, the troublesome thing was that, just as they arrived here, they were separated by tens of thousands of kilometers. They didn’t even launch missiles when the other side opened their eyes and released a black ray of light.

“What is this thing?”

The frigate suddenly received a heavy injury.

The target’s weapon was a laser. That was right, but the light was completely black. There was no heat, and it was like a black hole absorbing the surrounding light.

“This is not an electromagnetic wave, but a type of particle that we do not know of… a particle with zero stationary mass.”

The transparent ore that used to be in Mother Star was known as a zero-light substance. Any light would pass through from the inside without any reflection or refraction. But this time, it was a matter of habit, more like some kind of black body. It was just that it displayed the characteristics of electromagnetic waves.

Very strange.

The black light seemed to be bombarding the ship, but the ship actually shook violently. The speed of the frigate flying forward was slowed down by dozens of kilometers. The Force Field Shield on the outside fluctuated violently, and at least half of its energy was used to resist the bombardment.

After the strange purple explosion that was caused by the black light disappeared, the ship returned to normal. However, there was a small leakage in the fusion device due to its high power for a short period of time. Fortunately, the impact wasn’t so severe. Only a few beetles that were working were killed by the high temperature.

A huge gadget that was close to 30 kilometers long with a body that was much bigger than an Agility was no weaker than a battleship.

“Prepare the fusion missile, fire continuously.”

Lo Ya didn’t want to give this monster any face. 30 missiles in a row moved out of the side cover of the frigate and turned into a flame that flew towards the target in the distance.

Under the faint light, the missiles instantly broke through the red fog’s obstruction and crashed into the solid body of the monster at a speed of 60 kilometers per second.

It was as if the head of a giant dragon had turned around. With a flash of blood in its eyes, another beam of black light bombarded the 100 meter long frigate.

“The Force Field Shield’s energy value has fallen to 76%. Increase the power of the convergence.”

The Brain Insect quickly transmitted the command into the frigate’s mind.

The ship opened its eyes in space and looked at the big monster in the distance. It fired another 30 missiles and tens of thousands of Electromagnetic Cannon continuously, bombarding the huge body.

After a series of explosions, thick purple blood spurted out from the monster’s wound, floating in space where gravity was lacking.

This Dragon Alligator’s body seemed to have some special energy protecting it. Even dozens of millions of tons of equivalent weight nuclear weapons were unable to cause fatal damage. It only made the monster seem even more painful.

Moreover, because of these waves of shooting, it had already started to head towards the outer region of the nebula.

However, it could be seen that this kind of creature was only suitable to survive in nebula matter with relatively high temperatures. Its body seemed to be interacting with the red mist, and it was close to completing the breathing effect. Because of its size, its skin was full of breathing cells. There were also huge lungs in its body, which could ensure that the exchange was carried out without any problems.

Lo Ya did not want the monster to resist for too long and increased the strength of the bombardment. Finally, under the continuous bombardment of missiles, the unlucky monster was finished.

The bugs on the frigate immediately landed on it and began to tear apart its outer shell. In the end, the awkward place came, and they actually could not bite it.

It was hard, and even the blood that flowed out from it was extremely hot. After swallowing it, there was no time to digest it, and it melted the worms’ bodies.

“I’m speechless.”

Lo Ya suddenly felt a little helpless.

Going to battle personally? Impossible, I can’t even bite it, okay? Although my teeth are strong, but… It really was terrible to eat.


Because the teeth had a new evolution, Lo Ya now had bug teeth again. She did not dare to do it herself because she was afraid that something would go wrong. After all, the beetles had melted in an instant.

She let the Sickle Insect try it, but it only lasted for a few seconds and digested a little bit of flesh and blood.

“Could it be that I have to sacrifice a bug in one bite?”

Lo Ya was a little hesitant, but she still sent a large group of bugs.

After 30 bugs died, they actually obtained a new gene.

[All bugs received a large evolution. Combat power increased, physical strength increased, outer shell defensive power increased. ]

Although there was a huge upgrade, it was still not enough to increase his realm.

Little Insect Girl and the rest also received a certain degree of strengthening. Lo Ya felt that her body strength should be enough, so she personally boarded a destroyer and flew over here.

A few hours later, her body, which was no bigger than a palm, climbed out of the cabin door with difficulty, and then flew onto the monster’s body and entered its wound.

After wriggling a few times, she raised her head doubtfully and looked at her appearance and muttered, “It feels like I am a maggot.”

Alright, she had already imagined her own appearance. She retracted her tail and then pressed her head against the Gnawing on her flesh. If she used a little bit of force, it would wriggle into the flesh like maggots.

“No, I don’t have a good image.”

Regarding this point, Little Insect Girl was almost the same. She felt that she had to be good at leading the way and change this bad habit.

It was like eating with a bowl. When eating on a large creature, one could not hide inside.

“Buggies, think of a way to bring this big Dragon Alligator back.”

Little Insect Girl must like to eat and Lo Ya felt that the good things should be shared with everyone.

Thinking about the little cuties surrounding the huge monster eating with her and shouting meat in their mouths, she felt happy.

“Speaking of which, it seems like it has been a long time since I experienced the taste of love.”

Lo Ya suddenly realized that ever since she became Insect Girl, love seemed to have disappeared. Although she would occasionally fantasize about it, she had never had such feelings for Insect Girl.

“Could it be the effect of genes?”

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